EDIT: I am done the live translations. Phew. Twas fun. But, I need my sleep so g’night.

The chapters that I’ve translated will be posted tomorrow (or today depending on your time zone).

That is all, so cya~

Okay, sorry for the lack of chapters these two days, but I was busy with stuffs. Most of them are done so things should be back to normal. I did have a notice but removed it when I edited chap 59 so sorry about that.

That being said, I know that I said that I would do a live translation every Tuesday/Thursday, but never got to it. So, might as well take this chance and try one~ Horrah~

Because of how docs work, the “live” translation isn’t really a “live” one if there’s too many people, so check back every 5 minutes or something and see the slow progress. cough

Anyways, any more information will be on the docs and hopefully I didn’t mess it up



72 thoughts on “[Closed]

  1. Just wondering if your gonna release any chapters today before the fixed time @ 20:00-21:00 UTC time.
    Oh n Thank You for all the chapters so far. Hats off to u, please keep it up ;)


    1. i don´t really think he´s still sleeping since the next chapters should be posted in 1h


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