Xian Ni: Chapter 113

But, Situnan told him that the Ying Bian stage was a progress of change from the Yuanying stage. During that process, the Yuanying would become bigger and bigger but the physical body would not change. Only after the Yuan Ying came out the body would it change into that.

Wang Lin sat on the ground cross-legged and took out the spiritual gourd. After drinking a mouthful, he started to do breathing techniques and dash towards the middle Foundation Building stage. He was cultivating here because Situnan once said that it would help his recovery.

Time passed bit by bit and the qualification battle for the foreign battle field reached the last stages. Earlier in the month, quite a few cultivators came one after the other outside of the Sicklepod Valley. They all found the best place and gazed at the only exit of the Sicklepod Valley from afar; or they wandered around in the nearby city.

Following the arrival of the cultivators, it became more and more lively outside of the Sicklepod Valley. Within them, naturally, there would be battles when enemies met.

Within a circumference of a thousand miles of the Sicklepod Valley, because this area flourishes every one hundred years, many cities were created from that. The opening of the foreign battle was to basically gather a large portion of the cultivators of the Zhao country and that was why so many cultivators were here.

The cities simply became the largest market of exchange of the Zhao country every 100 years. Within the cities, there were endless cultivators from all sorts of sects and it was extremely lively.

Different materials, treasures that were not seen often continuously appeared.

On this day, dense and countless cultivators gathered outside of the Sicklepod Valley. They were the big and small sects within the Zhao country.

Within those people, other than the big sects that occupied some land, other ones gathered together in scrambles. Within them, except the small sects or small clans, most of them were scattered cultivators.

The small sects, clans, and cultivators did not have the qualifications to enter the foreign battlefield. They reason why they came here was because they wanted to have a look. To know, the opening of the foreign battlefield only happened every 100 years. According to rumours, the instant that it opened, large amounts of spiritual energy would be scattered out from the passageway. With a single breath, it would be several times better than normal.

Seeing that the opening of the Sicklepod was approaching, the people within the city all found a place to stand outside of the Sicklepod valley and they silently waited.

On that noon, there was not a single cloud within tens of thousands of miles. The sky was like a blue silk being hung there. The sunlight was descended and the temperature everywhere was slowly rising.

Very quickly, it became extremely hot. But, the cultivators outside of the Sicklepod valley did not mind it. All of them were staring at the exit of the Sicklepod Valley and their eyes did not look away.

All the experienced cultivators knew that today’s noon was the instant of the opening of the Sicklepod Valley.

If the entire Sicklepod Valley was seen from the sky, it could be discovered that it was in the shape of a gourd. The mouth of the gourd was the exit of the Sicklepod Valley. At that place, there were two tall peaks erected there. Between them was a small road, and at the end, there was a huge 8-pointed spell formation.

At that moment, suddenly, the formation lit up.

From a place not far, several experts of the Yuan Ying stage from several devil sects gathered together. At the instant that the formation lit up, they stared at it. Teng Hua Yuan’s thin body was amongst them.

His eyes revealed a trace of excited killing intent. He stared at the formation of the tunnel without turning his gaze.

The formation got brighter and brighter. Slowly, 8 people walked out from it.

Disappointed was revealed in Teng Hua Yuan’s eyes. He flipped his right hand and took the black flag out. After pinching on it, instantly, one of the sealed souls scattered away.

Seeing the 8 people that walked out, the Zhao country cultivators outside of the Sicklepod Valley instantly started the discussions and they all pointed at the people.

“They’re out. Look, from the past, the first sect that comes out most likely lost the qualifications. I wonder which sect it is this time.”

“Hm? Why are there so many people out this time? From the past conventions, the first sect that comes out would certainly have the least amount of people.”

“They’re out and I see Zhouyou. He’s the disciple of the Piao Miao Sect….”

“Last time, the Piao Miao Sect also failed the qualification battle. Same this time as well. It seems that the big righteous sects are only so. If my Futian Sect enters, perhaps they’ll be stronger than all of them.”

“Zhang bro, the highest cultivation in your sect is only the early stage of Jiadan. If the Piao Miao Sect sends an ancestor they can annihilate you guys. If I had to say something, the reason why the Piao Miao Sect failed this time is because the disciples from the devil sects are too strong.”

At that moment, the 8 righteous and devil sects, other than the Jimie Sect that lost their Yuan Ying Stage expert and didn’t participate and didn’t get any tokens, the founders of the other 7 sects all came here.

At that moment, the founder of the Piao Miao Sect, Xin Hai, had a gloomy face. He stared at the exit of the Sicklepod Valley and said nothing.

At the exit, the 8 people from the Piao Miao Sect had strange faces as they walked out. Seeing the dense group of people and the words that entered the ears, the 8 of them had red faces and ears as they walked next to Xin Hai disheartedly.

Xin Hai forcefully endured his anger. He spent quite a bit this time. He sent out 25 disciples and there were 3 that were at the late stages of Foundation Building. 8 people were at the middle stages and the rest were at the early stages. In addition to that, he spent a large amount of treasures on them. He wanted to get the qualifications no matter what this time, but from what he saw, out of the 25, only 8 lived.

As Xin Hai looked at the 8 of them, ones of the founder of the Yuan Tian Sect, Shang Guan Yun, smiled and said, “Brother Xin, it’s not much even if you couldn’t be qualified. After all, this cleaning of the foreign battlefield is quite dangerous. In the past, it was already pretty good if 1 lived out of 10. So, no need to put this in your heart. It’s just waiting for 100 years right?”

Xin Hai coldly smiled and said, “Brother Shang Huan, no need for sarcasm. If I lost, then I lost. I will not act dumb and I will naturally abide with the agreement back then.” After saying that, he stared at the 8 disciples and asked in a heavy voice, “Your big senior is dead?”

One of them kneeled on the ground with a poof and said in a low voice, “Founder, they’re all dead…Other than us, all the others are all dead.”

The other 7 people also kneeled on the ground, revealing terror on their faces.

Shang Guan Yun coldly laughed in his heart, but he put on a face of pity, shook his head and said nothing.

Xin Hai’s face sank like the water, then coldly smiled and said, “So many people died? Good, which sect killed them?”

The first disciple that kneeled on the ground hesitated a bit. At that moment, Xin Hai waved his hand, and instantly a screen of light covered the people from the Piao Miao Sect. Shang Guan Yun raised his head and looked while coldly laughing in his heart.

After blocking the soul sensing of others, Xin Hai indicated the disciples to speak. The disciple quickly spoke for a while, and after Xin Hai heard all of it, he was at a loss. A cold glare appeared in his eyes, and after a while he coldly snorted and said, “You all stand behind me. I do want to see which sect he is from.” After saying that, he waved his hand again and the screen of light disappeared.

The Shang Guan Yun who was on the side suddenly said, “Brother Xin, I wonder why Xumei hasn’t came yet?”


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  1. ♥Thank you for the chapter my wonderful friends♥
    Written by: Ergen (耳根)
    Translated by: Void Translations & Flower Bridge Too
    Translator you are a very amazing


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