MGA: Chapter 54 – The Insane Beggar

The overwhelming pressure were like huge waves. One wave after another continuously surged into Chufeng’s body.

That scary power was going to crush and tear Chufeng’s organs and the bone-piercing pain made Chufeng want to yell out.

But the strange thing was that no sound was formed. It was like his voice was taken away. In front of that power, he lost all his ability to resist.

“It’s you!!!”

Just at that time, the beggar yelled out in fear as if he was scared by something. Not only did he loosen the grasp on Chufeng’s wrist, he kept on backing off straight until he leaned on the corner of the walls. Only they did he bend his body down and shrunk into that corner.

Occasionally, he would shoot Chufeng a glance. But the more he looked, the more terrified he got. At the end, he hugged his head with both his hands and trembled.

Chufeng really did not know what to do when he faced such a change. After spinning around and looking, he did not even see half a shadow. It also meant that the beggar was speaking to him. But that made Chufeng feel that something was wrong, so he gathered his nerves, went up, and asked, “You know me?”

“Don’t come over. I beg you, please forgive me. The things you wanted me to do I already did. Please forgive me. I don’t want to die yet!”

But before Chufeng even got close, the beggar started yelling. Suddenly, he waved his big sleeve and a strong wind came sweeping. When the strange wind dissipated, Chufeng discovered with astonishment that the beggar already disappeared without even leaving a single trace.

At that instant, Chufeng’s expression was extremely complicated. He was shocked in his heart because in the scene just now, anyone could see that the insane beggar was an expert in cultivation. It was a real expert, so strong that he was unpredictable and unable to determine at which level he was at.

But the thing that shocked Chufeng the most was the beggar seemed to recognize him and feared him. Although he didn’t know the specific reasons, Chufeng hiddenly felt that the beggar may have known his identity.

To his own identity, his father Chuyuan never mentioned it before, and Chufeng never asked. He always felt that since his parents abandoned him, he had no reason to search for them. After all, parents like them were not worth searching for.

But when he met the beggar, his way of thinking completely changed. How did the beggar who had such an impressive cultivation go insane? What relationship did he have with him? Who were his parents? Or perhaps many years ago, something happened?

All sorts of questions rushed into Chufeng’s brain like the tide, making him more and more curious towards his identity. He felt that everything would not be as simple as he thought, and his own identity may not be as simple as he predicted.

“Oi, I’ve looked for you for quite a while. Why did you come to this place?” But just at that time, a sweet voice rang out. Looking over, Sumei was standing at the entrance at the alley and she was looking at him. She also quickly went towards him as if some important thing happened.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that, Chufeng hurriedly organized his emotions and he asked while smiling.

“The position of the tomb was already announced. Right now, all sorts of powers are rushing over there. We need to quickly go as well or else we won’t even be able to get the leftovers.” Sumei had a full face of impatience and she dragged Chufeng away.

It was just how Sumei said it was. The map of tomb was finally announced, and although no one knew who the announcer of the map was, they were sure that just from the selling of the maps, that person got a huge profit.

The powers from all sorts of places majestically gathered together. Everyone used the fastest speed to head towards the tomb. Also at that time, the smells of gunpowder from the powers got stronger and stronger. Especially between the Green Dragon School and the Thousand Wind School. Conflicts of big and small size endlessly happened.

That made Chufeng feel lucky. Lucky that he listened to Sumei’s words and didn’t wear the clothing of the Green Dragon School. Or else with their strength, if they caught the eyes of the Thousand Wind School, they were most likely dead.

“Look over there, it’s the core disciples of our Green Dragon School.”

“Why are they still fighting again? They haven’t even gotten into the tomb. If treasures really were found, wouldn’t this become a river of blood?”

Within the desert, Chufeng and the group saw another Green Dragon Disciple clashing against a dozen or so Thousand Wind School disciples.

The Green Dragon School disciple wore a blue gown and it was obvious that he was a core disciple. Although the Thousand Wind School had the numbers advantage, they were all inner court disciples.

The core disciple had the cultivation of the 8th level, trained in the Mysterious Techniques, and also knew rank 4 skills. So, facing the mob, he had an absolute advantage. Very quickly, he defeated the group of Thousand Wind Disciples and attracted the exclamations of many observers.

“Hehe, it seems like the choice of our Green Dragon School was correct. Sending out the elites is way better than sending out useless troops.” As a disciple of the Green Dragon School, seeing that their own school was winning, it would always make them feel extremely refreshed.

“Don’t meddle in their business. We are only passersby right now!” But, the Sumei that usually enjoyed the liveliness had an extremely opposite behavior at that time. Not only did she not stop to look, she even quickened her footsteps.

“Sumei!” And with that yell, people knew that the core disciple from the Green Dragon School actually knew Sumei.

Hearing that call, Sumei had no thoughts of stopping. Instead, she quickened her speed but that person also quickly caught up and stopped in front of Sumei.

“It’s really you Sumei, why didn’t you even look back when I called you?”That core disciple smiled and said.

“So it’s senior Zhou? What a coincidence meeting you here.” Sumei put up an act and said.

“Hey, no need to be so foreign. You can call me brother Zhiyuan and it’ll be fine.” That core disciple had an evil smile on his face. At the same time, his pair of thief eyes restlessly scanned Sumei’s body.

At that instant, the people in the Wings Alliance cursed. Anyone could tell that the core disciple wanted to conspire against Sumei.

If it was any other person, the Wings Alliance would have went up and blocked him. Perhaps they would even attack to teach him a lesson. But, not only were they facing a disciple from the same school, it was a core disciple. To people like them, the Wings Alliance members more or less had some fear.

After all, to be able to be a core disciple, their strength must be very strong. They could even be called as dragon within men. Their position in the school was extremely high, and accordingly, when them, the inner court disciples, met a core disciple, they would need to go up and pay their respects. How could they dare to offend them?

“Sumei, you’re also here for the tomb of the Profound realm expert right? Seeing your clothings, you must be afraid of meeting some unnecessary troubles. But, no need to fear. Follow me and I guarantee that no one will bully you.”

As he spoke, the core disciple shamelessly smiled and extended his dirty hand, wanting to embrace Sumei. That guy’s speed was very fast as well. He almost gave no chance for Sumei to react and he obviously wanted to take small advantages of Sumei.

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13 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 54 – The Insane Beggar

  1. The insane beggar might be related to that old man of the boneyard who gave him that gift. After all the beggar only changed after he touched him. And that gas is known to make people insane.


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