MGA: Chapter 86 – Mysterious Expert

Within the core zone, in a flower garden within a certain residence. Leng Wuzui was currently feeding a Fierce Beast.

It was a rank 9 Fierce Beast and it was as large as an elephant. It looked like a gorilla but its sharp teeth were very fierce. However, in front of Leng Wuzui, the Fierce Beast was abnormally cute.

It was just obediently eating the food on the ground and did not attack Leng Wuzui. It even let Leng Wuzui stroke its fur and it did not have any reactions.

It was not that the Fierce Beast had spiritual nature and lost its violent instincts. It was just deeply suppressed by Leng Wuzui’s power and became his pet. A pet that was subdued by power.

“Junior Leng, the person you wanted to find has been found.” Gaole and Liubing were standing behind Leng Wuzui and talking. Their attitude towards him was respectful and even a bit fearful.

“What background does that boy have?” As Leng Wuzui toyed around with the Fierce Beast, he spoke and questioned. He didn’t even turned his head around.

“He is called Chufeng and he’s only 15 years old today. He came from the Chu family located in Mountain Town and he has the cultivation of the 7th level of the Spirit realm. Today, he entered the core zone and became a core disciple.”

“But, he was quite aggressive and he had a conflict with Gong Luyun so Gong Luyun gave Chufeng a lesson. If it wasn’t for the elder Li who looked over the Green Dragon Flower Garden, he would have already died.” Gaole narrated.

“Elder Li? He interrupted?” Hearing the name elder Li, Leng Wuzui’s gaze flickered.

“Yeah, it was just as you said. Elder Li really did hide his strength and he is at least an expert of the Profound realm.” Liubing hurriedly said.

“Of course. He can hide it from others but he cannot escape my scenes. My Spirit power already discovered that he was not simple. However, why would he save Chufeng? Do they have connections?” Leng Wuzui sank into deep thought.

“I doubt it. Chufeng’s family background is very normal. Besides, he arranged a life or death match with Gong Luyun one year later. Even if we don’t take care of him, one year later, Gong Luyun would still slaughter him.” Gaole continued and said.

“Oh? That’s quite an arrogant boy. But he must be quickly disposed of. This cannot be delayed.” Leng Wuzui reminded with a serious tone.

“Don’t worry. He already left the Green Dragon School and returned to the Chu family. He should be wanting to personally bring the Green Dragon Banner back to his family. After all, the Chu family is only a small power and the Green Dragon Banner would help them greatly.”

“We already sent the Zhao Shi brothers to hiddenly assassinate him. Although that boy may have some methods, the Zhao Shi brothers are at the 3rd level of the Origin realm. With their coordination, it’s more than enough to finish off that boy.” Liubing explained.

“Bastards!” Hearing those words, not only was Leng Wuzui not happy, he was even angered. He suddenly stood up, pointed at the two and reprimanded, “Do you not know what ‘Long nights means more dreams’ is called? Or are you too lazy to do this tiny little thing and need me to personally go?”

Seeing Leng Wuzui like that, Gaole and Liubing’s face changed greatly. They backed away, frightened, and then said at the same time, “We’ll go and finish him off right now.”

Gaole and Liubing quickly left the Green Dragon School. The two of them were on quick horses and crazily running towards the Chu family. Within Liubing’s hand was a triangular yellow talismen.

The talismen was flickering with weak light. As they two of them continued forward, the light got brighter and brighter. Seeing that, Liu Bing frowned slightly, suddenly stopped the horse and said nervously, “Something’s wrong.”

“What?” Seeing that, Gaole also tensed up.

“This is the locating talismen on the bodies of the Zhao Shi brothers. They should be tailing Chufeng and attacked when he left the Green Dragon School boundary. But, right now, the location that this talisman is showing means that they are nearby.” Liubing explained.

“So that means…” Hearing those words, Gaole also frowned and became uneasy.

*whoosh whoosh* The two of them leaped off the horse and started to search nearby according to the indication of the talismen. Very quickly, the two of the entered a forest and the light on the locating talismen got brighter and brighter. It no longer flickered and it started to continuously give off light.

When the two of them entered 2000 meters into the forest, they discovered with shock that there were two bodies in front of them. They were laid within the bushes and the two people had casual clothing on. But, looking at their faces, they were the Zhao Shi brothers who they recognized.

However, the two of them at that instant did not breath. The strangest thing was that on the surface of the two people, there was not a single wound.

Gaole crouched down and pressed his hand on their chests. After feeling for a while, his brows tightened and said with a serious expression,

“Their organs have shattered and they died from overwhelming pressure.”

“How is that possible? Chufeng is only at the 7th level of the Spirit realm so how could he have such a strong pressure? The Zhao Shi brothers were experts of the 3rd level of the Origin realm!” Hearing those words, Liubing’s face also paled.

Using pressure to shock a person to death meant that one had to have the cultivation of at least 3 levels higher than their opponent and Chufeng could not possibly do that. That meant that Chufeng had help, and that help was at least of the 6th level of the Origin realm.

“It seems that Leng Wuzui guessed correctly. We really did underestimate Chufeng.” Gaole helplessly sighed and his gaze endlessly flickered without anyone knowing what he was thinking.

“What do we do? Chufeng has experts next to him and that person is at least at the 6th level of the Origin realm, perhaps even stronger. If that person has the strength of the 9th level, even if we attack together, we may not even be able to beat that person.”

Liubing had no more ideas. After all, they were only at the 8th level of the Spirit realm. Naturally, they had no confidence facing an unknown enemy.

“If we go back like this, we will certainly be punished by Leng Wuzui. You know his methods. We’re just his puppets and he would not have a sliver of mercy. You don’t want to have a taste of the poison that drills the heart and stabs the bones right?”

“No! Of course not!!!” Hearing the word “poison”, Liubing’s face instantly turned ashen. Even her body started to tremble and her gaze was full of terror.

“So, we must finish off Chufeng or else Leng Wuzui will not continue giving us the antidote. I rather be killed than even think of that poison.” Gaole firmly said. Liubing did not hesitate and she also nodded in agreement.

Chufeng did not know anything about Leng Wuzui wanting to kill him in secret. So naturally, he did not know that the two people who wanted to kill him were already hiddenly disposed of.

At that instant, his mood was extremely good because after a few days on the road, he finally returned back to the Mountain Town. Chufeng couldn’t help but laugh when he imagined Chuyuan’s happy expression if he told the news of him being a core disciple.

“This aura, it’s uncle’s!”

But suddenly, Chufeng’s expression changed greatly. He felt, from nearby, some auras were intertwined and it obviously meant that people were fighting. Within one of the fighters was his oldest uncle, Chu Renyi.

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17 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 86 – Mysterious Expert

  1. “the Zhao Shi brothers are at the 3rd level of the Spirit realm.” i think it’s Origin realm* , thanks for the translation.


  2. wait, the two brothers are stronger than liu bing and gaoze so how can they sent the 2 brothers do theirs works?


  3. Experts supporting Chufeng now? I’m surprised he actually has hidden allies with how brutal he is.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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