MGA: Chapter 97 – The Army Arrives

“The Golden-purple Commanding Badge! It’s really that badge. How did this old man Lin get his hands on that thing?”

The faces of everyone changed because the meaning of the Golden-purple Commanding Badge was not small. It had even more deterrence than the Green Dragon Banner that Chufeng brought back.

At the end, no matter how much strong the Green Dragon School got, it was only one school. It could deter powers everywhere, but it could not order powers everywhere.

However, the Golden-purple City was different. Although in terms of inside information and strength it was inferior to the Green Dragon School, it was the overlord at that area. The so-called a strong dragon cannot suppress snakes on the ground. The same meaning applied.

[TN: The idiom means that a strong force (dragon) cannot suppress the local powers (snakes).]

Also, between cities, there were interconnected relationships. Although the Golden-purple City was a second-rate city that controlled its own land, on top of it, there were still first-rate cities. In terms of strength, it would not be inferior to the Green Dragon School.

On top of first-rate cities, there were even the Prince’s Mansions. The strength of a Prince’s Mansion was extremely large and it was even no weaker than the first-rate school in the Green Province, the Lingyun School.

But the most important thing was, behind the Prince’s Mansions, there was a huge monster. It was the Jiangshi imperial court. The overlord of the 9 provinces.

Which also meant, although the Jiangshi imperial court did not restrict the development of various powers nor did it directly supervise the areas in the 9 provinces, in reality, the imperial court already established a complete management system in the 9 provinces. Everything in the 9 provinces were within the hands of the Jiangshi imperial court.

That also created the situation in which no matter how much stronger schools got, they were only a power in one area. No matter how weaker the cities were, they had the imperial court behind them as a supporter.

Schools could attack other schools, but very little of them would dare to provoke any city because they could not afford to do that.

So that was why to many families within the range of jurisdiction of the Golden-purple City, the name of the Golden-purple City was even scarier than the Green Dragon School. The deterrence of the Golden-purple Commanding Badge far exceeded the Green Dragon Banner.

“Why aren’t you kneeling even after seeing the Golden-purple Commanding Badge?” Seeing their fearful expressions, that manager Lin flamed at them. He pointed at the crowd and started to loudly yell.

When his words came out, it really did scare the crowd and there were indeed many people who kneeled with a poof. Especially the Zhao and Li families. They were as if seeing their savior and they started to knock their heads on the ground.

Facing that scene, Chufeng slightly frowned as he put everything in his eyes. He suddenly understood a saying. He knew what the grass on the top of the wall bends with the wind meant because at that instant, there were a group of people in front of him who were like that.

“Why aren’t all of you kneeling? Do you dare to not put this Golden-purple Commanding Badge in your eyes? Do you dare not to put the city lord in your eyes?” Seeing that there were many people who did not kneel, that manager Lin loudly bellowed.

“I’ll see who dares to kneel for him.” Seeing that, Chufeng also angrily bellowed.

After hearing Chufeng’s words, the ones that originally wanted to kneel did indeed confused as they entered a dilemma. Although the Golden-purple City was very impressive, after all, the emperor was high up in the mountains. With only a commanding badge, it could only be used as a bit of deterrence.

In front of them, Chufeng was the strongest person here. If they angered Chufeng, with his temper, he could even possibly kill them all.

“Chufeng, your nerves are quite big! You dare to go against the rules of the Golden-purple City? Not only do you not kneel when you see the Golden-purple Commanding Badge, you even dare to threaten others. Are you opposing the Golden-purple City? Are you opposing the Jiangshi imperial court?” Manager Lin pointed at Chufeng and bellowed. Within his words were meanings of threat.

“So what if I’m opposing? Do you believe that I’ll kill you right now?” Not only was Chufeng not afraid, he even coldly yelled back.

“Feng-er, do not go crazy. His Golden-purple Commanding Badge is real. You cannot attack him or else the Golden-purple City will not forgive you.”

Seeing that Chufeng really had killing intent, that frightened Chuyuan. He quickly pulled Chufeng’s sleeve and he was deeply afraid that Chufeng would attack that manager Lin.

“Hahaha, Chuyuan, I see that you understand.” Seeing Chuyuan’s weak attitude, manager Lin crazily laughed then loudly said,

“I won’t hide it from you. Right now, the lord of the Golden-purple City already discovered about the black iron mine in the mountain area. The city lord is currently leading troops and quickly arriving here. I believe that he will reach at this place soon.”

“So, from now on in this mountain area, there will be the personal management of the Golden-purple City. As for me, I’m the personally appointed manager by the city lord.”

“The Chu family has done quite a deed by discovering the black iron mine. So, in the future, the black iron mine extraction will be done by the Chu family as well. However, all the extracted ores must be given to the Golden-purple City. Embezzlement is not allowed or else, without exception, beheading will the punishment.”

Manager Lin’s words explained everything. Currently, the army of the Golden-purple City was rushing over. That meant that Chufeng and the others should not do anything or else the Chu family would not be able to escape death.

As for the reason why the Golden-purple City was coming, it was for the black iron mine. As for how the Golden-purple City got news about the black iron mine, it was not hard to explain. The answer was given just by looking at the Golden-purple Commanding Badge in manager Lin’s hands.

Without a doubt, it must have been that old guy who told the news to the Golden-purple City and because the lord of the Golden-purple City thought that he performed a service by telling that secret, he gave a reward out. The Golden-purple Commanding Badge and the position of the manager was the proof.

“This old bastard.”

Although the face of Chufeng did not change, his fists within his sleeves were tightly clenched. He really never would have thought that there would be such a treacherous old man in the mountain area.

However, being angry was being angry. Chufeng was still reasonable and what he could do right now was not to attack manager Lin. It was just to silently wait. Wait until the army of the Golden-purple City arrived before making a decision.

Just as manager Lin said, dozens of miles outside of the Mountain Town, a group of armored, armed, and organized men and horses were nearing.

The large group of troops had up to 1000 people in it. The strength of it was not to be underestimated. The weakest was at the 5th level of the Spirit realm, and the ones riding horses were all experts of the Origin realm. The one who led had unordinary strength.

It was a past-middle-aged large man. He did not wear armor and he only wore a wide and loose gown. The gown was purple and on it had dragons and phoenixes sewn on it. It was quite beautiful being sewn by gold.

In addition to him being not simply dressed, his face was even less simpler. A special aura was emitted from his body and others around him did not have that aura. The most important thing was his strength. He was an expert of the 9th level of the Origin realm. With one more step, he could enter the the Profound realm. He was the lord of the Golden-purple City, Chenhui.

Recently, the resources of the Golden-purple City were lacking and Chenhui was worried about the tribute taxes. However, just at that time, he got news that a black iron mine was discovered in the mountain area. That made him crazily happy. Under his happiness, not only did he award the Golden-purple Commanding Badge to that person, he even personally brought his men to take a look at the Mountain Town.

The current him was humming a small tune and chatting with his subordinates. But, suddenly, he discovered that a person appeared in front of them and blocked their road.

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  1. Please Drop other Projects , please focus your time only in Martial God Asura because MGA is better than the other projects . Please translate only MGA so you won’t get distracted please drop Xian Ni because it’s not worth it that novel is boring .


      1. yeah.. the good old days between 10-14 when we were waltzing around killing people….. wait I don’t remember doing that.. guess my childhood was rather uneventful compared to yours ?


    1. hehe I don’t think Xian Ni is worse it just seems to build up to a more intricate story and it can be a little long winded and at times repeat too many explainations :) though in my opinion MGA is currently more interesting than Xian Ni.. Since it feels like the story in Xian Ni progresses slowly although it might eventually surpass MGA it still needs more time to create the setting for the protagonists’ future adventures :)


  2. Thank you very much! Wow… I can’t believe I have read all 97 chapters already! Can’t wait to read more of this story.


  3. you guys are all forgetting about one important person. Its not the crazy beggar my bet is on the bone man who took chu feng as his disciple and then made his spiritual power come out. He also gave him that map remeber.


  4. Damn i wish u can edit comments on this site so i didnt end up double posting. Another reason for him to show up is Chu feng needs to get strong and fast or he will get killed by the 1# disciple or the other guy that was there when he got his sky martial skill. He was looking for chu feng and probably has a way to exract it from his brain but things like that usually mean death.


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