Slowing down on Xian Ni

Hell0 people. Some quick news for you, bad news sadly:

EDIT: Actually, simplest explanation. The length of the chapters doubled, therefore the time required doubled. There. Done. But if you want to read the other explanation below feel free~

Now, as many of you may have noticed, the Xian Ni chapters have gotten considerably longer. Very roughly, the length has increased by 1.5 times – 2 times. Which obviously means that the length of translating will go up at least 1.5 – 2 times.

In addition, confusion. Even as the translator, some of the wording, terms, concepts, etc. got a lot more complicated, and of course, I’m sure that some the readers got a lot more confused as well. With that comes a bit of research of the terms and concepts which lengthens the translating time.

Xian Ni is quite a bit harder to translate compared to the other ones that I’ve done because of the writing style is in a more “compact” way. Which means it takes a bit longer than the other ones, but just a bit.

“Just a bit” if it was before. Previously, Xian Ni chapters were around 100-300 words shorter than say, JMG or MGA. But now, they’re a whole 500-700 words longer. Which means too much more time is consumed by translating Xian Ni.

Now, I never would have expected that the chapters would become so much longer out of nowhere and so randomly (unless there’s things I don’t know). I won’t be dropping anything or slowing down too much, but the Xian Ni releases will need to decrease a bit. Void is also working on Xian Ni so it’s not like the amount of releases will crumble to the ground.

The change that I am planning is to have 1 Xian Ni chapter released every 2 days while MGA remains 2 per day and sometimes 3. If I’m a bit more free then I may have more Xian Ni chapters, but I’ll see.

That is all for this quick announcement.



60 thoughts on “Slowing down on Xian Ni

  1. İs void okay he is not release new ch like 2 day and doesn’t give explation so ı hope he is okay

    P.s : sorry for poor eng


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