Xian Ni: Chapter 78 – Tengjia City

Wang Lin was studying it, then suddenly a low chant came from behind. His right hand was doing some hand seals, and with a golden light, it shot at the flying sword. After that, he spun around,only to see Zhang Hu with his eyes wide open. When he saw Wang Lin, he stared blankly, then hurriedly stood up, assessed his surroundings, and finally he looked at Wang Lin’s flying sword and the sword sheath. Happiness surged onto his face and he said, “He’s…dead?”

Wang Lin lightly smiled, nodded and said, “Mm. Zhang Hu, you said you didn’t know me because you didn’t want to anger him right?”

Zhang Hu quickly touched his chest, closed his eyes for a moment then happily said, “He’s really dead! Wang Lin, this isn’t the place for talking. Let me finish off these people then we’ll talk again.”

After saying that, he raised his right hand and instantly 3 fireballs appeared.

Liusan and the others all around were completely stunned by this. Everything that they saw up until now was a scene that wouldn’t even happen in dreams. Seeing that the fireballs reappeared on Zhang Hu’s hands, they instantly revealed a fearful face.

As for those black-clothed people, they were also carefully looking at Zhang Hu, and also revealing fear in their eyes.

Wang Lin frowned, and as he was going to say something, Zhang Hu was faster. The 3 fireballs quickly spread apart, but their targets were not Liusan and the others. It were the black-clothed people.

Under the absolute power, the lives of the mortals were like ants and did not have any counter-attacking power. They fell onto the ground, instantly becoming nonexistent. A heat wave surged and several gold blood pearls did not dissipate with the corpses. They floated over and were swallowed.

Liusan and the others had their hair burnt by the heat wave. Turtle shells appeared on their skins, but they did not move in the slightest.

Seeing that Zhang Hu took 3 more fireballs, Wang Lin said in a heavy voice, “Zhang Hu, don’t kill anymore!”

Zhang Hu turned around and looked at Wang Lin then said, “If we don’t kill these people, then they would return and talk. The person you just killed was my teacher, and he was Jimo’s 6th disciple. If he started investigating this, then you and me would not escape death.”

The middle-aged scholar was still calm within the alive people. At that time, he bit his teeth and quickly said, “Saints, we swear that we will not speak. I…”

Before he even finished talking, Zhang Hu frowned and coldly smiled, “Will not speak? You have no say in this. Everything will be clear if I just take your soul and refine it.” Although he was speaking to the middle-aged scholar, his eyes were looking at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin thought for a bit. With the stretch of his hand, instantly, the 6 or 7 people that were alive got risen into the air uncontrollably and floated in front of Wang Lin.

Zhang Hu put away his fireballs and did not say anything while standing on the side.

Wang Lin took a jade strip from his storage bag. This jade strip was gotten when he and Wang Hao joined the trading event in the Heng Yue Sect. It was traded from Zhang Kuang for all the chants from the 4th to the 9th layer of the Concentraded Qi stage.

He looked over it once, and faintly remembered that there was a technique inside called the God Dissolving Technique and it could remove the memories of others.

Using his soul to carefully search it, he finally found the technique. Wang Lin looked at it, then put away the jade strips. A blue shine flashed into his eyes, and instantly everyone had a baffled look in their eyes. After a while, the blue light disappeared, and the people had a blank expression on then fell to the ground.

Zhang Hu hiddenly sighed and opened his mouth as if wanting to say something, but at the end he said nothing.

After Wang Lin finished the technique, he looked at Zhang Hu, moved his body, rose into the air quickly, then flew away. Zhang Hu took a deep breath, spit out a golden bead from his mouth, pedaled up and followed.

The two rainbows in the skies flew for a while and Zhang Hu was breathing a bit heavily. They landed on a nearby mountain peak and Wang Lin’s face was as normal as they slowly went down.

Zhang Hu calmed his breathing and found a place to sit. He took out two sweet potatoes out of his storage bag, gave one to Wang Lin and smiled, “I roasted this, see how it tastes.”

Wang Lin accepted the sweet potato, and at that instant, it was as if he returned back to 10 years ago when the two youths found each other in the Heng Yue Sect disciple room.

“That year when I left the Heng Yue Sect, I did not return home. I wandered around everywhere and prepared to find another sect. I coincidentally found and ate a spiritual grass, and without me knowing, I reached the first layer of the Concentrated Qi stage and it canceled out with that weasel’s booklet. After that, I met Baizhan. Baizhan was my teacher, and after seeing that I had the cultivation of the 1st layer of Concentrated Qi, he did not kill me and took me as a disciple. He wanted me to help me gather the blood essence of mortals, and this Baizhan put poison in my body, allowing him to control my life.”

“I said I did not recognize me because he was nearby. Luckily, you killed him. With his death, the poison also follows along and dies, so I’ve gotten rid of it.” Zhang Hu took a bite from the sweet potato and briefly described what happened in the past 10 years.

Wang Lin was rather sorrowful from Zhang Hu’s story. Although it was brief, he had a hidden expression of depression which showed the sufferings of the last 10 years.

Zhang Hu had eyes of admiration and he said, “Wang Lin, we haven’t met it almost 10 years right? If you can kill my teacher, that means you must have reached the Foundation Building stage? His flying sword is very strong, and I heard he mention that he could only use 2/5 of its power. But even so, no one was his match under the Foundation Building stage.”

Wang Lin shook his head and said, “I haven’t teached Foundation Building stage yet. But where’d this flying sword come from? Do you know?”

Zhang Hu looked at Wang Lin with shock but he didn’t ask anymore. After some careful thinking he said, “I think that it was mentioned once that he found it in a cave because of huge luck, and he’ve always viewed it preciously. That’s right, that sword sheath is also a treasure. My teacher paid many times more attention to the sword sheath than the flying sword. I heard from him that except him, or people that arrived at the Jiedan stage, no one can re-cultivate it.”

Wang Lin found a nearby rock to sit on and thought for a while. Then he said, “Tell me about that Jimo old man so we can also have some guards up.”

Zhang Hu swallowed the sweet potato that was in his mouth and said, “Jimo is a person that cultivates loosely, and I hear that he already reached the Jiedan stage. As a shield, since Baizhan is dead, he will certainly investigate. You better return to the Heng Yue Sect immediately, but it doesn’t matter for me. I could just go to Tengjia City to hide for a bit. I’m sure that even Jimo wouldn’t dare to be too arrogant in Tengjia City, so as long as I don’t go out much I shouldn’t be in danger.”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled and said, “Heng Yue Sect only exists in its name.”

Zhang Hu paused then smiled and said, “I’ve heard of that. 4 years ago, the Xuan Dao Sect stole the gates of the Heng Yue Sect, but didn’t the disciples of the Heng Yue Sect move? What, were you not included in the moving?”

Wang Lin did not want to continue discussing that topic so he asked, “What kind of place is Tengjia City?”


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