MGA: Chapter 22 – The Great Battle Between the Girl and the Monster

“I’m…not imagining this am I?”

Chufeng was shocked to be able to feel where the spiritual grass was located at, and of course, Chufeng knew what that meant.

If this feeling was real, then it meant that in Spiritual Medicine Mountain, he was like a fish in water.


Thinking to that point, Chufeng did not hesitate and walked towards the direction in which he felt something. He wanted to completely investigate it.

As he got closer, Chufeng got more happy because the movements of the Sky Spirit Grass in his brain was getting stronger and stronger, which more or less meant that his feeling was not an illusion.

And when Chufeng passed another bush, he saw a red plant in front of him, and it was the Sky Spirit Grass.

The Sky Spirit Grass was quite a bit better than the Ground Spirit Grass. The red branches and trunk emitted a red glow and it looked like it was on fire. Under the night it seemed especially beautiful.

“Little thing, after toying around with me for a whole day, I’ll see if you can escape me this time.”

Seeing the Sky Spirit Grass, Chufeng did not stop and instantly rushed forward. He concentrated his spiritual energy at the bottom of his feet and his speed doubled in an instant. Within a blink, he arrived in front of the Sky Spirit Grass.

*Humm* But, before Chufeng even extended his hands, that Sky Spirit Grass disappeared and was not to be seen.

“You want to run, but can you?”

Seeing as the Sky Spirit Grass wanted to escape by invisibility, Chufeng had a cold smile on the corner of his mouth. He stepped forward, grabbed the air in front of him then he heard a sharp cry. One Sky Spirit Grass was grasped by Chufeng’s hands.

When the Sky Spirit Grass was caught by Chufeng, it instantly returned back and started madly struggling. The power of it was several times stronger than the Ground Spirit Grass, but it was useless as it was in Chufeng hands. At the end, it could only obediently lose its spiritual nature and become a half-inch red-coloured spiritual grass and it laid in Chufeng’s palm.

“It seems that this is certainly not an illusion.”

Chufeng threw the Sky Spirit Grass into the bag and he was insanely happy in his heart. Although he didn’t know where the special sense came from, to Chufeng, he could rely on it strongly.


But with a thought, it was not hard for Chufeng to think where the power came from. After all, it was created after he entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard, and the target of the strange gases was the brain.

Which meant even if it was the attack of the strange gas that made Chufeng’s senses stronger, it would still be logical.

“Hehe, another thing dropped right at my doorstep. ”

Just at that time, his eyes lit up once again. Another Sky Spirit Grass entered his detection range.

Under such a strong detection power, virtually no Sky Spirit Grass was able to escape Chufeng’s hands. Any escaping methods were wasted efforts.

Chufeng did not sleep for the entire night and when it was day, he already caught dozens of Sky Spirit Grasses. A harvest like that would certainly make people go crazy.

If someone found out about it, then even robbing Chufeng was a possibility. After all, within the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, the amount of battles and thievery between disciples were not little.

But, Chufeng’s detection power was not only limited to Sky Spirit Grasses. Even if a human entered a certain range they would be detected by Chufeng so almost no one could find traces of Chufeng.

Another day passed, and when the night arrived, Chufeng’s bag was almost already full. This time, Chufeng did not continue hunting and he found a hidden place to start refining the Sky Spirit Grasses.

Chufeng’s refining speed was top-class, and with only 4 hours, the bag that was full of Sky Spirit Grasses were completely refined by him.

With that, his dantian also got more and more full. That made Chufeng joyful, and although the the Sky Spirit Grass was not comparable to the Saint Spirit Grass, if he had this amount everyday to refine he could breakthrough within 10 days.

From that day forth, Chufeng spent all day in the middle-circle of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain and hunted Sky Spirit Grasses without restrain until deep into the night. He refined all the Sky Spirit Grasses that he hunted that day, then after resting for 4 hours, he continued to hunt insanely.

It cycled like such, and on the 9th day that Chufeng entered the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, he felt a great change in his dantian. The 9 thunder beasts changed once again, and Chufeng finally broke through the 4th level into the 5th.

“With this power, I should be able to battle against people that are on the 6th level of the Spirit realm.”

Feeling the strength that was improving many times, Chufeng was speechless himself. The him that had the godly lightning really had power that was way stronger than others.

Especially his Three Thunder Styles. If he used it, then even level 6 Spirit realm experts could not be his opponent.

Level crossing battles were already defying common sense. Although the geniuses that had extremely high talent could do it, but those were geniuses. If these things happened on a person people knew, everyone would be shocked.

After raising his power, Chufeng went hunting for Sky spirit Grasses again. This time it was a lot easier. With merely half a day, he already filled up his bag. And because the bag of rations was almost empty, that bag also became Chufeng’s tool for storing spiritual medicine.

But, the current Chufeng was not only thinking about Sky Spirit Grasses. He wanted to head towards the inner-circle and he wanted to check the Saint Spirit Grasses that were rumoured to be no weaker than a rank 6 Fierce Beast.

“This aura…”

But before entering the inner-circle for long, Chufeng felt two types of auras and they were both extremely strong.

The first one were the spiritual medicines. The densely filled, evil aura were obviously the Saint Spirit Grasses that had a spiritual nature. There were a lot of them, near a hundred.

The other aura was from a human. It was also extremely large, so it should be an expert of the 7th level of the Spirit realm.

At that moment, the two auras were blended together. It was obvious that the person was having a great battle with the Saint Spirit Grasses. But that person’s aura was not stable so they must have entered a trap.

“Who dared to challenge so many Saint Spirit Grasses by themself?”

With a heart of curiosity, Chufeng decided to observe the outcome. When he leaped over the layers of trees, he was stunned by the scene in a distance.

A 3 meter tall huge plant, filled with purple thorns had its mouth open which was full of teeth. It was emitting a pressing aura from its body and it didn’t even look like a Saint Spirit Grass. It looked more like a monster.

But, rather than the scary Saint Spirit Grasses, Chufeng’s gaze concentrated on the petite figure because that figure not only went through the formation of near a hundred Saint Spirit Grass, it was a beauty that matched her name.

That elegant long hair, that delicate face, that snow-white skin, those eyes that were not fearful in front of danger and were instead unbending deeply attracted Chufeng.

That girl was undoubtedly the most beautiful person Chufeng ever saw. But the reason why Chufeng was attracted to her was not only because of her appearance. It was also the power that she had at her age.

“Careful below.”

Suddenly, Chufeng yelled loudly because he felt that a Saint Spirit Grass was hidden under the feet of the girl.


The girl didn’t even notice Chufeng, but hearing such an unexpected yell still surprised her. She subconsciously tapped the ground with both her feet and leaped into the air.

The instant that she left the ground, a huge Saint Spirit Grass drilled out from the ground with its fangs and claws bared.

That unforeseen event created lingering fear in that girl. If it wasn’t for the reminder of that voice then she would have certainly had paid a huge cost. With gratitude in her heart, she casted her gaze towards Chufeng.

But when she saw Chufeng, her delicate face instantly froze and she said with shock, “It’s you?!”

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