Synopsis Sunday: Part-time Soccer


Chenlong loved soccer since he was small. His ball techniques were originally very skilled and he even entered the Inter youth team. His talent was no worse that Balotelli, and that year, he even got pointers from Ronaldo when he was playing soccer in the Inter…

But under coincidences, he ate a strange candy. At the end, he gained a strange damaging ability, Star Tear.

The strange Star Tear could directly duplicate the famous stunts of sport stars! But at the same time, Chenlong’s could only use his physical strength for 5 minutes. At the end, he was kicked out by the Inter and he roamed around league tournaments in his spare time…

The him that could have originally became a soccer superstar could only start from playing soccer part-time…

Chapter 1 – 10 Euros For Every Goal

1st July, 2012 (Italy time). It was destined to be a sorrowful day for Italian soccer. On that night, Italy lost the finals of the European Cup in soccer at the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev. Not only that, the competition was lost with a disgraceful 0 – 4.

On the night in Italy, the streets were empty and no one could sleep. The blow of defeat was filled on everyone’s face. Pretty much, if they were not hungover in the bars, they were curled in their homes and wiping their tears.

At that time, in the capital of Sicily, Palermo, in a certain empty spare lit soccer field, a boy was firmly and slowly running. One circle after the other, slowing, yet never stopping. The warm wind of the ocean gently stroked his disappointed face that seemed just it was delicately carved, but the two thick eyebrows and the pair of shining, eagle-like eyes were overflowing with an exciting expression and unwavering determination.

He only stopped when it was 1 o’clock in the morning, and he dragged his tall and straight back while slowing leaving under the shining light.

That boy was called Chenlong and he was a local, normal child. His father was Chinese, whereas her mother was Italian. He was an authentic mixed-blood child of the east and west.

2 hours ago, he was sitting in front of his television at home. He looked as the Italians lost at Kiev, he looked as Spain raised the European Cup for the 2nd time, he looked at his old friend Mario and tears fell for him…

What? Good friend Mario? The “Ba God”? The “Ba God” was his friend? It was indeed so.

[TN: “Ba God” -> Nickname for Mario Barwuah Balotelli]

Chenlong originally had a crazy future. Even crazier than the “Ba God” today. Move time back for 14 years. In the summer of the World Cup in 1998, after the 4 year old Chenlong saw Ronny’s lightning fast performance, he deeply fell in love with soccer. It was also that year that he started to be obsessed with soccer.

The 4 year old Chenlong displayed extreme talent for soccer, and when he was 5 years old he was accepted into the Inter’s youth team. That news started an abnormal sensation in Italy. The 5 year old him represented the Inter youth team to join a competition. At that time, the members in the youth team were 4 or 5 years older than him, so it could be imagined how much talent Chenlong had for soccer.

But also at that year, perhaps the bad luck of Ronaldo’s injuries got passed to Chenlong, before the competition, after eating a colourful candy, the length of time in which he could use his physical strength got reduced into 5 minutes. The ending could be known. A child that could only kick soccer for 5 minutes could only get kicked out of the team.

The other person that got kicked out was the well-known “Ba God” Balotelli. When he was training in Inter, he was a friend of Chenlong. He was 4 years older than him, and within 3 short months, he had a deep friendship with Chenlong. Up until now, Chenlong was Balotelli’s secret friend…

The fate of the two people that got kicked out were completely different. The Ba God who got kicked out went to the training camp of La Masia then returned back to Inter. He went to Manchester, entered the Italy’s national team and became the real Ba God.

On the other hand, Chenlong…


After Chenlong returned home, he took a hot shower before entering his bedroom cleanly.

Chenlong had an unusually big wardrobe. But, he was not some rich person, so naturally the clothes inside were not famous brands. It was only used to put his soccer uniforms. There were many uniforms for soccer players, and if someone saw his wardrobe they would certainly jump in surprise. Within his wardrobe, there were all sorts and styles of uniforms and there were no less than 100! Of course, the most eye-catching was the Inter uniform hung in the very middle. On the uniform was the number 9 and also the name Ronaldo. He was his biggest idol. In these 14 years, the uniform was silently being hung there…

After abandoned by Inter, for 13 years, no other professional soccer team looked for him again. No one would want a useless person that could only play for 5 minutes. Who cared how much talent you had? Who cared how unique your techniques were? Useless. The world of soccer did not need a useless person.

The candy 13 years ago changed his life. Only 5 minutes of physical strength! The heavens cracked such a huge joke! And it was a joke that was cracked towards an innocent 5 year old child?

The only way to improve his strength, according to the answer given by the doctor at that time, was to constantly run to increase his vital capacity. But, the running speed had to be within 5 miles per hour. It was basically as fast as walking. So, Chenlong’s everyday life was learning, running, sleeping, and secretly practising soccer.

Chenlong ran for 13 years but his body strength did not considerably increase. For 13 years, the increase in his body strength was counted by seconds. 13 years passed, and his physical strength only increased for 15 seconds, which also meant 5 minutes and 15 seconds was his limit.

But, the candy that was like a poison was also sweet and it gave him a trace of comfort. It was only confirmed when Chenlong was 10 years old. Every since he ate that candy, his physical strength did indeed become 5 minutes. But, his skill with the ball suddenly increased significantly. Any technique used by a star, as long as it was performed in front of his eyes over 10 times, he could easily imitate it. That gave him an unexpected surprise. After imitating it for over 100 times, he could completely repeat the technique proficiently!

So, the 10 year old him, Ronny’s Cow Tail, Bike Riding, Pendulum Style, bypassing people, passing through the legs, push-and-run, explosive speed, acceleration, direction changing, sudden stopping, sudden turning, etc. He almost imitated to an unexplainable state…If Ronny knew that in this world, there was another person that was as abnormal as him, the retired him would certainly feel extremely comforted. But sadly, Chenlong was a handicapped person that could never go past 5 minutes.

Also, at the year in which he was 10, he could finally not endure it any more and he joined a boys soccer team. From that, he became the trump card of the soccer team. But, it was a 5 minute trump card.

Also, from that year on, in Sicily, there was a new, beautiful legend. The king of the battlefield, Chenlong. The trump card for 5 minutes.

Unable to get into professional soccer? We could still be amateurs! An amateur king was still king!

The amateur soccer teams in Italy were as surplus as dogs. Just in the Palermo port of Sicily, there were up to a thousand amateur teams. The amateur teams in Sicily were always inviting him happy to be a substitute. Just like a part-time job.

For example. If there was a team that had a competition tomorrow, they would prepare a set of uniform for Chenlong, add him to the team, and at the last moments of the competition, he would go up. For every goal, he earned 10 Euros. In the 10 years, Chenlong happily accepted invitations like those. After all, the more competitions he joined, not only could he earn money, he could even make a good name for himself.

While they were betting on the teams in the competitions in Sicily, they pretty much isolated Chenlong’s name away. Because, with Chenlong in the last 5 minutes, he would often score a goal. At the end, almost all teams only invited to competitions outside of Sicily…

Obviously, if Ronaldo was the emperor of temporary work in professional soccer, he would be the emperor of temporary work in amateur soccer! But, the teams that Ronaldo had been in would undoubtedly be less than him. The amount of uniforms he had could almost enter the Guinness records…

Chenlong silently stood in front of the wardrobe and carefully picked the uniforms for tomorrow’s competitions. Chenlong had to find 3 uniforms today because he had 3 competitions tomorrow. 3 teams called him over to help.


The second day. It was a fine weekend, and Chenlong rode his bike to the soccer field. The first round was at 9 o’clock in the morning so he needed to hurry. Yes, you needed to hurry for soccer as well. Luckily, all three matches were at Palermo. If it was in other places, then he would need to catch the train. Of course, his income would increase accordingly. Although he was the most unprofessional professional part-time member, or perhaps he was the most amater professional part-time member. Before inviting him, every team would confirm if he had other matches. If he did, they would change the competition time and it had to be said that it was a strange miracle in Sicily.

“He’s here.” The leader of the Victoria team greeted him.

“Mm, who’s up today?” Chenlong used his hand and pushed his jet-black, bright long hair while asking orderly.

“A strong team that just came from Messina. We’re preparing for the Sicily region league. Old rules, just score a goal at full strength then it’ll be fine. This time the wagers are higher, 5000. If we win, then you take 200. Of course, that’s if you score a goal and also if we win. Or else it’s 10.”

“No problem. Before I’m up, you need to make sure that you don’t let too many goals in or else even I have no way of coming back. I certainly don’t want the 200 that’s going in my hands turning into 10.” Chenlong smiled and had a relaxed face on. Turning around, he looked at the bench behind him and sat down.

To him, the first 85 minutes of the round had nothing to do with him because he was just a spectator. Yet, there were some relations because if the soccer team lost too much, he could not get any benefits as well. At most, if he gets a goal, he would only get 10 Euros. He had tried with other teams to switch it up before and let him take the first 5 minutes. They aimed to score a goal first then defend for the rest of the match and win. But, the effect from it wasn’t better than going up at the last 5 minutes because at that time, the opponent already used up most of the strength and it was more suitable for Chenlong to display his skills.

The match started.

The competitions that people put their bets on always made them excited. Although Chenlong did not bet, he had a chance of gaining from the bet. So, originally, he shouldn’t have even worried about the competition yet he always needed to. Because, when he was up, he did not want to destroy his chance and earn 200 less Euros for nothing.

The process of the competition went rather strong but it wasn’t brilliant enough. The typical Italian style kicking method. Chenlong limpingly waited for the 85th minute, and the score was 1 to 1.

What he needed to do was to score a goal and gain victory.

He was very careful and didn’t waste any physical strength. He slowly walked in the region that belonged to him.

He was waiting. Waiting for the chance which would belong under his foot.

The ball was intensely being fought over and it didn’t even roll to his feet. Naturally, his temporary team mates knew that they had to snatch the ball, then comfortably roll it to his feet and let him successfully score a goal. Chenlong did not fiercely run. He just slowly walked like a cheetah waiting for an antelope and prepared the final strike.

But time was passing a bit at a time and 2 minutes had passed. The ball still hadn’t arrived under Chenlong’s feet and he panicked a bit. If the ball did not pass in the middle of the field, it would go out. He had no pressure so it seemed that he back off then take the ball.

After thinking, he quickened the steps and ran back. The defence member subconsciously followed him. To know, when there was a new member, no matter who it was, they could not lower their guard on him. After all, how could they dare to be careless when they didn’t know how his physical strength was?

Indeed, Chenlong’s retreat had some slight chances. His change made the rear guard go forward and the ball passing route shortened which meant there was more chances to pass the ball to him. But, the ball was still unable to smoothly arrive under his feet.

3 minutes passed and Chenlong didn’t get the ball. but at that time, Chenlong’s side had a chance to throw the ball at the border! It was an area that was 10 meters or so from the middle line. With no hesitation, Chenlong ran over and extended his hand to indicate to his team mate to throw the ball to him.

Actually, he didn’t even need to indicate it. They ball could only be thrown to him because there wasn’t enough time. If Chenlong did not score a goal the match would be over.

The team mate threw the ball to him strongly. Facing the flying ball, Chenlong instantly adjusted his posture and had no plans to stop the ball. He looked at the position of the ball and chose to use his body to cover it. The moment his right foot touched the ball, he tapped it with the right side of his body then he accelerated pass the defence members at the left.

With lightning speed, Chenlong’s movements flew smoothly. Cleanly and efficiently, he moved the ball behind their backs like a mud fish easily breaking through their defence.

What Chenlong needed to do was take the ball, then accelerate accelerate accelerate and accelerate. He brought the ball 40 meters slanted to the goal and slaughtered his way through.

With the hesitation of the defence members, Chenlong already broke away from them and arrived at the border of the penalty area and he had a 1 vs 1 against the goalkeeper.

The enemy goalkeeper chose to attack. Chenlong did not care at all, and scanning with the corner of his eye, he continued his speed forward. The instant when he and the goalkeeper was a meter apart, he raised his right foot and did the movements to shoot towards the left side. The goalkeeper determined the direction and slid towards that direction, completely blocking the direction and angle. But what shocked him were Chenlong’s next actions. He used his left foot to nimbly push the ball to the right, and when the person and ball passed the goalkeeper, he used his right foot to comfortably score a goal.

Waa?? They won, it got in. The captains and gamblers excitedly exploded and cheers sounded endlessly.

On the other side, the instructors had yells of disbelief. Why did such a strong person only go up until the end? He was simply like a professional soccer player…

On the field, the other team’s huge defence players were using a gaze of incomparable hate to glare at the Chenlong who was in the middle of the field… It was like their bills got heartlessly taken by him and they were filled with anger.

Chenlong unhurriedly returned to the middle position on the field, completely ignoring their gazes. He only had so much strength left so he didn’t have time to admire the decoding of his opponents.

What he needed to do next was to pass time leisurely on the field. Defence was absolutely not his mission. If it was said that the strongest card was Ronaldo in today’s history of soccer, than he was even more leisure than Ronaldo. Because, the remaining things really had no relation to him. He just needed to watch his team mates defend and wait for the end of the match.

Indeed, no one didn’t like money, so other than him, everyone fought until the bitter end. He as wished, he earned an income of 200 Euros. Of course, that was not the end of his income for today. He still had two more matches, although the time that he was on field only added up to 10 minutes or so.

At that time, the opponents still didn’t understand why Chenlong went up at the last moment. It could only be said, if they knew that in Sicily, there was a 5 minute trump card, they would not come carelessly to that match.

Extra Information

Part-time Soccer (足球臨時工/足球临时工 Zu Qiu Lin Shi Gong) is a finished Chinese web novel by Fell To The Heavens (掉到天上去 Diao Dao Tian Shang Qu). It is under the “Competition” category and the sub category of  “World of Soccer”. It has 376 chapters, over 2.7 million views and over 1 million characters.



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