MGA: Chapter 29 – Meeting of the Father and Son

In a certain residence hall in the Chu family, a middle-aged male and a young man were sitting.

The young man wore a white gown. He had a handsome face and his entire body was emitting a special aura.

That person was Chufeng’s elder brother. He was an inner court disciple in the #1 school in the Green Province, the Lingyun School, Chuguyu.

As for that middle-aged male, he was Chuguyu’s and Chufeng’s father, Chuyuan.

*creak~* As the two of them were chatting, that tightly closed door was slowing being opened.

“Who said that you could enter without knocking? Leave.”

As he was talking happily with his son, there dared to be a person that intruded without permission. Chuyuan angrily slammed the table and yelled. But, when the door completely opened and a thin, weak silhouette entered, and Chuyuan’s angry expression was instantly frozen.

“Heh, father, brother.” Chufeng scratched a bit and entered the hall while chuckling. These two people were the closest people to him.

“It’s you brother?” After seeing Chufeng, Chuguyu was extremely happy. With a few steps he arrived in front of Chufeng and hugged him, “Brother, you’re finally back. I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’ve also missed you brother.” Chufeng also hugged Chuguyu strongly.

“I haven’t seen you in 5 years. You’ve grown tall and more handsome. I almost didn’t recognize you.” Chuguyu carefully accessed Chufeng and his eyes were filled with joy.

“But I am still not as tall as you.” Chufeng said while laughing.

“You are only so old. In a few more years, you will certainly be taller than me.” Chuguyu lovingly rubbed Chufeng’s head.

“Why didn’t you even greet me when you came back?” Chuyuan also walked over, and a unconcealable happiness was hung on his face. Although the Chu family members didn’t view Chufeng as part of the Chu family, in Chuyuan’s heart, Chufeng was his son, and he was no different from Chuguyu.

Seeing Chufeng’s purple gown, Chuyuan asked again, “You’ve entered the inner court?”

“Mm.” Chufeng smiled as he nodded.

“Good. I was saying that my son Chufeng wasn’t that bad.” Chuyuan loudly laughed, and his laughter was unusually happy.

The three of them haven’t seen themselves in 5 years and they had an endless amount of things to say. They chatted for a good half day and didn’t even eat lunch.

“Mr. Chuyuan, the master has asked for you and for young master Guyu to go over.” When it was afternoon, there was a call from outside of the residence.

That voice came from Chief Zhao, an outstanding minister for the Chu family. Although he was not part of the Chu family, his position was very high. So, at that moment, Chufeng, his brother, and his father walked out of the residence.

“Chief Zhao, do you know why he has asked for us to go there?” Chuyuan asked politely.

“It’s about the family gathering. All the members of the Chu family have went there.” Chief Zhao who had white hair smiled and said that.

“I see. Guyu, Feng-Er, let’s go.” Chuyuan looked at Chuguyu and Chufeng then prepared to walk towards the Chu family’s conference hall.

[TN: “Er” can mean “son”, but when it is added behind a name, it doesn’t mean too much other than a sign of a close relationship and as a filler character. (Sounds a bit better when you have “Feng-Er” compared to just “Feng”)]

“Mr. Chuyuan, the master only told you and young master Guyu to go.” Just as they were going to move, they were stopped by Zhao.

“What is this?!” Hearing that, Chuguyu got very angry.

“Sigh…” Chief Zhao was quite calm, and he faintly smiled as he said, “This is the meaning of the master. I am just spreading the word.”

At that instant, not only Chuguyu, but Chuyuan’s face was very ugly was well. They said it was a family meeting, but they didn’t call Chufeng. The meaning was very clear.

“Father, brother, you two go quickly. Don’t make grandfather unhappy.” Just at that time, Chufeng spoke while smiling. His smile was very calm and his emotions were not even affected in the slightest. After being in the Chu family for so many years, he was already used to things like that.

And seeing Chufeng like that, Chuyuan’s heart felt like it was being twisted by a knife. He also felt that he wasn’t a qualified father, and he said while patting Chufeng’s shoulder,

“Feng-Er, I will guarantee that the next family meeting will include you.” After saying that, Chuyuan went towards the conference hall with Chuguyu.

“9th level, Spirit realm.” Chufeng was overjoyed. He poured a thread of aura into Chuyuan’s body just now, and what he felt was the aura of the 9th level.

Chufeng knew what that meant. In the entire Chu family, except for the old generation, there was no one that reached the 9th level of the Spirit realm. So, it was the biggest hand that Chuyuan had as a candidate.

9th level, Spirit realm. With only one more step, one could enter the Origin realm.

In the Origin realm, you no longer used spiritual energy. You used the Origin power.

It was a power that was far above spiritual energy. A realm that completely exceeded the Spirit realm. The current master of the Chu family, “Chu Yuan Ba” was only one who was at the 1st level of the Origin realm.

[TN: “Chu” -> Chu | “Yuan” -> Origin | “Ba” -> Tyrant/Lord]

Chuyuan was able to reach the 9th level of the Spirit realm at this age. The distance to the Origin stage was only the width of a string, so Chufeng was truly happy and excited for him.

“Mr. Chuyuan, something happened!”

Just at that time, an aged voice echoed and a large person ran in with a face of panic.

“Uncle Zhang, what happened?” Chufeng recognized that person. He was one of the servants for the Chu family.

“Are…Are you young master Chufeng?” Looking at Chufeng, Zhang revealed a different face.

When Chufeng left the Chu family, he was only a child that was 10 years old. There was a huge change with 5 years, but Zhang still vaguely recognized Chufeng.

“That’s me.” Chufeng smiled and nodded.

“Young master Chufeng. Fierce Beasts appeared in the ore mine behind the mountain.” Zhang said in panic.

“Fierce Beasts?” Chufeng’s heart tightened, and he ran with flying speed to the back mountain without even thinking.

The ore mine behind the Chu family’s mountain was a very important source of income for the Chu family. But, the miners in the ore mine were mostly ordinary citizens. Even if there were people that knew a bit of martial arts, their power was very low.

Fierce Beasts. Chufeng had saw them before. Even if it was the weakest rank 1 Fierce Beast, those miners could not take care of them. Chufeng didn’t even want to think what would happen if the miners met the Fierce Beasts.

But just after Chufeng left, the corners of Zhang curled up into a smile as his conspiracy prevailed.

“Uncle Zhang, thanks for your work.” Before Chufeng left for long, Chuxun walked over and gave Zhang some silvers.

“Hehe, just doing what I should.” Zhang took the silvers and said, “Young master Chuxun. The Fierce Beasts were always in deep parts behind the mountain. How did you get them near the mines?”

“That’s a secret.”

“Young master Chuxun, that’s really a good method. But, those Fierce Beasts seemed to gather more and more, and they were more and more terrifying as they came. I think that we should quickly go over.” Zhang’s hairs stood up straight as he thought about the Fierce Beasts that he saw near the mines.

“What is there to be afraid of? The strongest ones would not pass rank 3, and Chufeng did train in the Green Dragon School for 5 years. If he can’t even take care of a few Fierce Beasts then he’s better off dead.”

Chuxun coldly snorted. The reason why he did all that work was to make Chufeng suffer a bit. How could he go and save him?

“But, young master Chuxun, if something really happens to Chufeng and if Mr. Chuyuan investigates it, then I’m afraid that it won’t be too good.” Zhang was still a bit worried.

“Fine. We’ll go and take a look.” After some thought, Chuxun felt that Zhang was not incorrect. If Chufeng died, then he died. But if Chuyuan found out that Chufeng’s death was related to him, then that would not be good.

As Chuxun and Zhang entered the back mountain and before even arriving at the mines, they discovered that Chufeng was surrounded by a huge group of miners and they were walking towards the two. The miners were even carrying some huge monsters. With a closer look, they were Fierce Beasts.

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42 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 29 – Meeting of the Father and Son

  1. Geez. Why are all these family members so dumb? Back at the school, the guy beat up that Chuzhen kid. Still got crap from the family. Beat up Chufeng. Still got crap. Invited to Wing Alliance. Still getting crap from the family. Scared that one group off in the Medicine Mountain, saved them, and them came back with Sky Grass or whatever and only then did they think, “Oh, maybe this guy’s pretty strong.”

    They come back home; every single person from the school warns Chuxun. Guy’s just as stubborn as the rest.


  2. Man that end of the chapter made me wish for the next one lol he took care of those beasts quick. The look on their faces should be priceless


  3. I’m not sure if it was ever mentioned but how powerful is Chuyuan the father?
    At least he will be in for a pleasant surprise when he finds out how strong Chufeng has become.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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