MGA: Chapter 89 – Now It’s Your Turn

“Today, those who invade my Chu family, die!”

Chufeng’s voice boomed with power. Every single word was absorbed into their souls. Almost everyone who heard that sentence couldn’t help but shiver and chills went down their spines. Even the Chu family were no exception.

The young man in front of them was too terrifying. His entire body was covered with blood and his suffocating killing intent made others not dare to take him as a young man. They involuntarily took him as a demon. A demon that killed without blinking.

“Who are you?” The master of the Xu family yelled out first. It was the answer that every single person urgently wanted to know.

Although from his clothing, they could tell that Chufeng was a core disciple of the Green Dragon School. Although from the the Green Dragon Banner they could also tell that Chufeng was a core disciple of the Green Dragon School.

However, currently, blood was everywhere on Chufeng’s body. Even his face was unclear. People did not even know who he was. Just now, he called himself as a Chu family member so naturally, people did not know what to do.

They did not know when the Chu family had a young man like him appear. Even the Chu family did not know when they had a core disciple.

“Chu family, Chufeng!” Chufeng coldly replied.

“What? Chufeng?”

“It’s Feng-er?!!”

When those words came out, a huge uproar was set off within the crowd.

The name Chufeng resonated within a hundred miles of the mountain. It could be said that he was a person that no one did not know.

But from what they knew, Chufeng was only 15 years old and he was only at the 6th level of the Spirit realm. How did he become a core disciple? How did he so easily kill off experts of the 8th level?

Although they did not dare to believe it, after some more detailed assessments, they discovered with astonishment that no matter if it was his build or his silhouette, he was extremely similar to Chufeng.

The most important part was that Chufeng really was a Green Dragon School disciple. If a core disciple appeared in the Chu family, Chufeng would be the one who had the most hope.

“So it’s you little demon that broke my grandson’s, Xu Tianyi’s, waist?” The master of the Xu family fiercely questioned.

“His skill was inferior. Breaking his waist was benevolence.” Chufeng said disapprovingly.

“You!!!” The master of the Xu family was endlessly enraged. As he spoke, he wanted to attack.

But before he even got the chance, he was stopped by the master of the Wang family and the master of the Ma family. They said extremely seriously,

“Do you not see what he is holding in his hands? It’s the Green Dragon Banner!!”

“So what if it’s the Green Dragon Banner? This person harmed my grandson. He cannot rise from bed, and even up to today, he cannot go off his bed to walk. In the future, he may not even be able to do any martial cultivation. Today, I must murder this person.” The master of the Xu family angrily roared.

“Are you insane? The Green Dragon Banner is the symbol of the Green Dragon School! Having the banner means having the protection of the Green Dragon School! If you dare to even touch Chufeng, not only you, even our two families will have disasters fall upon them.”

The two family masters were extremely terrified. They were not afraid of the Chu family but they had to be afraid of the Green Dragon School. Although the Green Dragon School was only a second-class school within the Green Province, to them, they were still a huge monster.

The Green Dragon School didn’t even need to send out a huge army. A few inner court elders could be sent out and their family would be exterminated. They did not dare to provoke nor offend them.

“You two are the insane ones. Do we have any path of return right now? Can’t you see what the Chu family has become because of us?”

“Right now, we have no retreat. If we kill Chufeng, we will offend the Green Dragon School. If we don’t kill him, the Green Dragon School will not let us go either.”

“However, if we kill Chufeng right now, the Green Dragon School won’t receive the news right away. We can still pack our stuff and leave. If we don’t kill him, the Green Dragon School will send people very quickly and not even leave anything behind.” The master of the Xu family said seriously.

Hearing those words, the two family masters also sank into deep thought. Suddenly, they felt that the master of the Xu family was correct. Today, they already forced the Chu family to this extent. How could the Chu family who had the support of the Green Dragon School forgive him?

They really walked into a dead end. If they killed to the end, they would still have a string of hope. But, if they stopped at that moment, there would only be a road of death.

“Feng-er, run! Leave us!” Feeling that the situation was not going well, Chuyuan loudly yelled out.

“Feng-er, escape! Only by leaving your life can you take revenge for our Chu family!” Also at the same time, the master of the Chu family, Chu Yuanba, loudly yelled out.

Hearing that, the three powers, Xu, Wang, and Ma, did preparations to prevent Chufeng’s escape. The three family masters even emitted their auras of the Origin realm and prepared to attack Chufeng.


But just at that time, not only did Chufeng not back away, he even stepped forward. On the face that was full of blood, a confident smile rose up as he said, “I already said it. Those who invade my Chu family, die.”

*whoosh* Before he even finished saying, a gust of wind rose and Chufeng disappeared.


Almost at the same time that Chufeng disappeared, several cries rang out within the courtyard. Looking over, they saw several Xu family members decapitated and they were killed by Chufeng.

*whoosh* But just as they found out bout that, Chufeng disappeared again. Following that was the death of several Ma family members.

“Bastard. Join hands and kill him.”

At that instant, the master of the Xu family roared and rushed towards Chufeng. Quickly after, the master of the Wang and Ma family closely followed him.

At that moment, Chu Yuanba, Chuyuan and the others were endlessly tense. They wiped their cold sweat for Chufeng because no one felt that the Chufeng, who was only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm, could escape from three experts of the Origin realm.

Although there was only one word of difference between Spirit realm and Origin realm, the realm between the two could be said to be the distance of heaven and earth. It was simply a large, impossible to pass gap. It was impossible to discuss the two together.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

However, the unexpected thing was that although the 3 family masters had atmospheres like a rainbow, extremely quick speed and even stronger power, they had no way to match Chufeng’s speed. Every time, they were one step slower.

They could only watch as the people from their own family wretchedly died from Chufeng’s hands one after the other. They could not do anything because Chufeng’s speed was simply too quick. So quick that it exceeded common sense and they had no way of catching up to him.

Under those situations, after a short moment, within the entire courtyard, other than the Chu family, there were only three people remaining from the Xu family, the Wang family, and the Ma family. They were the three family masters. As for the others, they all died and their death was from beheading.

“Bastard, I will cut your corpse into 10 thousand pieces.” Looking at the bodies that filled the ground, looking at one family member dying after the other, the three family masters were enraged to the extreme.

*step* But just at that time, Chufeng suddenly stopped his wandering steps and stood in front of Chu Yuanba and Chuyuan. He casted his icy cold gaze towards the three family masters and coldly said,

“Now it’s your turn!”

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100 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 89 – Now It’s Your Turn

  1. By the way, since cutting his body into 10,000 pieces is a figure of speech, wouldn’t it be better to say “I won’t let you be buried in one piece” or something like that? It’s roughly the idea behind the figure of speech at least (cuz people like having a whole corpse to bury)


    1. Unless one is very confident the change fully express the meaning and intent of the figures of speech, one may risk changing the meaning all together. In this case, cutting into 10 k pieces expresses the intense rage felt like tearing the person apart into umpteen pieces. There is no thought of what happens to the body after that, dog food or whatever.
      Finding the apt phrase to accurately change into also slows down translations greatly.


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