MGA: Chapter 30 – Monster

“Young master Chuxun, you’ve come as well.”

“Ahh, those Fierce Beasts were too scary, but luckily, young master Chufeng arrived just in time, or else I really wouldn’t even dare to imagine the ending.” Seeing Chuxun, several miners ran over with lingering fear on their faces.

“Oh?” Only in that instant did Chuxun find out that there were a total of 9 Fierce Beasts. Five rank 1s, three rank 2s, and one rank 3.

Those Fierce Beasts were nothing to him, but he felt that Chufeng shouldn’t have been able to deal with them. Was it possible that Chufeng already reached the 4th level of the Spirit realm?

But even if Chufeng had the strength of the 4th level, it wasn’t possible to finish off so many Fierce Beasts at such a short period of time right?

“Chuxun, thanks.”

As Chuxun was in a state of confusion, Chufeng smiled to him, and within the smile, there was actually few bits of gratitude.

At that instant, Chuxun was thoroughly stupefied. Hiddenly, there was an uneasy feeling that spread across his heart, and without even thinking, he quickly ran over towards the ore mine.

“Young master Chufeng, you killed all of these?” Zhang saw the Fierce Beasts that did not breathe and felt that it was unbelievable.

He clearly heard that Chufeng was a piece of garbage that stayed in the 2nd level for many years. Even if he entered the inner court of the Green Dragon School, at most he would be at the 3rd level. How could he kill so many Fierce Beasts with such a fast speed?

“So what?” Chufeng put away his smile and looked at Zhang. Not only did he not have the previous gentleness, there were even some cold intents.

“No…No…Nothing. Just randomly asking.” Being stared by Chufeng like that, Zhang backed off a few steps in fear and cold sweat came out from his forehead.

“Uncle Zhang, you’ve been in the Chu family for so long. Why are you getting more muddled as you get older?”

“Remember, as a servant, the things that you should ask, you should. The things that you shouldn’t ask, you shouldn’t. The things that you should do, you should. The things that you shouldn’t do…It is better not to do.”

There were meanings within meanings behind Chufeng’s words, and Zhang had a pale face from fear. He could not say anything in that instant and his body was uncontrollably trembling.

Chufeng coldly smiled as he saw him like that. That proved that his guess in his heart was correct.

“Young master Chufeng, what should we do with these Fierce Beasts? Do we take them back to the Chu residence?” Dozens of miners surrounded him.

“No need to trouble the people in the residence with merely a few Fierce Beasts. Just bring them back home and eat them.” Chufeng waved his hand as if it didn’t matter then walked towards the Chu residence.

“Thank you young master Chufeng.” The miners were bursting with happiness. Fierce Beasts were strange monsters that could cultivate. Although their outer shell was as strong as steel, their meat was very delicious. It was said that after eating, not only would it strengthen one’s body, it would even make their lives longer. Everything was a treasure from top to bottom and it was an object of considerable cost.

But, Chufeng gave such precious Fierce Beasts to them. How could they not be happy? And when they saw Chufeng bare-handedly kill all the Fierce Beasts in an instant with their own eyes, the miners respected Chufeng even more.

Near the mines, Chuxun arrived at the place where he found the Fierce Beasts at first. After seeing that no one was around, he walked up to a huge tree and leaped up. When he fell back down, there was an extra wooden box in his hands that was full of small holes.

“Teacher was indeed correct. This thing can attract Fierce Beasts, but they cannot find this box. This is really a good thing to bait Fierce Beasts.”

“But to be able to attract the Fierce Beasts within the deep mountains… Other than a Spiritual Bead, normal spiritual medicine really cannot do the trick.”

As he said that, Chuxun opened up the wooden box. But, when he opened it up, the colour of his face instantly changed greatly. He discovered with shock that the wooden box that originally contained the Spiritual Bead was empty.

“How did this happen? Where’s the Spiritual Bead?” Chuxun fell on the ground with a poof, and his face was completely pale without colour.

Although the wooden box was passed down by his teacher, the Spiritual Bead was bought by his father with an extremely high price. His father was prepared to use it to break into the 9th level of the Spirit realm. If he let his father know that the Spiritual Bead was lost because of him, his father would undoubtedly strip his skin right off.

“Was it…” Suddenly, Chuxun remembered the scene in which Chufeng thanked him and he suddenly understood something. As he held onto the wooden box, he grinded his teeth and said, “Chufeng, I’m not done with you.”

At the same time, Chufeng already returned to his own room. He closed the door and took out a bead that had spiritual energy lingering around it from his pocket as he had an evil smile on his face.

“Chuxun, thank you very much. After walking in such a huge circle, after wasting so much effort, you did all that just to give me this treasure and to help me break into the 6th level. Hehe, you are quite generous as an elder brother.”

Chuxun would never have thought that Chufeng had the Spirit power. Although the wooden box would confuse the smelling sense of the Fierce Beasts, it could not confuse Chufeng’s Spirit power.

The moment that Chufeng arrived, he immediately discovered that wooden box which contained the Spiritual Bead, and he determined that it was a trap created by humans.

While he was going back down the mountain and seeing Chuxun and Zhang’s surprised expression, Chufeng was even more sure that those two worked together and wanted to harm him. But they never would have thought that they weren’t able to harm and rather they suffered themselves.


After entering the stomach, the Spiritual Bead instantly became huge spiritual energies. But, before the huge spiritual energy even got the chance to spread, it was sucked by the dantian.

At that instant, Chufeng could faintly hear the chewing sounds that were like a hungry wolf from his dantian.

When that sound disappeared, huge change happened in his dantian. The 9 Thunder Beasts growled and transformed once again.

When everything returned to normal, spiritual energy that was several times stronger than before surged out from his dantian and it filled every part of Chufeng’s body.

“6th level, Spirit realm” Chufeng opened his eyes and a happy smile was on his face.

A person that entered the 6th level of the Spirit realm at the age of 15 would already be considered to be a genius. A person that went from the 2nd level to the 6th level under two months could only be described with one word——Monster!

Time flew, and with a blink, the day of the Chu family’s gathering arrived.

This so-called gathering was not simply a conference within the Chu family. It was also a display of the Chu family’s strength to the outside.

It was overcrowded in the Mountain Town’s martial arts training ground. Not only did it attract the town’s rich to come and watch, it also attracted many nearby powers.

Within these outside powers, some came with invitations, some came because of admiration, but their goals were all the same, and it was to see the current strength of the Chu family.

So when the main members of the Chu family appeared, the liveliness instantly rose to the boiling point.

“Look, it’s the master of the Chu family, Chu Yuanba. ”

The person that everyone’s gaze first landed on was the old man who was leading. Although he was quite old, his back was like a tiger and his waist like a bear. As he walked, wind rose. And under those snow-white sword-like eyebrows, there was an imposing wave hiddenly emitting from it and it made people somewhat fearful.

That person was the grandfather of Chufeng and the others, master of the Chu family, Chu Yuanba. The only person in the Chu family that stepped into the Origin realm.

“Behind Chu Yuanba are the 6 sons of the Chu family right? All of them really do have out of the ordinary imposing and impressive presence. I wonder who the new master of the family will be.”

“What’s the rush? I hear that in today’s Chu family gathering, he will officially announce his retirement and the new master will also be selected.”

“Which means it’s going to be quite interesting today.”

As they thought of the most important part of today’s Chu family gathering, everyone was already unable to endure their excitement.

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56 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 30 – Monster

  1. Awww that title was so misleading. Thought we could finally see Chufeng dominate the family members instead of some beasts.
    Wouldn’t ‘monster’ be a more apt description of his quick cultivation though? I kind of imagine demon as bloody and cruel instead of amazing.
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. I’ve just finished reading from chapter 1 straight through to chapter 30.
    Thank you very much and I look forward to reading what happens next.


  3. Thank you very much for these chapters! Today i started reading MGA and fell in love with this novel. :)
    Can’t wait for the next ones (chapters)!


  4. Hahahaha now i get why chufeng gave him a bit of a gratitude smile. Chuxun lost his spiritual bead to chufeng and also helped chufeng gain some respect from the mine workers in the chu family indirectly…his lost is much worst than chuwei group since they only lose saint spirit grass to chufeng.

    Thank for the chapter. sigh* chuxun seem to haven’t learn his lesson nor remember the warning chuwei group gave him. LOL is almost all of the chu families is like this??…


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