MGA: Chapter 61 – Imperial Sky Technique

After the stone door closed, Chufeng could still feel the auras in the tunnel. After confirming that Sumei and the others left, he went to the summit of the cliff without any worries.

Going along the vines, Chufeng started to climb down into the ocean of mist. As he arrived near the mist, Chufeng spread out his Spirit power. But he found out that within the mist, there were strange gasses that disturbed his Spirit power, making him unable to penetrate through it.

Especially after entering the mist, the whiteness blocked his vision. Even with Chufeng’s strength, his vision range did not exceed 10 meters.

But luckily, after going down the mist for dozens of meters, he finally arrived at the bottom. Although the mist was still there, the feeling of stepping on the rocks freed his heart from anxiety.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Chufeng took out the World Spirit Compass. Instantly, rays of light spread everywhere and his vision range increased by several times. It had to be said that the light of that thing was very strange. It was as if it could penetrate through the mist and it was really a strange item for treasure hunting.

“It seems that danger is everywhere here.”

Looking at the indications of the World Spirit Compass, Chufeng knew which direction he needed to go. But, at the same time, he also knew that there were endless hidden dangers everywhere. With a careless mistake he would die.

Luckily, he had the World Spirit Compass in his hands. Or else, with his strength, he would not have much luck if he entered a place like this. Perhaps even if he had 9 lives he would use it all up.

Holding the World Spirit Compass, he walked in the area which was full of mist. Chufeng could vaguely hear the growling of Fierce Beasts from afar. Also, there were other strange yells. There were even the cries of pain by people and their calls for help.

The deeper he went, the louder those sounds were. At the end, Chufeng could even see some corpses that were eaten by just now.

He could feel the huge pressuring aura and hear some Fierce Beasts roaring nearby. It was the ones even stronger than the experts of the 9th level of the Spirit realm, the rank 9 Fierce Beasts.

According to rumours, the rank 9 Fierce Beasts were already the strongest rank with Fierce Beasts. The ones even stronger than Fierce Beasts were those who had spiritual natures, the Monstrous Beasts.

Although Monstrous Beasts did not randomly slaughter, their cultivation power were far stronger than Fierce Beasts. It would even have intelligence that was no weaker, or even stronger than humans. The important part was that Monstrous Beasts were very strong. They were born strong, having the most noblest blood of the beast species. It was rumoured that Monstrous Beasts that were just born had strength of the Origin realm.

The strong Monstrous Beasts could even speak languages and even transform into human shapes. Some Monstrous Beasts didn’t like the deep mountains and wild forests, so they would change into human shapes and enter human societies and live with humans. They really lived up to the name of “Monstrous”.

[TN: This specific character “” in Chinese can mean monster, weird, devil, witch, etc.]

There were dangers everywhere in this place, and thinking of the strength of the Imperial Sky sage, Chufeng had no doubts that the sage would grab a few Monstrous Beasts, throw them and restrict them within the tomb.

But luckily, after carefully walking for a full 2 hours, the mist in front of him slowly faded away. At the end, he could finally “dispel the clouds and see the sun” as he walked out of the mist.

“Hu.. I’ve finally got out.”

At that instant, even Chufeng couldn’t help but exhale deeply. The misty lands before were just like hell. The ones within would feel incomparable repression.

“Damn. How big is the tomb of this Imperial Sky sage?”

Raising his head and looking, Chufeng couldn’t avoid feeling a bit helpless. In front of his eyes was not the expected treasures. It was another deep tunnel.

But, the tunnel was very broad and very bright. There was the atmosphere of boundlessness, and going along the tunnel forward, another wave of the smell of blood leaped towards Chufeng’s nose.

That smell was extremely strong. So strong that Chufeng’s Spirit power did not detect it yet the smell still floated over. Chufeng held the World Spirit Compass, and because he discovered that there was no danger predicted, he continued forward without worries.

The further he went, the stronger the smell of blood became. At the end, it was able to make people gag. When Chufeng entered the hall, he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

There were several tunnels in the hall, and the amount of tunnels was the same as the amount of tunnels in the entrance. Which meant, no matter which tunnel you went through at the beginning, as long as you could pass through the ocean of mist, at the end, the destination would still be here.

But, other than the tunnels, there was a ladder in the middle of the hall. The ladder kept going up and the end could not be seen. Obviously, it was the road to continue forward.

But the important thing was the hall at that moment. It was densely filled with corpses from all sorts of different powers. It could be seen that they were all strong people. Some were even even the experts of the Origin realm. The most amount of corpses belonged to the people from the Thousand Wind School and it was clear that they spent quite a bit on this tomb.

But the strangest thing was, within so many corpses, there was no one from the Green Dragon School. The appearance of the the dead were very wretched and it didn’t like they died from simple battles.

Although the scene in front of him was quite fishy, Chufeng didn’t want to think too much about it. After all, he had the World Spirit Compass in his hand and as long as the compass indicated that it was safe, there would most likely not be any dangers. So, Chufeng stepped over the seas of corpses and started to climb the tall ladder.

But, before even reaching the top, Chufeng heard 2 voices. He could dimly hear that it was two old people, and the contents that the two people were talking about couldn’t help but make Chufeng feel happy.

At the end of the tall ladder, there was a strange room. The reason why he said it was strange was because the structure of the room was very special. Faint gases visible by the naked eye were floating around.

Within the middle of the room, two people were standing. One of the old men had white hair but a lively face like a child. On his body, a scary pressure was emitted from his body. He was an expert of the Profound realm.

The other person wore a white, long gown. On the gown, dense symbols were printed on it and the gown covered his face. Only the two strict, eagle-like eyes could be seen. It was the World Spiritist of the Green Dragon School, Elder Zhuge.

But, at that instant, the two of them were standing and not moving. Their hands were raised up and a distressing face were on their faces. Because, above them, the roof of the room was currently falling.

The roof was a type of gold, but it was emitting cold air. It was also extremely heavy and if the two of them were not supporting it, they would certainly be crushed into meat pulp.

“You really are worthy of being the sect head of the Thousand Wind School. If you weren’t here, I’m afraid that I really would have no way of holding this Cold Steel off.” Elder Zhuge smiled and said.

“Bastard. Who are you? You are quite evil, using the life of the Thousand Wind School’s elders to break the formation.” The head of the Thousand Wind School was filled with anger. To think of the scene just now, he was endlessly angered.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is that you and me need to work together and find a way to break this Cold Steel or else this place will be our tomb.” Zhuge smiled and said.

“You want me to work together with you? Don’t even think about it!” The head of the Thousand Wind School coldly snorted. He did not believe the despicable, mysterious person in front of his eyes.

“I think that the reason that you came here was for the treasures. No need to lose both of our lives for previous disagreements right? Right now, the Imperial Sky Technique is in front of our eyes. Don’t you want to obtain it?”

As Zhuge spoke, he casted his gaze towards a corner of the room. There was an exquisite jade stand there, and on top of the jade stand, there was a crystal-like object floating in mid air.

Although it was translucent, it emitted a faint glow. The words that were engraved on it already stated what it was. It was the technique of the Imperial Sky sage, the Imperial Sky Technique!

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  1. Thanks for the new chapters!
    Chufeng is truly fearless, all those top lvl experts dead one after another but he just keeps on going even though his power is weaker than those of the 9th lvl or Origin Realm.


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