Xian Ni: Chapter 82 – Seizing Foundation (2)

With the wave of the huge sword in the air, all the of the lightning balls instantly moved accordingly. With the bursts of booms, it suddenly chopped down.

Without waiting for Wang Lin’s words, Situnan instantly cursed and immediately shifted again with Wang Lin and they appeared 1000 meters away.

Tengli frowned and coldly snorted. With the point of his right hand, the flying sword turned around, landed under his feet and it quickly chased after.

Two long rainbows, one in front and one at the back were piercing through the air. Near a hundred Tengjia disciples chased for a while, but at the end they could not match the speed of the two people in front so they helplessly stopped.

The more Tengli chased, the more shocked he was in his heart. With his late stage in the Foundation Building, his speed was already extremely fast. But the boy in front of him always instantly shifted away everytime he got close.

But the more it was like that, the killing intent in Tengli’s eyes were heavier. Instant shifting. It was a skill that only experts of the Yuanying stage had, yet the opponent didn’t even reach the Foundation Building stage and could do it. In Tengli’s thoughts, it meant that he must have a treasure.

Thinking to that point, he licked his lips, and the thoughts of killing him to get the treasure got even stronger.

He was a good friend with Jimo’s big disciple, Chen Zhong. A few days ago, he received a flying sword message and wanted him to kill two people. The first was Zhang Hu.

Zhang Hu joined hands to kill his teacher, and Jimo instantly felt that the moment thathe died. Zhang Hu didn’t know, that other than the poison in his body, there was even a secret technique that Jimo used to control his disciples. Through that secret technique, Jimo instantly understood everything that happened that day. After that, he found out that they were heading towards Tengjia City, so he sent out Chen Zhong to catch Zhang Hu and Wang Lin.

Chen Zhong was a bit too far, so he used his flying sword to send a message to Tengli and requested him to stop them.

With a search, Tengli found out that Zhang Hu was indeed inside the Tengjia City. The person that was with him was obviously his pal so that’s how everything started.

Originally, he was only thinking of slightly helping out, but now, Tengli was determined to kill Wang Lin no matter what to take his instant shifting treasure.

Thinking to that point, his speed got even faster and he continued chasing.

Wang Lin drank another mouthful of spiritual liquid. Seriousness flashed on his face as he opened his mouth and spit out a green ray. When that green ray came out, instantly, the air was filled with the dense smell of blood.

After that, the green ray flashed and quickly shot out. Wang Lin did not stop and quickly continued forward.

Tengli saw it very clearly but he didn’t even care about that green ray. He laughed coldly, pointed with his right finger, and instantly, a lightning ball appeared and rushed towards the green ray.

At the moment when it collided with the green ray, it exploded with a boom.

Tengli disdainfully looked at it and retracted his gaze. But just at that time, 10 meters in front of him, suddenly, the green ray flashed and quickly stabbed out. With a bang it pierced on his body. Tengli’s white clothing instantly disintegrated into dust and a golden armour was revealed.

The stab of the green ray was stopped by the armor. After that, it immediately turned around and disappeared.

Wang Lin hiddenly sighed, and with a wave of his right hand, the small green sword appeared in between his two fingers. Without even looking back, he continued escaping.

Sweat came out of Tengli’s forehead. The scene just now was way too dangerous. Even with his late stage in the Foundation Building, if he was stabbed by that flying sword, he would certainly get harmed. And after looking at the cold shine of that flying sword, it was absolutely not an ordinary object, and it was likely that he would have died if got stabbed.

Tenli touched the armor than his grandfather gave him and hiddenly yelled in his heart “lucky”. But, the thoughts of chasing Wang Lin was even more firm. Cold light was revealed from his gaze and he muttered to himself, “Other than the instant shifting treasure, there’s also this strange flying sword. Guy, these things that you have are mine.”

Three days later, Wang Lin had a face of dust on some barren land. After finishing the spiritual liquid in the gourd, he bitterly muttered, “There’s not enough spiritual liquid. If this goes on, then I’ll run out quickly. I need to hurry and replenish it.”

“Boy. I’m almost done. I’ve shifted too many times in these three days, and my Yuanying essence severely worn out.” Situnan’s voice was extremely weak.

Wang Lin turned around and looked far. A thread of killing intent was revealed in his eyes and he coldly said, “He’s chasing again.” Ater saying that, he patted his storage bag and a small green sword suddenly appeared.

The small sword had a dark lustre and there were some scratches on it. In these three days, Wang Lin threw the small sword out a few times, but as Tengli was on alert, it was more and more difficult to try and surprise attack him. Especially with his armor. It had an extremely strong defense power, and even with the sharpness of the small sword he was unable to even stab a tiny bit in.

After taking out the flying sword, Wang Lin scanned with his soul then suddenly stared at the west. Over at that area, there was an endless forest. Over the forest, there was a layer of purple-black fog hovering in the air and it was very blurry.

After some thinking, Wang Lin said nothing, turned, and flew straight towards the west. In a flash he arrived outside of the forest. Without even blinking he quickly lowered himself and rushed into the forest.

Wang Lin knew that his spiritual liquid was almost gone and Situnan’s instant shifting was also nearly exhausted. If he continued flying in the air, the sooner or later he would get caught up.

So why not give up flying and walk in the forest? Although he didn’t know why there was such a strange fog over the forest, he already scanned with his soul and found out that the soul in that fog was like a human in the mud. The movement range shrunk to only dozens of meters.

A short while after Wang Lin entered the forest, a long rainbow broke through the air and arrived. After circling around the forest airspace Tengli landed on the ground and revealed the shiny goldy armor. It was obvious that Tengli was tired from his face. The continuous chasing of 3 days consumed too much spiritual power. If it wasn’t because he had pills that recovered spiritual power in his storage bag then he would have already turned around and not continued.

But the treasures that Wang Lin was holding kept on attracting his heart. He really wanted to chase up to Wang Lin and kill him to steal away the treasure. But there was something else. When Tengli started his chase, he didn’t think it would be that hard. Even though he was surprised when the opponent used a instant shifting technique, he thought that as the opponent didn’t even reach the Foundation Building stage, so obviously, with long flight times his spiritual power would be heavily worn down. With his late stages of the Foundation Building, even if it was grinding, he could grind out his opponent.

So, all along the road, he was in no rush and he was planning to chop Wang Lin down after his spiritual energy was exhausted.

But he threw away that thought on the 2nd day of the chase. Not only did the opponent’s speed not slow down, it even went faster. That made him absolutely confused, and along with is observations, slowly, Tengli was stunned.

He saw that Wang Lin would occasionally take out a gourd. After drinking the liquid in the ground, everytime, his speed would obviously increase. Along the road, he saw that scene countless amounts of time.

He had even more thoughts on killing Wang Lin.

Tengli was standing outside of the forest and his gaze was flickering. He had some hesitation and he said in his heart: “This barren forest is extremely mysterious being always surrounded by this dense fog. Even grandfather said to not enter this place easily. Now, to chase or not to chase…”

After some thinking, Tengli bit his teeth, and the treasures made him make up his mind. Without saying anymore he rushed in.

Within the forest, ancient trees reached the skies and the thousands of trees were thriving. The ground was filled with half-meter decayed branches and leaves. Many crawling creatures such as centipedes, poisonous snakes flashed by, and one could see thousand year old, thick huge trees everywhere. All sorts of strange flowers and grasses filled the ground, and countless of beasts battled between one another when they met while hunting. Other than that, there was still the rotten tree leaves and the corpses that emitted a nasty odor. The odor became thicker as time passed and became an atmosphere for killing people.

As this area was always surrounded by the dense fog, the sky-high huge trees’ abnormal growth and even the countless of strong Yuanying stage fierce beasts were living in the area, so it could be said that every step could cost you your live.

Wang Lin spread out his soul and quickly dashed through the forest. Suddenly, Situnan yelled, “Stop! Stop now!”

Wang Lin instantly stopped.

“What kind of place is this? Why are there Blue Line Vines? Damn… This thing is a small annihilation plant, and several level 2 cultivation counties were destroyed by the Blue Line Vines.”

“Blue Line Vines?” Wang Lin looked blank.

“There’s a vine in front of you, and on the vine there’s a blue line…Eh?  That’s not right, it’s not the Blue Line Vine. Strange…Wang Lin, this should be the starting stage of the Blue Line Vine. Although the power isn’t as strong as the legends, you better move around. The matured Blue Line Vines are the nightmares for cultivators under the Jidan stage. This thing is extremely sensitive to blood. Every time it swallows a cultivator it will evolve. I heard that even experts of the Yingbian stage could not defend against the Blue Line Vines that evolved to the extreme stage. This thing is also very sensitive to the spiritual power waves from spells so you cannot attack him with spells.” Situnan’s tone was extremely heavy.

Wang Lin looked around, and his gaze landed on the vines that were living on a huge tree as carefulness was revealed in his eyes.

The vines looked very normal on the surface, and other than a small blue line vaguely appearing on the surface, there was not much difference from the other vines.

Wang Lin thought for a bit and didn’t listen to Situnan’s words to leave. He slowly went close, and without using any spiritual power, he carefully picked up the vines with his thumb in his index finger. He dragged it out little by little, and he was extremely concentrated on the process. Slowly, when the vine was dragged out to around 3 meters, he gently let go and backed off dozens of meters. He then quickly cut his fingertips and a drop of blood was flicked onto the vine.

The instant the vine got hit by the blood, it sprung up like a snake. After that, several Blue Line Vines also stretched out and gathered around to wiggle together. At the end, it slowly dropped back down on the ground.

Sweat appeared on Wang Lin’s forehead. The corner of his mouth twitched and he quickly left.

After a short while, Tengli chased up. To chase up to Wang Lin, he kept on using spells to walk. He did not even pay attention to the seemingly ordinary vines on the ground.

Although his soul was limited to under 100 meters in the forest, he could still clearly feel that his distance to Wang Lin was getting closer and closer. A cold smile hung on his face as his body moved and chased forward. But when he went passed a few seemingly ordinary vines, strange things happened.


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