MGA: Chapter 98 – Using Might to Pressure People

At that instant, the eyes of Chenhui and many other soldiers and officers lit up. It was because the person who stood in the middle of the road and blocked them was a graceful and beautiful woman.

She was extremely beautiful. So beautiful that with a glance, one’s heart couldn’t help but beat quicker. That white skin, sweet, beautiful face, and figure worthy of pride. It was simply a beautiful woman that all males yearned for.

However, although she was beautiful enough, the aura emitted from her body was not simple. Especially just by standing there alone, in front of the thousand men army, already showed her courage and insight, and it also showed that she did not have kind intentions.

“This lady, I wonder what your name is? What business do you have with us by waiting here?”

After all, Chenhui was the lord of a city. With his experience, he felt that the beautiful woman in front of him would not have any good intentions. So, he straightforwardly questioned.

“I am Surou, an elder of the Green Dragon School’s inner court. By waiting here, I do have something that I require your assistance for.” Surou charmingly smiled.

“I never would have thought that with your age, you became an elder of the Green Dragon School. I have quite a bit of admiration for you. If you need something, there’s no harm in speaking your mind.” Chenhui smiled and replied.

“I know that you are on this journey because of the black iron mine in the Mountain Town. However, the black iron mine in the Mountain Town was discovered by the Chu family and they are also in charge of it right now. As for me, I have some relationship with that Chu family, so I hope that you can give me some face and don’t get involved with the black iron mine.” Surou also smiled as she replied and her tone was also quite polite as well.

Hearing those words, Chenhui’s expression did not change and he was abnormally calm. He unhurriedly smiled, “Lady Surou, you are incorrect. Since this mountain area is within my jurisdiction, the people within the mountain area are managed by me. The things in the mountain area are also managed by me.”

“Other than the black iron mine being a huge wealth and I simply cannot let others take it, we are total strangers so I don’t need to give you any face. This is the matter of my Golden-purple City. Not to mention you, even if the head of the Green Dragon School comes, he has no right to interfere.”

“Quite a tone you have there. You said that my Green Dragon School has no right to interfere with your Golden-purple City, then I, Surou, will interfere today. I would very much like to see how any of you are going to pass here without my permission.”

Suddenly, Surou’s fingers extended and pointed at the road in front of her. A formless energy exploded out and a deep hole was jabbed out on the road.


Surou waved her arms and dust flew everywhere. A deep crack appeared and started to split the road.

“What an arrogant girl. I would actually like to see how you will block us.”

Seeing Surou’s actions, the soldiers and officers of the Golden-purple City were incomparably angry. Urging the horses forward, they emitted layers of Origin power as they aggressively rushed towards Surou.

*rumble rumble*

With horses galloping, Origin power lingering, and under the trampling of the iron hoofs and Origin power, the ground under their feet made eye-piercing rumbling noises and started to violently shake. The might that they displayed was truly terrifying.

While facing the movements of the Golden-purple City troops, Surou’s face did not change. She only smiled as she looked at everything. Only when the army was going to step past the boundary created by the cracks did Surou’s face change slightly.

Her snow-white cheongsam crazily danced and within her delicate body, layers of gases were emitted and they were visible by the naked eye.

The gases were extremely strong as they engulfed the Origin realm officers and soldiers. All of them became a mess as they got forcefully blown back.

“Profound realm?”

At that instant, Chenhui’s eyes lit up because he already felt that the aura Surou was emitting was not Origin power. It was Profound power. The young and beautiful female in front of him was in the Profound realm.

The Profound realm. Although there was only a string of distance between him and the Profound realm, the power they had was the difference between the sky and the earth. If Surou’s strength was strong enough, even if their entire thousand man army attacked at the same time, they might not even be able beat her. That was the strength of the Profound realm.

There was a person once who was at the peak of the Profound realm and that person exterminated an entire second-rate school alone. To know that not only do second-rate schools have several hundred thousands of disciples, they also had Profound realm experts who watched over the school. However, in front of that person, they could not even take a blow.

So, after Chenhui discovered that Surou was an expert of the Profound realm, a smear of worry finally rose from his calm face as he said solemnly,

“I never would have thought you would be this impressive. You can indeed block us as you are in the Profound realm.”

“However, as an elder of a school, you should know the rules of the schools. If you block our way like this, are you not afraid that the Green Dragon School will have troubles in the future?”

“Trouble? Are you not putting the Green Dragon School in your eyes are you are not putting me in your eyes? Although in the 9 provinces, there is a general rule of schools that forbids interference with cities, it does not mean that my Green Dragon School is afraid of you.”

“I politely asked you to help before, but not only did you not recognize my good intentions, you even used your status to threaten me.”

“That’s fine. I’m changing my decision now. I am not asking for your help, I am ordering you.” Surou slowly walked past the boundary made by the crack and walked towards Chenhui.

“What are you doing? If you dare to harm me, you will stir up a disaster for the Green Dragon School. You are not able to take that blame!” At that instant, Chenhui completely panicked. He had no confidence while facing a person in the Profound realm.

“Do you think that you are able to take the blame of speaking to me like that?” Surou’s smile became icy.

“What…What do you mean?”

Feeling Surou’s strong and tough atmosphere, Chenhui urged the horse that he was on backwards. He subconsciously felt that it was not a good situation. The beauty in front of him was not as simple as she seemed or else she would not have said those words.

“I want to say that you are far from qualified to be able to discuss status or position with me.”

Surou’s wrist turned and a commanding badge appeared. After seeing that commanding badge, the expressions of Chenhui and all of the officers behind him greatly changed. An indescribable fear surged onto their faces.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chenhui leapt off the horse he was on and kneeled with a poof in front of Surou. With a tone of unmatched dismay, he pleaded,

“I did not know that the second lady would come here. I have previously offended so please punish accordingly.”

[TN: It should probably be “first” lady instead as Sumei is the younger sister, but I stick to the raws until more is clear.]

At that instant, whether if it were the officers on the horses or the soldiers behind, they all kneeled down and begged for forgiveness while admitting their wrongs towards Surou.

Surou’s commanding badge also came from a city and that city was a first-rate city. As for Surou’s identity, she was the 2nd daughter of the Vermilion Bird City’s lord.

But that was not the important part. The important part was that the Golden-purple City was coincidentally managed by the Vermilion Bird City and Surou was Chenhui’s direct superior.


40 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 98 – Using Might to Pressure People

  1. Woah where did Surou pop out from …I totally thought the beggar would be the one who gonna help save the day then disappear as quick as wind after he done the deed. I didn’t expected Surou to come to the rescue and that she such a big shot.

    Thank for the chapter.


  2. In all honesty, i can only see it as her wanting trouble, she could have easily showed her status seeing as it was obvious that the man had no idea who she was, but instead she attacked before even fully explaining…….then again who doesn’t love violence? =P


      1. One thing though this can be reasoned as she probably didn’t want to out herself if she didn’t need to, so she first tried to deter them as Surou from the Green Dragon School


        1. any officer with some intelligence should remember the names of important people in their superior clans. surou told him her name, he didn’t make the connection.
          maybe she just didn’t want to rely on her family’s authority. could be a way to save him some face if he’d just besmart enough to make an agreement with another near equal power (the school) rather than end up having to kneel to his superior and have to beg for mercy.


    1. I’m guessing he only recognizes her father or his direct superior like the one st the very top and only knows of their family but not the faces if you get what I’m saying


  3. My guess is:
    According to hierachy, from eldest to youngest; first lady would be referring to the wife, second lady would be eldest daugther and so forth.

    Great work!


    1. don’t think so as it later said she was the second daughter so it could just be that she has an older sister and its 3 sisters instead of 2.


  4. Thanks for the donations and Translator’s for the new Chapter,Everybody thought it was the Beggar Got EEEEm


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