MGA: Chapter 47 – A Warm Dinner

“Also, will the Sword Alliance not find my family for trouble?” Chufeng was not worried about himself. It was only worried about Chuyue and the others.

“That may not be so. The Sword Alliance is not a trash alliance like the Liu Alliance who only rely on their background. They do indeed have a certain amount of strength.”

“But, if they dare to look for trouble, my Wings Alliance will tell them who’s the boss alliance in the inner court.”

After saying all that, Sumei bounced away and left. It could be seen that her mood was pretty good.

“What sort of strength does the Wings Alliance have?” Chufeng looked and the badge in his hand and his heart couldn’t help but have a trace of rippling.

He could tell from Sumei’s words from before, the Wings Alliance did not put the Sword Alliance in their eyes. It showed that the Wings Alliance was really not simple.

After that, Chufeng put on the Wings Alliance badge. He intentionally walked around the inner court. As for the reason, it was to know that he was a member of the Wings Alliance and telling the Sword Alliance to not attack his family.

“Look, isn’t that Chufeng?”

“The Chufeng that stamped over the Liu Alliance and wasted Liumang?”

“That’s him without a doubt. At that time, I was on scene so I wouldn’t recognize him wrong.”

“But wasn’t he taken away by the punishment department? How can he appear here safe and sound?”

“Also, look at his chest! Isn’t that the Wings Alliance badge? He already joined the Wings Alliance!”

“At first he refused the invitation of the Wings Alliance, but now he was still able to join in. He even escaped the punishment of the punishment department. How deep does the background of this Chufeng go?”

“No wonder no wonder. No wonder he dared to do such things to Liumang. It seems that this Chufeng isn’t as simple as he seems on the surface. Do not offend this person in the future everyone.”

Chufeng walked around and those who knew him endlessly yelled in surprise. Other than sighing at Chufeng’s strength, they had to ponder at the power behind Chufeng.

After walking around for a long time, Chufeng also met quite a few people from the Sword Alliance. But none of them attacked him so it really showed that the status of being in the Wings Alliance came into use.

When Chufeng returned back to his own residence, he discovered that the residence was still lit up. There were a few people moving around in front of the door, and from their auras, he knew that it was Chuwei and the others.

“Chuwei, what are you doing here?”

He saw Chuwei and the others and they were wrapped with gauzes, as they were battered and bruised. They were not resting in their own residences and they were lingering around here instead. Chufeng did not understand why.

“Chufeng, you finally returned. This is great, if you’re fine then it’s great.”

“Chufeng, quickly come in. Everyone’s waiting for you.” Seeing Chufeng, Chuwei and the others breathed a sigh of relief as if releasing a burden. They did not say much and they dragged Chufeng into the residence with smiles.

After opening the doors of the residence, Chufeng saw that Chuyue, Chuxue and the others were all there. Even the other members from the Chu Alliance arrived.

In the middle of the hall, there was a huge table. On top of it were many delicious foods and most of them were his favourites.

After that, Chufeng found about that after he got taken away, Chuyue and the others went to the elders’ building. They were trying to beg for help for Chufeng, but they almost got detained themselves.

Luckily, Surou arrived and helped them out. She even told them to prepare delicious foods and wait for Chufeng at his residence. Chufeng would return safely without a doubt.

This meal was not the first time Chufeng ate with his family, but it was the first time that he felt the comfort of a family.

Everyone’s feelings towards him were all from their hearts. It was all sincere. Many people were grateful towards Chufeng and Chufeng really liked that sincere treatment.

The morning on the next day. Chufeng woke up early and he took out all the mission plates that he got yesterday.

Since he was going out for a mission with Sumei and the others, the mission plates did not have much use for him so he was preparing to put them back.

But just as he walked out, Chufeng saw a figure. It was Duan Yu Xuan that fought over the mission plates with him.

At that instant, Chufeng couldn’t help but be happy in his heart. He pointed at Duan Yu Xuan and yelled out loud, “Oi, you there. Stop!”

Hearing that yell, Duan Yu Xuan’s body couldn’t help but tremble. As he turned his head and looked, his face was even more pale.

The things about Chufeng already spread throughout the inner court. Naturally, Duan Yu Xuan would know about it as well so he was extremely terrified towards Chufeng.

Especially when he thought about the things yesterday. He was disrespectful towards Chufeng so he was afraid that Chufeng would find him and look for trouble. Because of that, he did not sleep last night and his lingering fear lingered endlessly.

Now, seeing Chufeng, even his feet were limp. Facing a person that even dared to destroy Liumang’s “eggs”, he did not know what Chufeng would do to him.

Just as Chufeng walked in front of Duan Yu Xuan, he kneeled on the floor with a poof and begged with a painful face,

“Boss Chufeng, I did not recognize you yesterday so I provoked you. I beg that you forget about me and forgive me this time…”

“What? You’re talking about that?” Chufeng was speechless. After that, he gave his bag to Duan Yu Xuan and said while smiling,

“Duan bro, if you don’t mind, help me return these back to the Mission Selection Location.”

“Mm? You called me for this?” Duan Yu Xuan awkwardly took the bag and he was a bit at a loss.

“Actually, the thing I wanted to tell you was that the mission that you liked is in here. Sorry to trouble you.” Chufeng patted Duan Yu Xuan shoulders and ran towards his mission gathering spot.

Looking at the Chufeng that disappeared in an instant, and also looking at the crowd that surrounded him who used a strange gaze as they stared at him, Duan Yu Xuan hiddenly cursed, “Damn! This is so embarrassing!”

Heading towards Sumei’s meeting point, after Chufeng left the Green Dragon School, he changed into a set of casual clothes and went to an abandoned temple before noon arrived.

Before entering the temple, Chufeng used his Spirit power and he felt that there were 7 people inside.

After entering the temple, there were indeed 7 males and females. Within the 7, he saw three familiar faces. One was Sumei, the other two were the Dragon and Tiger brothers.

But Chufeng did not recognize the other four. Although he could not confirm their strength, he could tell by their faces that the four people were not ordinary people.

A male and female were showing their affection as if there was no one around. It was like they were afraid that other people would not know that they were in a relationship.

But the thing worth mentioning was that male wore a pink long gown. On his head, there were even peach flowers and he was just like a pervert.

On the other hand, the female wore quite masculine clothing. But her face was still like a female’s. Although it wasn’t as beautiful as Sumei, she could still be counted as good quality.

Other than the lovers, there was a young man wearing white clothing. His face was handsome with thick eyebrows and big eyes. After seeing Chufeng, he lightly smiled and nodded. He seemed rather friendly.

On the other hand, there was a blue clothed male and he was the complete opposite. After seeing Chufeng, he looked at him with disdain and coldly snorted. After that, his mouth curled upwards as if he had some deep hatred towards Chufeng.

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  1. “After entering the temple, there were indeed 7 males and females.” Might want to change that up a bit. Maybe just change “males and females” into just “people.” That sentence in the story makes it sound like there are 14 people there instead of 7.


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