Future Plans Announcement

Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed the MGA chapters and hopefully the chapters compensated, in a way, for the lack of Xian Ni chapter today. But I didn’t expect the summary to take up that much of my time so I didn’t prepare for it. Oh well, at least it won’t happen again (I think). This will be quite a huge announcement, so brace yourselves~

Anyways, straight to the first point. $$. I have raised the amount of money per donation to $80. Why that amount? It is, of course, not a random number. I did some calculations based on the donations I got, and the result was $80/chapter for me to be able to provide extra chapters at a rate in which I can continue to do without too much stress.

Now, some might say, “That is way too much. Your quality and length of chapter does not meet a certain well-known translator and a certain well-known web novel.” Yes. I know. It’s a bit too much. My quality is only mediocre, and the length of the chapters are almost 1.5 times shorter. But, I am not demanding the money. If you feel like you want to donate, I give you my gratitude. If you don’t feel like donating, then that is fine as well. As mentioned many times before, “3 chapters a day even without any pay”. The $80 is only for the extra chapters and not for the daily ones, so no fear even without any money here, the translations will go on!

Anyways, that’s that. Some may call me greedy, but it is what it is. My aim is to have 3 chapters out everyday, but 4 chapters out every other day or so. That way, it would roughly be 3.5 per day, and it’s a rate that I can translate comfortably without much rush. That is how I based the cost/chapter, so it might seem a bit high, because it is a bit high and I think so as well. Regardless, that is what I chose, so onto the other topics.

From various comments and whatnot, I’ve heard that people say that the names, such as Chufeng, are meant to be two separate words, aka Chu Feng. That is indeed correct. Chufeng and the other names like Chuguyu, Chuyue, etc. are two words, so it should be Chu Feng, Chu Gu Yu, Chu Yue. But, the reason why I didn’t combined them was 1) For laziness. So that it seems more “Englishy”. Chufeng looks a bit better than Chu Feng, because you are remembering “one” name rather than “two”. At times, it may be more confusing, so my first question for everyone: Should I keep the names combined, ie “Chufeng”, or separate, ie. “Chu Feng”?

Personally, unless the name doesn’t work, I would prefer to keep it as one since it is easier and better to look at (or so I think), and it is also easier to type out (efficiency!) But, I am the translator, you are the readers, so I would like to hear everyone’s opinions. And next.

Other than that name problem, people are also saying that there are way too many “Chus” and the names gets confusing and hard to remember. About the Chus, there is really nothing I can do. But, I can put the English translations for the names, so I suppose you connect the Chinese Pinyin and the English translation together for a better memorization?

For example, after introducing a new character, such as Chuxun, I would put a TN which would be something like [TN: Xun -> “To search/seek”], or for Chufeng, it would be [TN: Feng -> “Maple”]. That way there may be an extra way of remembering the names, but other than that, I really have no idea how to help with the remembering. I have no idea if that would backfire and instead you would have to remember more things instead, but please do put your opinions on that and suggestions below.

Next is about the series. In the announcement in which I stated I would drop JMG, I also said that I would be picking up a new series and likely it would be Xianxia. Scratch that, I’m not planning on picking up any more series for now. Currently, as MGA is getting pretty exciting, I am putting my focus on that and on Xian Ni. Let’s just say somewhere around chapter 100 of MGA will I have thoughts of starting a new series, but we’ll see. If I find an awesome novel that I really want to be known then maybe I’ll start earlier, but for now, just assume that no new series before chapter 100.

(Obligatory note: It’s Xianxia, not Wuxia. Roughly: Xianxia = magic, Wuxia = Breaking physics) Also, I stated that I would choose a Xianxia category because of the current “meta” and popularity, but nevermind that. Pretty much all the Chinese web novels are Xianxia, so something different is what I would choose. Roughly, it seems that Chinese web novels focus on Xianxia and the like, while Japanese web novels focus on reincarnation, transportation, lots and lots of magic, etc.

So, instead of Xianxia, when the time comes, I would choose a more “western” style of novel that is more “Japanese” like, if you will. I have not even touched anything like that, so I’ll be doing some fun reading. Of course, please do tell me if you know any that might be interesting (of the categories I stated above). Even if I don’t translate it, I would like to have a read. Other than that, if I can’t find any, then I may assist people in other series, but that isn’t too likely.

The last thing is that I might include the Reddit post link after every chapter so that there’s a better collection of comments and questions (I do check on Reddit often), but that may turn out to be too annoying. I’ll see. Anyways, I believe that is everything on my mind. If not, then I’ll put an EDIT or something like that at the bottom, and please do state any opinions, questions, criticisms, etc etc. below as I do check comments decently often. That is all~


75 thoughts on “Future Plans Announcement

  1. I’m happy with the way you write the names

    I personally don’t like it when translator change the names, it ruined my mood when I read
    For example: “The town of Wushan….blablablabla….” then the names are Roger, Lorry, Linley????

    Please don’t torture me by giving those character westernized names T_T

    Battle Through the Heavens is a good example, using many “Xiao”s but I as the reader can still track who are who and it’s not ruining my mood at all

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah I know but my personal taste just can’t handle it lol

        And why do I need to get upset with IET?

        After all we all have our own preference and I prefer not to have westernized name in story that heavily use Chinese setting *cheers


        1. I think he meant you sounded like you were blaming the translator for the westernized names. So he was saying don’t blame the translator when it was IET who made the names western. If you look up the chinese characters for their names in Coiling Dragon and his other books you’ll find they just translate phonetically to western names.


  2. Personally, I prefer to have the names separated since its easier to tell characters apart if I can focus on the second name instead of having to mentally parse out the first one. If you want to make them easier to type though, then when there are only Chu’s present, you might consider just dropping the family name altogether. Some people may be unhappy about this since it’ll change the tone somewhat though.


  3. I am chinese and yet I prefer the names to be westernised. It is so much easier to remember and not get confused seeing that there are many similar names in pinyin


  4. Hmm, for westernization of names I think you shouldn’t do it as the whole thing makes sense in Chinese setting. Instead of Chufeng or something you can just type ChuFeng. No space between the name. Won’t change the name or tone of the chapter but will still give the efficiency and an impression that Feng is separate/ Generally, when reading people see capital letters separately so people should be happy.


  5. I am thankful for the translations. I find that the names are easy to handle and remember at the moment. I dont mind dropping the family name for a lot of the novels that have one or two family members in a conversation at a time. Maybe during like conference like situations such as tournaments use the family name would be a decent exception to the rule.


    1. For me I prefer the names being seperated so that it is easier to understand. and anyways right now there are not too many characters who we have to keep in mind of so it’s ok either way


  6. I think the names are fine as they are currently. I feel its much easier to read the names as one word although maybe capitalizing them will make it easier the remember. E.g. ChuCheng
    For example in MGA Ch.28 near the end. When the Cheng Zhen brothers were mentioned I thought they were newly introduced people instead of Chucheng and Chuzhen.


  7. I think the names are fine as they are. Thanks for the TL speed, which is the fastest I see. For the limit donations is ok, becase your speed is fast enough wotgout them.


  8. i perfer seperated names. longer names that often have similair charictars confuse me. when its 2 names i focus on one to see who it is (eg its Feng). that said just by reading you can figure out who is who, its just not apparent from the name (when they’re long+similair)


  9. Anything but westernised names are fine for me.Thanks for translation!
    Actually westernised names are fine too but it has to be proper western names…Am I being too greedy?Look what you did!I told you not to spoil me but…


  10. I feel Xian Ni squandered much of its potential, that got me in to it to begin with, so I’m very happy that you focus on MGA for now. It’s actually pretty damn good. The chapters are very well done in my opinion.

    $80 seems reasonable for bonus chapters, even if it’s on the higher end of my personal reasonable scale. If you’d ask me how reasonable it is, I would say that on a scale of reasonable to ape shit insane Cthulu tentacle monster, it’s a solid Batman kind of reasonable. No complaints there as long as it won’t impact the regular chapters :)

    I’d vote for keeping the names as is. It would only confuse some people. ^^ Keeping names as englisch as possible really helps if you haven’t read in a while. Tried getting into Stellar Transformation after not reading for a year and it was almost impossible to do, because of the names!


  11. thank you !
    i think you should lower your the donation to 60$ , people would be more encouraged to donate because it’s not exorbitant .
    i thank your contribution the community i know it’s not easy to edit the chapters but you’re doing a greate job .

    Thank you


  12. on the names matter, anything is good as long as it is the same from begining to end(consistence is important) so i think it is better to leave it as is, about the donation personaly i would say to put it lower because there would be more extra chapter, but it is just my greed self and 80 isn’t high considering that the normal is 3ch/day without the extra which is a very fast speed, to push more chapter without burdening yourself even if 80 seems high it will take a little of time(enough to prepare a extra ch to release when it hit 80). and about the new project, i’m happy that you wont be taking one so soon, i’m really engrossed in MGA.


  13. *sigh* 80$ is just too much, if it’s 50 or 60$ some of my friends said they could donate or “bribe” for an extra chapter but 80$ is just too much saying that a chapter is pretty short :'(


  14. I like the way you have the two part names together because it helps me remember/differentiate between the many people.


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