MGA: Chapter 71 – Quiet Down

“Little Mei, you…” The big-chested beauty seemed to be afraid of Sumei and she didn’t know what to do at that moment.

“I’m telling you to stand up!” Sumei aggressively bellowed.

That voice scared that big-chested beauty and her little face instantly paled. She quickly stood to the side and didn’t even dare to speak.


Sumei coldly snorted and angrily shot Chufeng a glance before sitting where the big-chested female sat before. She pointed at the spot next to Situyu and said, “Sit there.”


The big-chested beauty did not dare to be slow and she lowered her head while she quickly walked next to Situyu. Without even raising her head, she gloomily sat down.

That scene widened everyone’s eyes and mouths. They were all taken aback on what happened. To anyone who had eyes, they could tell that Sumei was jealous.

Jealous of who? Jealous of Chufeng! Countless people seeked Sumei yet no one got their hands on the #1 beauty in the inner court. Yet, she was jealous of Chufeng. That was an absolutely shocking thing.

But carefully thinking about it, it was not that sudden. After all, the two of them walked very closely together recently and there were even rumours about Sumei secretly being in love with Chufeng.

But even so, it was still impossible for everyone to accept that. On the other hand, Baitong and the others were quite relieved because they had personally seen more violent actions by Sumei before.

However, compared to Baitong and the others, Situyu’s face was a bit unnatural. Although he was trying his best to conceal it, he still revealed some irritation. He was jealous as well.

“You’re quite fierce and there was no need to treat her like that right?” Chufeng chuckled and said.

“I do what I want and what can you do about it?” Sumei fiercely glared at Chufeng before turning her head and ignoring Chufeng.

After that little storm, the so-called meeting also officially started. First, the people that were going to participate in the core disciple exam were announced. There were 12 people, including Chufeng, Sumei, and Situyu.

The other 9 people had the cultivation of the 8th level and it was not hard to pass the core disciple exam with that cultivation. So, it was basically confirmed that 12 members were going to leave the Wings Alliance.

However, facing that situation, Situyu had preparations done already. It was that his brother was not going to participate in this year’s core disciple exam, so Situliang was going to stay within the inner court. He was going to succeed as the alliance master of the Wings Alliance.

There was one other thing. Situyu suggested that after becoming core disciples, the Wings Alliance would be preserved and he didn’t want everyone going their own ways.

Situyu sent his thoughts to the former Wings Alliance members but current core disciples that he wanted them to lead the Wings Alliance and to create a new land within the core disciples. But, he was refused.

So, there was a serious problem in front of their eyes. They wanted to recreate the Wings Alliance in the land of core disciples with their group. With the recreation of the Wings Alliance, there was a need to choose a new alliance master and that was the current discussion.

“Situyu, is there even any need for discussion? Since the former seniors are unwilling to lead us, the seat of the alliance master would naturally be sat by you.”

“That’s right. Within the Wings Alliance today, who other than you has the ability to take that spot?” The various members all recommended Situyu to continue being the alliance master.

“Ahh, everyone here are the dragon within men and I’m sure no one is willing to live under someone else’s charity. So, it’s better to be a bit more fair. Everyone. There’s no need to keep on choosing me and you can speak your real thoughts.”

Situyu faked evasion but anyone could tell that he was still very happy. Happy that everyone chose him to continue being the alliance master.

Seeing Situyu, Chufeng gave him an evaluation of one word. “Hypocrite”. Thus, he didn’t bother listening what they said and he currently focused his attention on Sumei.

She hadn’t talked to Chufeng in quite a while. Her hands were supporting her chin with her head tilted upwards. No one knew where she was looking, but it was certain that she did not pay attention on what Situyu and the others were saying.

“Oi, are you angry?” Chufeng went over and asked while chuckling.

“Who’s angry? Angry at who? Who’s worth it for me to be angry on?” Sumei resentfully shot Chufeng a glance.

“If you’re not angry what you are doing?” Chufeng said suspiciously.

“I’m seriously listening to Situyu’s words.” Sumei grumbled.

“That’s fine. Could you say what Situyu just said?” Chufeng laughed a bit.

“He said…” Sumei was a bit at a loss. She was not listening so how could she know what Situyu was saying?

When she turned her head and looked at Chufeng face that was brimming with a spoiled smile, she knew that she got tricked by Chufeng. She angrily bit her lips and she really wanted to go and bite Chufeng.

“Okay, don’t be angry. How about I tell you a story?” Chufeng said amusingly.

“What story? If you want you can tell it.” Sumei curled her lips but still put on a look of listening respectfully.

“Three little white rabbits picked a mushroom.”

“The two big ones told the small one to get some wild vegetables to eat.”

“The little one said, ‘I’m not going. If I go, you two will eat my mushroom.’”

“The two said, ‘We won’t. So don’t worry and go’ So the little rabbit went~~~”

“But after a long while, the little white rabbit didn’t return. After some discussion, the two of them decided that there was no need to wait and they were going to eat the mushroom.”

“But just at that time, the little white rabbit suddenly jumped out from the nearby bushes and angrily said, ‘See, I knew that you two were going to eat my mushroom!’”

“Hahaha, so the little white rabbit never left that place?”

“What do you think?”

“Haha, he didn’t. That’s too cute and pretty funny…”

Sumei laughed from Chufeng’s story and the beautiful laugh was very pleasant to listen to. But, the time in which it rang out was obviously not the right time and it already attracted everyone’s attention.

“Here, I’ll tell you another.” Seeing that Sumei finally smiled, Chufeng also got enthusiastic. He showed his arms by pulling up his sleeves and he prepared to show his skill again.

The actions of the two displeased Situyu. Seeing that the one he liked was laughing in front of someone else yet not caring what he said, he was quite stuffed with panic.

*bang* Just at that time, Sutuliang suddenly slammed the table, stepped up, pointed at Chufeng and said,

“My brother is speaking right now so quiet down!”

Hearing those words, Chufeng’s expression did not change. He slowly stood up and calmly walked in front of Situlian.

Suddenly, Chufeng waved his hand, and with a bang, a clear slap fiercely landed on Situliang’s face.

The strong strength directly flipped Situliang to the ground. He opened his mouth and along a mouthful of blood, three front teeth came out as well.

That scene completely scared the crowd there. Chufeng directly hit a person and the person he hit was the future alliance master of the Wings Alliance and also Situyu’s younger brother. His nerves were a bit too big.

Chufeng did not care in the slightest while facing the shocked gazes of the crowd. He pointed at Situliang who was on the ground and fiercely said,

“You quiet down when I’m talking!”

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187 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 71 – Quiet Down

    1. I agree :) it’s refreshing.. besides with all his spirit beads (which are useless to him) he could simply give them to his Chu family members which should make it pretty dangerous to mess with the Chu Alliance.. also he should quickly settle a formal marriage with Su Mei at least then people would know he has the backing of the Su family


  1. TBH, I feel the MC is too much of a trouble maker. He has every right to believe in his own power, but he should’ve learned something from his run in with the Liu Mang clan or whatever. Only personal power isn’t enough.


    1. True Only Personal Power is not enough but you’re wrong to think he is alone he has got the backing of sumei, surou, some members from the chu family and some of the elders. His actions are justified he Is brought up in a Darwinian society where the strong trample on the weak he needs to show defiance in all forms to get the edge of his opponents no matter who they are otherwise as he learnt the hardway he will be either bullied or killed. Being ruthless and merciless is the way to go In that society in order to survive. So what I am saying being a trouble maker is a good thing more violence and carnage from the MC the better its one of the reasons what makes this series good. The moment Chufeng step into that hall he already sense many of the people disliked him because of jealousy so what can he do retort that and that is get the head start otherwise they will most definitely get chufeng when he least expect it. Also because of his new power up he has every right to be cocky :) if he fights a tough opponent he cannot handle he can just use that new technique and they won’t be able to catch him :).


      1. Chu family is … useless. They oldest guy they got only just made it to origin level. And yea, he has Su Mei and Su Rou behind him. But they are behind him, not his family. They probably won’t do much if Chu Yue gets attacked.


        1. You forget people, especially experts do not want to mess with people that have spirit power, for they are valuable, strong, and naturally gain backings b/c of their rarity. He also has a mysterious backing as seen from the fire king homeless looking guy (not that chu feng knows about that, but he has speculations).

          Also the strongest in the group is a 9th rank scrub, Chu Feng can smoke him w/mysterious technique bringing him to same level, stronger body, 3rd style of thunder style+speed unlocked from only part one of his 7th rank technique. He may be arrogant but for good reasons. Analogy: It’s like a fierce tiger being ordered around by a bunch of bunnies. How could he not get mad?


          1. I’m not saying he shouldn’t show some of his power, but if you attack everyone that says stupid things to you, sooner or later, you’ll end up with the wrong guy like the Liu Mang situation. Not that he has much choice in that situation.


            1. yeah sadly he doesn’t have much choice to control his situation so him trying not to attack someone when provoked seems unlikely, chu feng has adopted that persona of whatever you do to me badly I’ll do much worse to you mentality. You are correct though from a logical standpoint it might bite chu feng arse later on.


        2. LoL I agree atm the chu family and some of the elders are useless. Su Mei and Su Rou seem like his best support atm.


          1. Ah yeah I forgot that fire king homeless guy as well. Chufeng is still outnumbered sadly hmm needs more strong allies.


    2. Actually personal power is all that matters. This is what you should understand: the more personal power you have the more people are willing to back you. Power=status. And even then, once you power reaches a certain point you wont even need others. For example when Chufeng displayed his power to the Chu family he gained respect, fear, awe AND status. And your example isnt the best. That Liu Mang brat had his family’s backing and did what he wanted, but he himself was weak and so his sausage was ripped off. That would not have happened is he was more powerful than Chufeng, so we know personal power really makes a difference. Just because you hide behind someone strong doesn’t make youself strong as well. And the significance of personal power should be evident to any who have read Coiling Dragon or Stellar Transformation, which i assume you have since you were able to find yourself here. MGA seems fairly obscure and not something a noob would find. It would be odd if you knew about MGA but not CD or even ST, considering they’re a bit more well known.


      1. Personal power would be all that matters if you are strong enough to defeat everyone. Chu Feng is not even close to that level. And even then, it’s not enough to protect everyone, as Chu Feng demonstrated himself. The guy behind Liu Meng had power, but it didn’t stop his genitals from being crushed. And from his reaction, he really wanted to protect Liu Meng. Same thing can happen to Chu Yue, who Chu Feng says he wants to protect.


        1. Exactly and in this his is sort of half assing the path of Asura, Asura was a complete loner who only answered to strength, most importantly his and owed allegiance to no one and nothing, only then can you act like who Chufeng has started to, when you have things to protect you have to be bit more tactical about things.


      2. Status is not equal to power. He would be no less powerfull just because these guys are unaware of his strenght. Wing Alliance does not matter much to him anymore as after entering the core temple so will they be like the Chu Alliance, an alliance of noobs and offer no advantage to him.


    3. Lol, what kind of personality did you expect from him? The title of this novel is Martial God Asura, Asura’s do what they want, when they want, and they don’t take shit from anybody. Why wouldn’t his personality be Alpha-as-fuck?


      1. True, but it goes counter with his apparent desire to protect. It’s like at times he thinks of people he wants to protect then at others, he completely disregard all consequences.


        1. He just has too much pride. He’s unwilling to allow any disrespect against him or the people he cares about, and sometimes that get’s him in trouble, but a real man doesn’t shy away from trouble or compromise their ideals and values to do so. Honestly, I think more people should have his level of integrity.


          1. But a smart man would know how to choose his battle, and delay the ones he can’t win til he can win. Integrity don’t mean much when everyone’s dead, ya know?


  2. There is a huge problem with punching out dweebs in a world of might = right. Strength and vengeance seem to form quite the vicious cycle. As the MC has personally experienced — you never know if that annoyance you just crushed (or his relatives and friends) will evolve into the Main Character(s) of another tale…where you and your backers are perceived as the evil villains. So many of these xianxia works highlight the danger of bullying those weaker than you. My advice to MGA, avoid the law of unintended consequences and beat (?off?) less.


    1. I agree with you that it is a little bit painful to read. It just seems cruel. However I can still accept it as reasonable. Basically all Wuxia type stories involve the concept of face and respect, and personal power is needed to save, gain, and protect both. So far, Chugeng has never made other people lose face for the sake of it. His reactions are based entirely on how others treated him. Those who treat him fairly, respectfully, or at least without disrespect are treated well. On the contrary, if he is wronged, treated unfairly, or treated badly, only then will he retaliate. Take for example the two random people who told Chugeng about alliances. Although they thought he was weak, they didn’t treat him badly, so he returned their fair treatment. The same can be said about his relationship with his family. This pattern is also evident when Chufeng first met members of the Wings alliance (before the tomb raiding mission). In this chapter, Situliang treated Chufeng badly from the start, so Chufeng felt no need to treat Situliang with even a modicum of respect. The problem however lies in the fierceness of his retaliation, which seems over the top. This is because they have no concept of mercy. There is only “treat others as they have treated you”: with contempt or with favour.


  3. Guys, I agree that mc is fiercy and always trying to gain respect showing his power. But, It’s normal in this kind of world. He was bullied his entire life from his own FAMILY. Wing Alliance is nothing to him, he just like the Su’s sisters nothing more. He knows that if he wasnt powerful enough he wouldn’t never be invited to this “guild” and wouldnt be there.
    The atitude of leader is just annoying too, he just doenst want to leave the power position, he could handle the leader position to anyone, but he gives it to his brother, and when moving to core disciple he wants to praise from everyone to keep his “leader” position. Dont you guys think its weird that the FOUNDERS didnt recreate another Alliance at Core disciple? Its obvious that the trainning and mission methods is diferent from inner disciple, and the so called “Genious from inner disciple should be just “avarage” there. Just look the requisits to pass to origin realm, you would need the secret methods and extreme good background to put your hands on it. Between, Its told that the elder from Chu family’s didnt pass the Origin first laywer because he didnt have the method.
    The leader just want to keep his position, because when something good appear, he has a lot more chance to put his hands on it, just like the story of rabbits. Why he wasnt called for ancient tomb mission?
    I do belive that origin realm is a new horizon, and a lot of genious from circulation qi will just be average, thats why Wings Alliance didnt need to recreate it, would just cause a lot of leechers to group up and request protection.
    Obs. Sorry for bad english.


  4. thx for the chap.

    Seriously let say the Mc is calm and avoid fighting … MC train, lvl up … train, lvl up … the end.
    No story worth telling in a Wuxia novel.
    So better hope he get more ruthless and beat more people, make more ennemies so we get plenty to read about it.


    1. Trust me in a world like this you don’t have to go looking for fights to find some, especially when you’re so resolute about protecting what you hold dear and your talent makes you stand out as is seen here cause the old guy’s disciple already wants to kill him.

      Also no one is really saying he should actually avoid fighting but rather just not actively start them so easily, plus it helps in this kind of world when your view is always forward and not backward and Chufeng is really minding those below his strength too much, he should do what he did before with the Chu family and just move on.

      An example of true ruthlessness would have been how Tang San would have handled that situation where one of the Chu family members tried to get him killed as that Chu member would no longer be living and no one would even know who killed him, but instead of kill the guy who actually tried to get him killed he lashes out at some no name.


  5. well true but
    1. u dont kill familly, been ruthless doesnt mean u have no face nor honor and killing familly member is out of question
    2. slaping is teaching, as a asian boy got slaped few time by elders for bad behavior or even bamboo stick sometime when i did something really bad. So i dont consider slaping as fighting, but ya ya the other guy lose face…
    So with his actual strenght Chufeng is somehow a senior so he has to Teach the others how to behave in his presence kinda obvious to me. And he didnt react to bully before cause he knew he was weak, that’s not the case anymore.


    1. 1. Chufeng himself didn’t see any of them as family and neither did they see him as family and being truly ruthless does not take honor or face into consideration, you kill whoever and whenever you see the need to with no thoughts to social norms, plus as long as no one knows what’s the big deal.

      2. That’s another thing if he’s only acting out because he’s strong now that makes things even worse cause it shows he isn’t fearless but just one who only acts out when he knows he has the advantage, also as far as i know the other guy is the same age so while he’s his senior in strength as far as the whole wing’s alliance was concerned he was below in station and if he doesn’t show face he could easily be attacked by most of them, if he was truly older than him and been in the wing’s alliance longer than that would be one thing but right now all that guy was is weaker and annoying.

      Especially when you speak of face and honor, it makes less sense for him to attack the guy as in an alliance people are supposed to be comrades and i believe in this culture they take that bond quite seriously so lashing out like that is quite disrespectful even if he doesn’t like the guy.


      1. yes and no…

        Actually there’s a saying “u dont chose your familly but still it’s familly” means even u dont feel it, it’s still a reallly u cant evade. So no he just cant kill familly member even he doesnt consider them as familly it’s a fact he cant deny even the other deny it. Unless he chose the path of true evil and that will be totally ruthless in the bad way, and he’s far from beeing a bad guy.

        And the slap was for the disrespect he felt, cause he feels he’s the strongest in this alliance as no one can match him in the inner circle. First With the chair but he didnt mind it much, but with the other guy barking he couldnt bare, just needed to shows others his real worth nothing more, and fix once and for all his position in the wing alliance as it’s better to be fixed early (about the same with the core disciple and chufeng disrespect) and the seniority here is about strengh in wuxia world not age.

        He’s fearless cause he doesnt care about the consequence and can bet his live and face death without backing down nor begging for his life.

        And still slaping isnt and attacking in fact it’s worse as it’s less hitting the flesh more hitting the Face and denying it. About the same than saying “u dont worth my fist, know your place” if u fight an opponent.
        And ya in this situation that’s rude.


  6. Chufeng is kind of a dick, but that’s the biggest reason I like MGA so much. He’s different. His personality is a bit warped but it’s justifiable given for the first 14 years of his life he only had three people that saw him as “human” and not trash.

    I like that he won’t take disrespect to himself or his “women.” I like that he has brass balls. I like that he won’t hesitate to kill to eliminate a problem, letting everyone live usually bites MCs in the ass later. I like that he doesn’t try to hide his power, sure he hides some of his specific abilities, but not his power. And I like that he is the kind of guy that will ignore something that doesn’t involve him or his loved ones directly.

    I think I’d hate Chufeng in real life, but that’s the thing, he isn’t real, and its fun to read about him.


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