MGA: Chapter 77 – Useless Begging

With every step, Chufeng got closer and closer to Jian Fengyi. His purple gown fluttered without any wind, the cold gaze from his eyes was threatening, his entire body was emitting a bone-piercing killing intent and he was just like a killing God.

Facing Chufeng in that state, the people from the World Alliance and the Sword Alliance all backed away in fear. Some people even fell to the ground and they were rolling and crawling, trying to escape.

Only Jian Fengyi stood there without moving. It was not that he didn’t want to run, it was that he couldn’t. As the alliance master of the Sword Alliance, how could he do such a shameless action in front of his subordinates?

But, in front of him, the deterrence that Chufeng brought really did make him feel uneasy. Especially looking at Luowu who was incomparably wretched state behind Chufeng, he knew that he would not have much luck.

“Chufeng, what do you want to do?” Jian Fengyi asked in panic. The “break them” from Sumei earlier really made him shiver.

“Jian Fengyi. I told you before that I better not see you in the Green Dragon Flower Garden or else I will beat you up so badly that even your mother won’t be able to recognize you.”

Chufeng’s face had a light smile as he continued getting closer to Jian Fengyi. But from Jian Fengyi’s perspective, the smear of smile on Chufeng’s face was cold and heartless.

“If you want to break me, we’ll have to see if you have the power.”

Seeing that he had no way out, Jian Fengyi angrily bellowed. Not only did he not retreat, he even took the initiative and attacked first.

He pulled the sword behind his back and as the cold light flickered, he crazily stabbed it towards Chufeng. Several sword shaped gases that were formed by his spiritual energy flew out and it broke through the air like a meteor and made whooshing sounds. The denseness almost completely sealed Chufeng’s path forward.

That was not a simple sword technique. It was a rank 4 skill and since the person who used it was Jian Fengyi, being born into a family of sword-users, he displayed that skill brilliantly.

“He’s indeed the alliance master being able to use the Meteor Sword Technique to this stage.”

Seeing the sword gases that broke through the air like meteors, the disciples of the Sword Alliance rejoiced in their hearts. At that instant, their originally terrified to the extreme hearst were as if they had seen their hope. They suddenly felt that perhaps their own alliance master could defeat Chufeng who was like a killing God.


But, when the dense sword gases brushed in front of Chufeng, with a thought, Chufeng’s body got covered by a layer of faint lightning. When the gases touched the lightning, it was like wood colliding against an iron wall. They all instantly shattered and dissipated into the air.


Not to mention the others, but even Jian Fengyi was hugely shocked. He already mastered the Meteor Sword Technique and even experts of the Origin realm did not dare to be careless in front of his skill or else they would be heavily injured. But, in front of his eyes, Chufeng completely dispelled it. Even his steps were not stopping.

“I don’t believe it.”

Jian Fengyi became heartless, turned the tip of his sword and several sword gases flew again. But, this time, they were not all concentrated towards Chufeng. They also aimed towards Sumei who was behind Chufeng.

“You’re looking to die.”

Seeing that, Chufeng’s sword-like eyebrows turned upside down, and with the wave of his big hand, a ray of lightning shot out. It was like a long lightning whip as it shattered all the sword gases. Chufeng waved it again and the lightning ship fiercely lashed towards Jian Fengyi.

“Object Condensation? This guy can use a rank 5 skill?”

Jian Fengyi was shocked. Most martial skills could condense spiritual energy to an object outside of one’s body, but to change spiritual energy into a substance such as lightning like how Chufeng did and to approach the original form in terms of appearance and essence, only rank 5 martial skills could do that.

“Damn it. Who is this guy?”

At that instant, he finally knew that Chufeng was strong. But facing the sweeping whip of lightning, how could he dare to think too much about it? He hurriedly raised the sword in his hands and used it to block Chufeng’s attack.

*clatter clatter~*

When the whip of lightning swept past, sparks could be seen and Jian Fengyi’s iron sword in his hands was cut into two. At the same time, the whip fiercely lashed onto Jian Fengyi’s body.


That whip directly lashed onto Jian Fengyi and he flew several meters away. As he landed, people could see that on his waist, a blood wound appeared. They even saw the eerie white bones.

*bang bang bang*

But just at that time, Chufeng still continuously lashed out with the lightning whip randomly on Jian Fengyi’s body. Not only did it cause Jian Fengyi get horribly mutilated, even his arms got broken.

If it wasn’t because Jian Fengyi still had some breaths, people really would suspect if he was alive or dead. But, even if he didn’t die, injuries like those would require 3 – 5 years for complete recovery.

“Senior Chufeng, we were wrong. Please forgive us.”

Suddenly, all the disciples from the Sword Alliance kneeled down. Since their own alliance master got beaten up like that, they could completely imagine how they were going to end. Especially when Chufeng’s methods were ruthless and they had no doubts that he would beat them until they were dead.

“Master Chufeng, please spare our lives. We will never be enemies with the Wings Alliance again.”

Also at the same time, the World Alliance members kneeled down as well. They were also kowtowing towards Chufeng and they were really terrified. Facing Chufeng like that, it would be strange if they weren’t.

“If begging for forgiveness and admitting your wrongs worked, all the people who wronged before could avoid the pain of punishment. Today, I just want to tell everyone here what the price is for attacking people who are close to me.”

But no matter how much the crowd begged, Chufeng’s face did not have a single trace of being moved. Suddenly, his pupil shrunk and the lightning whip roared out again.


At that moment, endless cries came from the Green Dragon Flower Garden. Almost no one could endure Chufeng’s lash yet Chufeng would whip every person at least 10 times. Even if they already lost consciousness, Chufeng would not even be slightly merciful.

“Chufeng, that’s enough.”

Finally, Sumei spoke. Seeing the crowd of mutilated people, although she was extremely enraged before and hated them down to the bone, she could not find a single strand of anger anymore. Rather, she had a thread of sympathy.

After Sumei spoke, Chufeng naturally stopped. He did not have friendly relations with Situyu, so the reason why he treated Jian Fengyi and the others like that, other than some personal grudges with Jian Fengyi, he wanted to vent Sumei’s anger.

But, compared to Sumei, Situyu and the others almost had their hearts jump out. They finally knew, on that day, Chufeng really did hold back. Situyu also felt some lingering fear from Chufeng’s provocation that day because compared to Chufeng, he was incomparable to him no matter if it was strength or methods.

“So you already passed the underground palace. Why didn’t you want for me here? Or were the spiritual medicines so important to you?”

“If you were a bit late, I would have…”

After being freed by Chufeng, Sumei grumbled a bit. She felt that Chufeng most likely went and picked spiritual medicines in the Green Dragon Flower Garden.

“Ho…Wait a bit.”

Chufeng did not refute it Sumei’s grumble. Instead, he chuckled and jumped into a distant bush. When he reappeared, Sumei’s expression instantly froze.

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15 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 77 – Useless Begging

  1. Thanks for the new chapter. And that is how you write a chapter


  2. Thanks for chapter 77!
    If sorrys’ and begging worked then their wouldn’t be the concept of punishment to the wrongdoers…


  3. Ugh…since when did the almighty Chufenf became Sumei’s bitch?

    Sumei:Break them

    Chufeng needs to show Sumei whos boss.


    1. It was her revenge he was enacting, not his. If it had been his, he would have ignored her and continued hitting. Or possibly just killed them all with single hits.

      And he shows her who’s boss all the time. He just doesn’t feel the need to treat her like shit or disregard her existence. Or is there some other meaning to your suggestion?


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