MGA: Chapter 42 – Matching a Hundred as One

“What do you mean?” Hearing Sumei’s seriousness, Chufeng also understood that those people may not be that simple.

“If I’m not mistaken, that fatty is called Liumang. Although he is only in the 3rd level of the Spirit realm, he is indeed the alliance master of the Liu Alliance.”

“That Liu Alliance is no simple thing. They have at least 100 members, and within them, there are 2 experts of the 7th level. In the many alliances in the entire inner court, the Liu Alliance is at least in the top 10.”

“There’s a reason why trash like the Liu Alliance can recruit so many members to join. Do you know he relies on?”


“His grandfather, Liu Chengen, is the manager of the Green Dragon School’s inner court punishment department. Also, Liumang is the only son remaining in the Liu family so his grandfather spoils him a lot.”

“The reason why Liumang has such powerful rallies is naturally because of his relationship with his grandfather. Within the inner court, as long as they don’t kill, no one will investigate virtually any crimes by the Liu Alliance members. That’s why they can be so reckless.” Sumei explained.

“Why are you telling me all this?” Chufeng’s gaze became more heavy.

“The Liu Alliance are not people that you can provoke. But, I can help you as long as you join the Wings Alliance.” Sumei smiled and said.

“We are both human, and there’s no one who I cannot provoke. Also, you’ve got something wrong. It’s not that I’m provoking him, it’s that he’s provoking me.”

“I appreciate your good intentions, but this is my own family’s business. As a man, I want to deal with myself.” After saying that, Chufeng bellowed at Chugao, “Chugao, lead the way!”

“Okay!” After Chugao’s load reply, they quickly ran towards the Liu Alliance.

“This guy really is a bastard. Salt and oil simply does not mix with him.” Looking at Chufeng and Chugao’s back, Sumei pouted her small mouth. But after a quick moment of hesitation, she still followed them.

In a certain area in the inner court, there was a huge residence. It was Liumang’s home and also the headquarters of the Liu Alliance.

At that moment, outside of the Liu Alliance, there were several hundreds inner court disciples that were gathered around and the amount of observers kept on increasing. Because, in front of the huge doors of the Liu Alliance, there were a dozen or so disciples hung there.

Their flesh was split open and they had fresh blood all over their bodies. Some people already fainted. Those people were Chuwei, Chucheng, Chuzhen and others.

“Quickly look. The Liu Alliance are having a demonstration again by bullying disciples just like that. Is no one managing this?”

“Managing? Who’s going to manage it? The manager of the inner court punishment department is the grandfather of Liumang. Who dares to manage him in the inner court? He’s just like a small overlord in the inner court!”

“Shh, quiet down. If you let the Liu Alliance hear you then you will end just like those people.”

“Ahh, sadly, those two young girls were so pretty, but I’m afraid that they’re going to get ruined by Liumang.”

The observing disciples dared to be angry but not to speak up. Although within all the alliance powers in the inner court, the Liu Alliance was not the strongest, their background were very deep.

“Damn. That Liumang is looking for death.”

Just at that time, Chufeng and the others quickly arrived. Seeing the Chu family who were horribly injured, Chufeng had no way of controlling his anger and rushed straight towards the Liu Alliance.

“Halt. This is the Liu Alliance headquarters. Non Liu Alliance members are not allowed in.” Seeing someone was getting close, a member that guarded the gates into the Liu Alliance loudly yelled.

“Damn you.” Chufeng leaped up and kicked that person to the ground.

After that, Chufeng pulled the person’s collar and punched his face three times with three bangs. That person’s face was full of blood and his nose was crooked.

After that, Chufeng waved his arm and threw that person like a bag of sand into the air. After a beautiful curve it landed in the courtyard of the Liu Alliance.

“People from the Liu Alliance, listen up. Quickly release Chuyue and Chuxue or else I will trample over your alliance!”

Chufeng’s voice was like the thunder. Not to mention the nearby observers, but even the people within the Liu Alliance residence could hear it clearly.

“Damn. Who is that guy? He dares to challenge the Liu Alliance just like that?”

“I don’t know. I never seen him before, but looking his age he seems to be this year’s new disciple.”

“It’s really ‘Newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger’. He dares to challenge the entire Liu Alliance by himself. It seems that he’s tired of living.” Many people did a tribute towards Chufeng’s as they all felt that he was doing the same as looking for death.

Indeed, just as Chufeng finished talking, the doors of the Liu Alliance residence violently opened. A whole 100 people aggressively rushed out.

Those people were still young and all of them were tall and big. Their strength were not weak either. The weakest was at the 4th level of the Spirit realm, the strongest was at the 6th level.

“Which bastard dares to act so wildly in the Liu Alliance? Break him!”

One of the person looked in the courtyard and saw the member who had his nose crooked and eyes slanted. He said nothing and rushed towards Chufeng.

“Today, those who dare block me will receive the consequences.”

As he faced the near hundred Liu Alliance members, the enraged Chufeng did not back off in the slightest. He was like a crazy tiger and he leaped into the army of the Liu Alliance.

Chufeng’s attacks were extremely ruthless. To those who got caught by him: The light injures were serious injuries, and the heavy injuries were those who instantly lost consciousness. Every move drew blood and he was unparalleled.

In front of him, no matter if it was level 4s or level 6s, none of them were able to take one of his attacks. In a instant, all sorts of howls of pain resounded everywhere.

“Heavens, who is this guy? How is he so strong?”

“He’s too scary. At such an age he is already so merciless. That bone-piercing killing intent really goes straight to the soul and terrifies people.”

Chufeng slaughtered into the Liu Alliance. With a blink, the entire Liu Alliance were utterly defeated. Everyone cried out in surprise and even some observers trembled in fear.

As for those hundred young males, how were they even the Liu Alliance members that terrified people with their name? In front of Chufeng, they were simply a group of kind, little sheep.

In front of the tiger, even wolves would be submissive. In front of demons, even evil people would become kind.

“This guy. I still underestimated him.”

Sumei’s beautiful pair of eyes were hiddenly flashing as she was in a corner within the crowd who were watching Chufeng’s annihilation. Her sweet face was no longer calm.

Not to mention his dodging strength, but he was already so ruthless at that age. Even if it was Sumei, she may not have been able to do it. After all, they were still so young.

But Chufeng did it. If it wasn’t for the Green Dragon School rules, Sumei had no doubt that Chufeng would have killed all the people there.

That also meant that Chufeng’s mind was still clear. But to be able to remain a clear mind under such furious situations, that said even more about Chufeng’s scariness.

If he was already like this at this age, what would happen if he grew up? At that instant, Sumei really did have a completely new understanding towards Chufeng.

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29 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 42 – Matching a Hundred as One

    1. “But to be able to remain a clear mind under such furious situations, that said even more about Chufeng’s scariness.”

      Might be better to change “remain” to “maintain” instead here too.


        1. at first I thought it was a typo too, but when i read the sentence again, it actually made sense.

          Anyways, it seems like sumei was the first person to actually notice the possibilities of chufeng turning out as the title of the novel. an asura. XD


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