MGA: Chapter 23 – Not One in Ten Thousand

“You know me?”

Chufeng carefully evaluated that beautiful girl and after looking up and down three times, he found out that not only was the girl beautiful, she was also very young, obviously being younger than him.

Also, there was a badge on the chest of the girl and she was actually a member of the Wings Alliance. Although that girl shocked Chufeng, he really did not recognise the girl.

“Who knows you? Hurry up and leave, this isn’t a place where you can come.” The girl glanced at Chueng, then continued to throw herself into the huge battle against the Saint Spirit Grasses and it seemed that she was extremely angry at Chufeng.

Although Chufeng did not know why the girl was so angry, Chufeng already knew that the girl was surrounded by the Saint Spirit Grasses. She wanted to escape, but she did not have that chance.

If this continued, then the girl would not able to continue because of her physical strength and she would die here.

As Chufeng was a man, how could he let such a beautiful girl be eaten by those monsters? He could not ignore thing like these.

As he thought about that, Chufeng jumped in without hesitation. But just as he entered, he regretted it a bit. A large amount of monsters felt his presence and started attacking straight at him.

“It seems that I have to go all out.”

Life was hung by a thread, so Chufeng didn’t hold back anymore. The spiritual energy in his dantian started to move and it went along the veins. The top of his toes touched the ground, and with a boom, his entire body leaped into the air like lightning.

As he was landing, Chufeng suddenly started spinning. A whirlwind started to rise, and his entire body was like a human blade as it fiercely thrusted into the hundreds of flowers underneath.


As he was landing, the flowers scattered. The moment he landed, the ground formed a deep hole with cracks all around it. One Saint Spirit Grass was killed on scene by Chufeng and became as big as his finger.

He displayed the first two styles of the Three Thunder Styles, yet he only killed one Saint Spirit Grass. That was unexpected to Chufeng. After all, it was his strongest trump card.

He thought that with those attacks, “the sky would be frightened and the ground would sob” then a large amount of Saint Spirit Grasses would die under his feet. But the result in his eyes had too much of a difference from his imagination.

But Chufeng didn’t think too much about that. Almost at the same time that he landed, he suddenly jumped up again because he felt that there were at least 3 Saint Spirit grasses that attacked from behind.

“Guy, do you want to die?”

Feeling the change in the Saint Spirit Grass’s attack formation and the wailing sounds from nearby, the girl knew that Chufeng jumped in.

But when she casted her gaze towards Chufeng’s direction, she couldn’t help but be astonished. No matter how she thought, she never would have guessed that Chufeng could come and go as he wished within the army of Saint Spirit Grasses that even she was fearful of.

Even without seeing the attacks of the Saint Spirit Grass, he could still accurately dodge and attack. Although she did not recognize the skills that Chufeng used, she could still tell from the power that it was at least a rank 4 skill.

“This guy. He just entered the 5th level of the Spirit realm and he could already grasp on rank 4 skills?” The girl was deeply attracted to Chufeng’s performance.

“Careful on the left.” Just as the girl was in a daze, Chufeng suddenly yelled.

Hearing that, the girl was suddenly alarmed and quickly turned her body. With one palm, she grabbed on her left and grasped onto the thorny vine.

After grabbing on the vines, the girl clenched with her fist and broke the vines into pieces. Another palm swept out like a blade, and with a cold flash, she chopped the Saint Spirit Grass into two. It wasn’t even like a palm. It was more like a iron blade.

After accurately chopping the Saint Spirit Grass, the girl was even more shocked. Chufeng was clearly facing her with his back, so how could he see that there was a Saint Spirit Grass attacking on his left? Unless…


Just at that time, Chufeng brushed next to the girl like lightning. At that moment, he was covered with sweat and bloodstains also appeared on his clothes.

These Saint Spirit Grasses were too strong, and there were too many of them. Although Chufeng had the strong detection power and his incomparably strong Three Thunder Styles, the him that was in the 5th level of the Spirit realm was a bit weak towards them.

“Oi. If you want to get out alive, then listen to my instructions.” Chufeng said to the girl.

“You want me to listen to you? In your dreams!” The girl was extremely displeased.

“Say, are you even making sense? I came in here to save you, and this is how you treat me?”

“Also, didn’t you notice that these Saint Spirit Grasses are a bit strange? They don’t attack blindly and they have a strict coordination. If you’re going to go head on with them then you will only get tired.”

“Rubbish. That’s obvious. I already knew that.”

Although she said that, in her heart she just understood. If it wasn’t for Chufeng’s reminder, she really wouldn’t have noticed that.

With her strength, killing Saint Spirit Grasses was not hard. But, it was obvious that she was helpless against this crowd of Saint Spirit Grasses. There were very little chances of a straight-up confrontation and she always needed to dodge the attacks from them.

“If you don’t want to listen then it’s fine since I can leave this place alive.” Chufeng coldly snorted and prepared to leave.

“Oi, don’t…” Seeing that Chufeng was leaving, that terrified the girl. She already saw Chufeng’s ability, so she had zero doubts that Chufeng could successfully escape. But she could not, so she immediately said, “I’ll listen to you.”

“Heh.” Seeing the cute obeying look of the girl, Chufeng chuckled then said, “That’s better.”

Seeing Chufeng so proud of himself made the girl’s mouth twitch. Although her strength was above Chufeng, she knew that if she wanted to escape, she needed to rely on Chufeng.

The two of them tried their best to coordinate, and under Chufeng’s command, the strength of the girl was truly exhibited. Near a hundred Saint Spirit Grasses were completely annihilated by the two people with only an hour.

After the huge battle, Chufeng started cleaning up the battle field. Of course he had his part in the Saint Spirit Grass that filled the ground. Although the main force was the girl, he was the main brains.

“Did this guy train in the Mysterious Techniques?” Seeing the Chufeng that was happily picking up the Saint Spirit Grasses, the coarsely breathing girl who was sitting on the side started muttering.

At first, for self protection, Chufeng was continuously using rank 4 skills. Although rank 4 skills were strong, they consumed a lot of spiritual energy. Most people could only use it a few times before they exhausted their spiritual energy.

But after using it for so long, Chufeng didn’t even have any feeling of exhaustion. In addition, being able to use his 5th level of the Spirit realm power to defeat the Saint Spirit Grass that was equivalent to a rank 6 Fierce Beast indicated a problem. It was that Chufeng may have trained in the Mysterious Techniques.

Mysterious Techniques. They were mysterious techniques. Cultivators were able to gather more spiritual energy, refine spiritual medicine quicker, causing the spiritual energy in the dantian to be more rich and the battle abilities were several times stronger than normal people.

But, there were very little Mysterious Techniques, and even the Green Dragon School only had a few. They were only provided to the core disciples for cultivation and inner court disciples had no way of even touching them.

Chufeng being able to cultivate in the precious Mysterious Techniques naturally made the girl see Chufeng in another light. But, she didn’t know the reason why Chufeng’s spiritual energy was so strong wasn’t because of some Mysterious Technique. It was because of the godly lightning in his dantian.

“It seems that not only is your Spirit power impressive, you have plenty of spiritual energy as well.” The girl stood up and walked over to Chufeng with both her hands behind her back.

“What Spirit power?” Chufeng stared blankly.

“Still playing dumb? If you didn’t have the Spirit power, then how could you clearly see the attack of the Saint Spirit Grasses?” The girl looked blankly back at Chufeng.

“You’re talking about my detection power?” Chufeng was startled as he knew what the girl meant.

“Detection power? My Gods, you called the Spirit power the ‘Detection power’? You’re really a bumpkin.” The girl’s gaze towards Chufeng became more and more disdainful.

“It’s normal to not know. Would you know if you were male or female when you were born?” Chufeng coldly snorted and continued to pick up the Saint Spirit Grasses all around them.

“Oh? Your temper is quite short.” The girl sweetly smiled, caught up to him and chuckled, “Did you know that not even one person out of ten thousand have this Spirit power?”

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33 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 23 – Not One in Ten Thousand

  1. “This guy. He just entered the 5th level of the Spirit realm and he could already grasp on rank 4 skills?” The girl was deeply attracted to Chufeng’s performance.
    “This guy. He just entered the 5th level of the Spirit realm and he could already grasp a rank 4 skills?” The girl was deeply attracted to Chufeng’s performance.

    Just at that time, Chufeng brushed next to the girl like lightning. At that moment, he was full of sweat, and bloodstains also appeared on his clothes.
    Just at that time, Chufeng brushed next to the girl like lightning. At that moment, he was covered with sweat, and bloodstains that also appeared on his clothes.


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