MGA: Chapter 21 – Change

“Hurry and run.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, the 3 Sword Alliance members started escaping.

*ji ji ji*

But their running didn’t matter. The strange gases that filled the air were as if they found their target, and with lightning speed they flew towards the three people.


Facing such strange substances, the three of them started crazily waving their iron sword in their hands, but it was useless towards the gasses. They were not affected by it in any way, and at the end the gases got into their brains.


At that instant, the faces of the three people already changed greatly. They threw away the iron swords in their hand, covered their head, then started painfully wailing.

Chufeng could clearly see that their faces went from white to green, from green to purple, and the were kneeling on the ground at first, but then they started rolling around. One could tell that they were suffering from huge waves of pain.

But the painful wailing only lasted for a moment. Very quickly, the three of them breathed no more, and with the limp of their legs they died. But their death faces were extremely abnormal.

Their faces were swelled, bled in the 7 apertures, their eyes bulged out, and even their hair started to fall. It was as terrifying as it could get.

*ji ji ji*

But the more terrifying thing to Chufeng were the strange gases.

After the torturous death of the three people, the gases that went into their brains went back out. At the same time, the strange gases from all around started slowly floating towards Chufeng.

“Please save me.”

As he panicked, Chufeng casted his gaze towards the mysterious old man because he found out that the gases were floating all around except for the area around the old man. Which meant, more or less, the mysterious things were afraid of the old man.

But with Chufeng’s cry of help, not only did it not gain the sympathy of the old man, it even agitated the strange gases all around him and at that moment, they attacked Chufeng with lightning speed.


Seeing that the situation was not good, Chufeng’s body moved and madly ran towards that old man, wanting to use the guy to escape this calamity. But, he underestimated the speed of the strange gases.

Just as he ran for a few steps, Chufeng felt a wave of pain from his brain as if something entered his consciousness and was tearing his brain apart.


Quickly after, the pain kept on increasing and Chufeng already knew that a large amount of the strange gas already entered his brain. Those things were as if eating his body and they brought unbearable pain.

Under those circumstances, Chufeng had no way of resisting and very quickly, he fell to the ground. He started rolling back and forth just like the 3 Sword Alliance members from before while loudly wailing.

Seeing that scene, the mysterious old man was not moved at all. But, the strange smile that was on his face slowly dimmed down and replacing it was a disappointed curve.


But just at that time, Chufeng suddenly started snarling. A white ray spread out from his head like a whirlpool and started swirling around. In an instant, all the strange gases within a circumference of several meters got blown away like dust and smoke.

After snarling, Chufeng laid on the ground without power and became unconscious. But that white ray whirlpool kept on swirling with him as the core.

Under the protection of the light swirl, the strange gases from all around did not dare to get any closer to Chufeng. Even the ear-piercing noises from before also became a lot deeper and lower as if they were scared.


To that change, the expression of the mysterious old man changed and a pleasant surprise surged from both of his eyes. After that, he waved his big sleeve and a strange wave spread everywhere. All the gases went back into the white bones.

When the strange gases disappeared, the light swirl around Chufeng’s body also slowly went back into Chufeng’s brain.

“After waiting for almost a thousand years, I finally met a mouldable person. I hope that you don’t disappoint me.” The old man’s body moved, floated in midair then slowly floated in front of Chufeng.

After that, his fingers extended and pointed on Chufeng’s chest. Several firefly-like glowing objects flew out from his fingers and shot into Chufeng’s chest.

When those glowing objects went through Chufeng’s clothes and entered his body, the clothes were undamaged, but his chest started to have several dots of glow.

The old man silently stared at Chufeng until the glow disappeared from Chufeng’s chest, then he slowly closed his eyes.

Suddenly, with the old man in the middle, a fierce dark green hurricane started swirling around and the hurricane had dots of essence which contained incomparable scary pressure. Instantly, it engulfed the mountain forest.

The strange thing was that the hurricane did not rise up into the air, rather, it started going down into the ground. Finally, it went deep into the soil and the vast white bones also disappeared.

After that violent hurricane, all the flowers, grass and trees in the forest were not changed in anyways and the night sky also covered the land again.

The only change was the fainted Chufeng and the three dead members of the Sword Alliance.

A gentle wind passed and brought slight bits of chill. That chill also made Chufeng recover his senses and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Mm, what happened? Was I dreaming?”

Chufeng sat up, and while he messaged his aching head, he scanned around. He found out that the scary scene from before completely disappeared, and it made him feel that the previous experience was only a dream.

“This isn’t right.”

When Chufeng’s gaze landed on the three Sword Alliance members, he suddenly stood up. Seeing the horrifying death conditions, he knew that the previous events really did happen.

“That’s too scary. Why is there such a strange place in this Spiritual Medicine Mountain?”

“Thousand Bone Graveyard. Where did that come from? And who is that mysterious old man?”

Chufeng was completely shocked. Everything that happened up to this point was unimaginable because everything that happened already exceeded his bearable range.

*rustle rustle rustle*

Just at that time, Chufeng suddenly heard the sound of footsteps and he knew that people must be coming close.

Looking at the situation, Chufeng turned around and escaped deeper into the forest.

He needed to leave because he could not let people know that he was connected to the three Sword Alliance members or else he would have no way of explaining it.

He couldn’t say that they entered the Thousand Bone Graveyard from the legends, and then the three got killed while he was not even scratched right?

It was too strange, and even if it he told people no one would believe it. Even if people did believe it, Chufeng would become a strange person in the Green Dragon School so he needed remove all connections.

As Chufeng ran, he quickly found out that something was different about him. He felt that his senses were extremely clear. Even the grass moving from the wind was detectable by him. And he did not have that feeling before.

“Is my head so sensitive because there are too much spiritual energy in this Spiritual Medicine Mountain, and also combined with the silence of the night?”

Chufeng tried to find why he had better senses, but he suddenly stopped his footsteps. Instantly, both of his eyes lit up, and a surprised look emerged from his face.

He felt a strange energy moving, and although it was still fairly far, he could confirm that it was a Sky Spirit Grass.

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46 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 21 – Change

  1. I wonder if it ranked him up or improved him in an unrelated way? I’m also wondering if that old man is going to become the MC’s Doehring Cowart or if this was a one time meeting.


  2. thnx for the treat

    if hes gonna wipe the floor with the punk who beat him up before, hes gonna need all the power ups he can get. his step brother is level 6 and that punk is probably level 7 to make it more interesting.


  3. ‘people’ -smiles
    ‘begging? tsk’ -sneer-
    ‘oh wait?! Interesting’ -smiles-
    ‘At first I was like Meh, die, now I’m like meh, be my apprentice baby’ -this reminds me of space dandy where he uses the warp drive, which splits him into different realities. That makes him unable to be in a relationship with the 4d “girl”. Poor Space Dandy.


  4. I just had a thought. Could the guy in the graveyard be the founder of the school?

    What do we know about the founder. He started the Green Dragon School, was around a thousand years ago, was very powerful and he died. What is the description of the guy in the graveyard. Old, white skin, green robe w/ 8 point trigram on it, and a green aura. What did the old man say, “After waiting for almost a thousand years, I finally met a mouldable person” That means he has been around for about 1000 years.

    Based off this I think there is at least a chance of him being the founder.

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