MGA: Chapter 106 & 107

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15 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 106 & 107

  1. To be honest I hate wuxiaworld Web format it’s dangerous for phones to use it because it overloads the website cookies since it has video ads running all the time, that’s why I wait till I get home to read CD but now I have to wait to read mga till I get home :( I hope you atleast put chapters on your website and wuxia site.


    1. About the video ads. You can simply shutdown the internet just when the page is almost loaded. Then it doesn’t load any video ads. At least thats how i do when im on my phone.


      1. I also have problems with the video ads and tried that technique but the page won’t load fully so I have no choice but to read while video ads are playing.


        1. Idk if this helps on the mobile. But at least on the pc there exists addons such as flash player block. You know what that is. For example i use that and adblock. So i block videos but allow ads for the sake of money to the translator.


  2. I don’t particularly like wuxia world. Because it will make comment on this site reduced. Please put it on this site to.


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