MGA: Chapter 20 – Thousand Bone Graveyard

“Damn. Is this guy the reincarnation of a monkey? How is he so fast?”

“This boy isn’t simple. He has so much strength at such an age and he can even escape from our sword formation. He must have extremely high talent.”

“That’s right. This is the first time that I’ve seen someone using the Illusionary Palm to this level. If he continues to develop then he would be completely unimaginable.”

“Because of that, we cannot let him leave this place alive or else he will cause endless troubles.”

The more the 3 understood Chufeng’s strength, the colder their heart became. They already slowly decided to kill Chufeng in this Spiritual Medicine Mountain.

“The speed of those three are very fast, I can’t even get rid of them”

At the same time, Chufeng was speechless from the strength of those three people. Although his strength was way higher than the people from the same level, against people that were one level higher made him feel a bit weak.

But luckily Chufeng had plenty of spiritual energy in his dantian. He believed if he continued running, the three of them will stop chasing because of their stamina.

But, Chufeng was considering another problem. The power of the Sword Alliance was not small. In the future, after leaving the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, it would be troublesome if those three use the power of the Sword Alliance to harm him.

That was why Chufeng was hesitating whether or not to “Don’t do it or don’t rest” by displaying his Three Thunder Styles and silencing the three people.

[TN: He meant if he was going to use the Three Thunder Styles, he would kill the three people and no less.]

But at the end, he batted that thought away. After all, killing people from the same sect was a huge crime, and if any traces were discovered then there might be a chance that the entire Chu family would be affected as well.


But just at that time, Chufeng discovered with astonishment that white rays appeared all around him.

Because the sky was already dark, when the light rays appeared, it seemed abnormally dazzling and it was extremely strange.

“This is…”

That light became stronger and stronger, lighting up the forest like the day. But what stunned Chufeng was the countless amounts of white bones that surrounded him.

The vast area of white bones were densely piled into the forest. They were as boundless as the ocean.

Those bones were very special. Not only were they as clean white as jade, every bone was emitting a heavy aura.

Chufeng felt a choking feeling as he was pressured by countless of auras like those as they were stacked upon one another. His steps became heavy and his entire body lost its strength.

“What is this place?”

Chufeng was very surprised. These special bones were not owned by ordinary people, which meant the owners of these white bones must have been quite a master.

Only after reaching a certain realm in cultivation can one die without their bones decaying. Not only were they as white as jade, they still contained a certain amount of pressure to deter other people.

There were things that Chufeng couldn’t understand. Not only did he not understand where so many experts came from, as it was beyond common sense to have so many white bones appear here. The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was a forbidden land. Virtually everyday, the elders would patrol around. How could they leave so many white bones here and not care about them?

Other than surprise, Chufeng was starting to panic. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed that it wasn’t right. The more he thought about it, more chills were sent down his spine. After all, he was only a 15 year old young man. When trapped in such a dark forest area, of course he would feel fear in his heart.

“That is…”

Suddenly, Chufeng’s eyes lit up. He discovered in shock that there was a silhouette from afar calmly walking within the white bones.

He could vaguely see that it was an aged old man. The old man was as clean as snow. He was wearing a green gown, and on the gown there was the mark of the eight trigrams. The old man was holding a very strange fly whisk in his right hand.

The old man’s face was smiling and slowly walking towards Chufeng’s direction not even affected in the slightest by the white bones.

But the thing that shocked Chufeng the most was the old man’s skin which was like jade and the faint glow that his entire body was emitting. That type of special aura was like a saint descending into the world.

“Lord. Is that…the Thousand Bone Graveyard from the legends?!”

Just at that time, the 3 people from the Sword Alliance also ran over. But, they had no more thoughts of attacking Chufeng as they were completely astonished by the scene in front of their eyes.

Compared to Chufeng’s panic, one word was clearly written on the faces of the 3 people. Fear.

“Thousand Bone Graveyard? What kind of place is this?” Chufeng’s heart contracted, and only with that name, it made him feel uneasy.

“Damn brat, you’ve killed all of us. You actually brought us to a place like this! This Thousand Bone Graveyard is a danger spot.” That pockmark male said with a trembling voice.

“Danger spot?”

“That’s right. It’s the real danger spot. No, it was a legend. One of the legends of the Spiritual Medicine Mountain.”

“According to legends, there’s a Thousand Bone Graveyard that was unreal, unsearchable, and it appeared in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain at unscheduled times.”

“But this place is really the absolute danger spot. The legends say that those who step into this place will not leave alive. Even the people who kept their lives would become insane.”

“I never would have thought that the scary legend was true. We’ve stepped into the Thousand Bone Graveyard.”

The other two were also extremely afraid. As they spoke, some words were nonsense, and it showed how fearful they were in their hearts.

“If I may ask, is this really the Thousand Bone Graveyard?” Chufeng casted his gaze towards that mysterious old man who was holding a fly whisk.

Although he couldn’t feel anything from the old man’s body, just by looking at his exterior, Chufeng could tell that he was extraordinary. Without a doubt he must be some big shot in the Green Dragon School.

But the thing that confused him was that the old man was obviously looking at him yet he didn’t even open his mouth to speak. Rather, with the corners of his mouth, they formed a strange smile.

“Oi, who are you talking to?”

“Damn brat, don’t try to deceive us.”

But the unexpected thing was after listening to Chufeng’s call to the old man, the faces of the 3 Sword Alliance members instantly paled without a single trace of colour.

“Can’t you see that I’m talking to this person?” Chufeng pointed at the mysterious old man who was standing not far.

“What person? You brat, you’re really looking to die.” That pockmark male held his sword and wanted to attack Chufeng.

“Don’t bother with him. Something’s wrong with this guy and we should quickly leave this place.” But before even letting him attack, the other two pulled his shoulders and started to drag him away towards the path in which they came from.

*ji ji ji*

But just at that time, an ear-piercing noise came from all directions. That noise was very strange, extremely horrifying, and it was as if millions of souls were howling and screaming about injustice.

At the same time, Chufeng found out with shock that on the white bones all around him, countless of dark green gas were floating and that strange screaming came from the gases.

But the thing that made Chufeng the most uneasy was those strange, dark green gases were floating towards Chufeng and the others…

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12 thoughts on “MGA: Chapter 20 – Thousand Bone Graveyard

  1. Thanks for chapter 20!
    Ok, some spooky old man in a field of bones that only he can see?
    I’m going to guess he’s going to be his master…


  2. Just for information’s sake. The old man is not holding some strange duster. In olden Chinese time and martial art novels, it is very common for older generation that has become aged to carry a fly whisk. I have no real idea what superpower it has aside from striking down flies. But for some reason it keep on appearing around older martial teachers and saints.


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