MGA: Chapter 43 – A Killing God

“Hehe, my two beauties. Let’s see how you two can resist now.”

In a certain room in the Liu Alliance residence, a fatty who had a full face of pustules, was fat-headed and had large ears was on the bed while looking at Chuyue and Chuxue.

He was the alliance master of the Liu Alliance, the notorious big molester, Liumang.


Chuyue and Chuxue’s hands and feet were tightly tied to the head of the bed. Even their mouths were sealed shut. Their eyes were full of fear as they trembled and constantly struggled.

Also, other than those three people, at that moment, there were also two young men standing within the room. Those two were the experts of the 7th level of the Spirit realm, the strongest within the Liu Alliance.

As for why they were there, the reason was quite amusing. It was because Liumang’s strength was too weak and he had no way to assult Chuyue and Chuxue.

So, he had no choice but to get the two of them to tie Chuxue and Chuyue up so it was easier for Liumang.

They did not do any small amounts of horrible things like that. Most likely, they could have a sweet taste after Liumang felt refreshed.

So, at that instant, they did not plan to leave. They prepared to watch a reality show on scene as they waited for Liumang to finish. After that, they could go at it as well.


But just at that moment, another heartbreaking cry came from outside. Cries like that already rang several times before.

That made Liumang frown. He said to the two people, “Go take a look. Tell them it’s about time to stop so it doesn’t ruin my mood.”

Hearing Liumang’s orders, although the two of them were unwilling to, they had to turn around and go downstairs to stop the Liu Alliance members who continued to beat up those invaders.

But just as they entered the hall, they heard a huge boom. The big door of the residence was broken open and a body also flew in.

“This is…”

The person who flew into the main hall had a bloody face and they were unable to figure out who that person was. But, on his clothes, there was a “Liu” character written on it, so it was obviously their own alliance members.


As they saw their own people being beaten up like that, the two of them instantly got angry. Although Liumang was the boss of the Liu Alliance, in reality, they were the strongest in the alliance.

But, as they aggressively walked towards the door entrance, the scene in the courtyard even stunned the both of them.

At that moment, in the spacious courtyard of the Liu Alliance, Liu Alliance members were lying everywhere. All of them were horribly mangled, and other than the ones who lost consciousness, the rest were rolling on the ground and loudly howling in pain. It was extremely harsh.

Chufeng was currently grabbing on a person’s collar. Although that person was endlessly begging, he was not moved. He fiercely punched out, and with some bone-breaking sounds, that person’s breastbone was shattered just like that.

After a howl in pain, he fainted. Then, like a scarecrow, Chufeng threw him up high and with a puff he landed some place near.

Thus, the hundred Liu Alliance members that surrounded to attack Chufeng were all destroyed by him.

But, it was only a short moment passed from start to finish. That ending made the observing people yell in surprise endlessly.

How was that a young man? He was just like a real-life killing God.

“Guy, who are you?”

Suddenly, at the big doors of the residence, a yell rang out. Looking over, everyone was shocked.

All of them could feel that the aura the two of them were emitting belonged to the 7th level of the Spirit realm. They knew the strongest people from the Liu Alliance came out.

If the ones Chufeng were beating up were shrimp soldiers and crab generals, then he would currently be facing experts. Everyone yearned to see what would happen when Chufeng and the two start.

[TN: Shrimp soldiers and crab generals = useless troops]

“You will soon remember who I am.” Chufeng slowly turned around and casted his gaze which was filled with steaming killing intent towards the two.

“This guy…”

When they saw Chufeng’s icy face and the gaze that was full of killing intent, their bodies couldn’t help but tremble and they uncontrollably backed off one step. An unstoppable fear started to spread within their hearts.


Just at that time, Chufeng suddenly attacked. He stepped forward, and he was like an arrow shot from a bow. He instantly ran at flying speed as if his entire body formed into a ray of lightning and he instantly arrived in front of the two people.

Before the two of them even reacted to that, they only felt some lightning movements in front of them and the rolling of qi and blood in their chest. After that, a mouthful of blood sprayed out as they fell on the floor without power.

“Heavens! That power belongs to a rank 4 skill!!!”

“How is it possible that this guy can use a rank 4 skill?”

“I know I know. He’s the champion of this year’s inner court disciple exam, the fierce person who slaughtered the 40 Fierce Beasts.”

“How is that possible? The inner court disciple exam only passed for so long. How is he be able to use the rank 4 skill so quickly?!”

“Not only that. His aura is clearly at the 6th level of the Spirit realm, how is it possible that he instant beat two experts of the 7th level of the Spirit realm? Are rank 4 skills really that terrifying?”

They observing crowd instantly became a flying pot of oil. If it was said that Chufeng battling the hundred Liu Alliance people displayed his ruthlessness, then now he was displaying his absolute power.

He was an unbelievable person, someone that shook away the limits of what they could bear, and to be able to do it to this extent was truly seen as a genius.

“Truly ignorant. How could mediocre people understand the world of geniuses?”

Sumei shot a glance at the crowd who had faces of shock then shot it back at Chufeng. Only then did she discover that Chufeng disappeared within the main hall of the residence.

“Damn it! This guy is going to get into huge trouble.” Seeing that, Sumei’s body leaped and rushed towards the residence.

“Darlings, you’ve been waiting right? I’ll keep you accompany right now.”

Back in that room, Liumang already took off all his clothes and revealed his incomparably nasty body.

His shining eyes looked at Chuyue and Chuxue who were on the bed. He shamelessly licked his lips, excitedly rubbed his hands, and as he was talking he was going to throw himself onto the two of them.

*bang* But just at that time, a heavy noise resonated. Looking over to the source of the sound, Liumang’s face changed greatly and his eyeballs almost fell out from fear.

Because the frames of the room’s door came out, and at that instant, it was flying towards him. At that speed, it was not something he could dodge.



With a boom, the door frame fiercely crashed onto Liumang’s body and shattered the frame. Liumang crashed into the corner of the room while having fuzzy eyes and a dizzy head. His body was full of wood shavings and it was not a light smash.

As he slowly recovered, he discovered with shock that there was another person in the room. That person was standing right in front of him while glaring.

Although it was only a young man, his entire body was emitting an aura that terrified him. Especially those pair of eyes. It was as if it was filled with the shine of blood and he looked like a devil.

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87 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 43 – A Killing God

  1. Thanks for the new chapters!
    One of the ways to be a great author is knowing how to leave cliffhangers for the readers…


  2. I see either one of those chu girls being pushed by the origin chu elder to carry fengs child in order to lock his percieved genius blood legacy into the family.

    Also bad cliffhanger!!


  3. You shouldn’t mess with a mans family, especially if he can beat up a hundred people at the age of 15. A warning to future idiots. :P


  4. Thanks for the chapters Hope he gets the rarest techniques that will give him the strength to fight people on the origin realm or eve better the heaven realm’s people and monsters.


  5. They did not do any small amounts of horrible things like that. Most likely, they could have a sweet taste after Liumang felt refreshed.
    They did quite a few horrible things like that. Most likely, they could have a taste after Liumang was satisfied.


  6. That why don’t mess with chufeng. I’m glad he came to save them on time. Tho I gotta say chuxue is so bad luck this is the 2nd time she almost got raped.


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