MGA: Chapter 41 – Big Trouble


Chufeng had no way of dodging as he faced the Sumei who was so strong. Under his helplessness, he could only use the first style of the Three Thunder Styles.

With that, Chufeng was like the lightning. His speed instantly increased several times and he dashed, finally dodging Sumei’s attack.

“How is her power so strong?”

Chufeng was shocked. According to his guesses, if he faced against experts of the 8th level, even if he could not win, there could be at least quite a battle.

But with Sumei’s attack, and it was clearly only a normal attack, it forced Chufeng’s trump card which was the Three Thunder Styles in which he wouldn’t usually use. It simply exceeded his imagination.

“Hmph. You think you’re the only one that trained in the Mysterious Techniques?” Seeing the astonished face of Chufeng, Sumei disdainfully shot Chufeng a glance. She didn’t attack Chufeng anymore. She just sat on the chair in the hall, picked up an apple and started biting it.

“Mysterious Techniques, you’ve trained in the Mysterious Techniques?” Chufeng was even more shocked.

Of course he clearly knew what the Mysterious Techniques were. They were called the Mysterious Techniques because they were techniques, and they were mysterious.

Those who grasped the cultivating techniques could condense the spiritual energy. If they had good talent, it was completely possible for them to breakthrough into the Origin realm. But to those who only had those cultivating techniques, the 1st level of the Origin realm would be the end of their cultivation. For example, Chufeng’s grandfather Chu Yuanba.

It was because the Origin realm was a whole new realm. What was required was not condensed spiritual energy. It was the Origin power. The Origin power existed between the skies and the earth, but it was not concentratable by cultivating techniques.

The only way to condense the Origin power was to use the Mysterious Techniques. But the techniques were too precious and too rare. According to rumours, in the entire Green Dragon School, there were only a few books of them. And other than the elders, only core disciples could train in them.

But, Sumei was only an inner court disciple so how could she have trained in the Mysterious Techniques? Unless…

“Is it that strange? Even you trained in the Mysterious Techniques. Does that mean I can’t?” Sumei curled her lips and said.

“So this girl thought I trained in the Mysterious Techniques.” Chufeng understood. He had only heard of the mysteriousness of the Mysterious Techniques but he had never seen them before. But thinking a bit more carefully, all of his behaviors up to this point really was quite similar to the rumoured people that trained in the Mysterious Techniques.

“Oi, what is this expression? Don’t tell me that you haven’t trained in the techniques and it was actually because of your strange innate gift that you could defeat the strong as the weak.”

“I really did not train in the Mysterious Techniques.” Chufeng said.

“You’re telling the truth?” Sumei walked over.

“Mm.” Chufeng nodded.

After staring at Chufeng for a good while as if trying to find hints of him lying, at the end, she said with shock, “It seems that the people who have the Spirit power are quite impressive. If you didn’t train in the Mysterious Techniques yet you are already so strong, what would happen after you did?”

“Ah..How could I possibly train in things like the Mysterious Techniques?” Chufeng shook his head. If it was possible, he really did want to see the so-called Mysterious Techniques.

Especially now when he knew that Sumei, who already trained in the Mysterious Techniques, improved so quickly and the cultivations became so strong. He looked forward to those Mysterious Techniques even more.

Looking at the Chufeng who revealed an expression of yearning, Sumei frowned as if doing a very hard decision. After a while, she said, “I can give you the Mysterious Techniques.”

“Are you speaking the truth?” Hearing those words, Chufeng’s expression changed greatly.

“Does it look like I’m lying to you?” Sumei’s face was full of seriousness.

“What’s the price?”

“The price is to join in the Wings Alliance.”

“Why do you want me to join in the Wings Alliance so much?”

“Because I want to rope you in. Right now, I am in the Wings Alliance. The Wings Alliance is relying on my power, so I feel that if you join then you can increase this power. Also, you have no road of retreat.”

“What do you mean?” Chufeng felt uneasy.

“Did you not know that the Jian Chen that you just beaten up was the younger brother of the alliance master of the Sword Alliance?” Sumei said while smiling horribly.

“You damn girl.” Chufeng suddenly understood everything. After doing so much, not only did she use him as a shield, she even made unresolvable hatred between him and the Sword Alliance.

If the person that he beaten was only regular members of the Sword Alliance, then perhaps the Sword Alliance would ignore him due to his strength and not look into it too much.

But, the one Chufeng beaten up was the alliance master’s own younger brother. With that, the Sword Alliance would undoubtedly investigate it to the end because not only did it involve their faces, it involved family affection.

“I know that you have a spirit that is not afraid of the heavens or the earth. But, you need to remember that you may not be afraid, then what about your Chuyue and your Chu family? Would they be afraid?” Sumei tried again and said.

“I really did underestimate you.” Chufeng never would have thought that she would understand him that much. It was obvious that she investigated the details about him, but he still said seriously, “My reply are still those words. I refuse.”

“Chufeng, aren’t you just a bit too arrogant?” Sumei was quite angry. Even with the Mysterious Techniques he still refused. It really made her unable to endure it and her bossy temper instantly started to break out.

“This isn’t the problem of me being arrogant or not. It’s just that I don’t like other people threatening me. You can leave.” Chufeng moved his hand back and forth. After being coerced by Sumei like that, it would not be normal if Chufeng was not angry.

*bang* But just at that time, Chufeng’s door to his residence was violently pushed opened by someone. After that, Chugao stumbled and tripped his way in.

When he saw Chufeng, it was as if he saw his savior. He loudly yelled, “Young master Chufeng, please save them or else it’ll be too late!”

“Chugao, what happened?” Seeing that, Chufeng was greatly alarmed because he saw Chugao with injuries, obviously showing that he suffered from an intense battle.

“Young master Chufeng, young lady Chuyue…” Chugao had a full face of panic and some words were scrambled up.

“Quickly bring me there!” After hearing the name Chuyue, Chufeng didn’t bother asking much and pulled Chugao while rushing out.

But before leaving, Chufeng fiercely shot Sumei a glance because he felt that it was probably the Sword Alliance that came.

“They came so fast?” Seeing that, Sumei curved her mouth upwards and after thinking for a while, she also followed them.

And on the road, it turned out that Chugao and the others didn’t meet the Sword Alliance’s revenge. They provoked another alliance.

Previously, after Chufeng left, Chuwei and the others met a fatty. That fatty saw Chuyue and Chuxue’s beautiful appearance and teased them in front of the crowd.

So, Chuwei and the others started beating that fatty up. But they never would have thought that it attracted a group of experts. So, the fatty that was only in the 3rd level of the Spirit realm was a master of an Alliance. Not only were there a lot of people, there were many experts.

Right now, the Chu family were all caught by them and Chugao was the only person to run out.

“Wait. Would the name of that fatty be Liumang and his alliance be called the Liu Alliance?” Sumei spoke and asked.

[TN: The “Mang” from “Liumang” is the same as the “Mang” in “Mang Guo”, which is mango.]

“I don’t know what he’s called, but his alliance is indeed the Liu Alliance.” Chugao replied.

At that instant, the Sumei that always feared nothing started to frown and she said with a heavy expression to Chufeng,

“Chufeng, your family has gotten into big trouble!”

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