MGA: Chapter 18 – The Scream in the Forest

“I say, Chufeng, you’re no good either. You don’t even have anything after a full day.” Seeing Chufeng’s dried out bag, Chuxue coldly smiled and digged at the hardships.

“Is that so? With the 10 of you all together, it doesn’t seem that you are any better than me?” Chufeng scanned with his gaze, and seeing the same dried out bags on Chuxue’s side, he mocked,

“I really don’t understand what Chuwei is thinking. He put the 10 of you useless people in one ground, and the 10 useless people ran to the middle-circle. Are you guys here for camping? You have enough rations?”

“Nonsense.” Hearing Chufeng’s words, Chuxue got agitated and angered. The 9 other servants on the side were also not in a good mood.

Especially that Chugao. He even pointed at Chufeng and yelled, “If you dare to be any more unrespectful to my family’s miss, then I’ll cripple you.”

“If you feel you can, then come and try.” Chufeng casted a glance of disdain at Chugao, then looked down and continued to eat his rations.

“You think I don’t dare?” As Chugao spoke, he aggressively ran over to Chufeng. Swirling wind rose from under his feet and swept the huge leaves up. He completely displayed the power of the 4th level of the Spirit realm.

But just as Chugao got close to Chufeng, Chufeng suddenly raised his head, and a pair of chilling eyes shot out like a sharp knife as if stabbing into Chugao’s eyes.


At that instant, Chugao immediately stopped his steps and also quickly retreated 2 steps back. Because the instant that he saw Chufeng’s gaze, he felt something. The power of deterrence.

That deterrence made Chugao feel a chill in his spine. He panicked in his heart because he had felt that deterrence before, and someone who was able to make him feel something like that was an extremely scary person.

Although he also felt that it was unimaginable that it came from Chufeng who was also the 4th level and just entered the inner court, that deterrence told him that he could not fight with Chufeng.


After deeply swallowing his saliva, Chugao instantly turned around and ran back.

That scene really made Chuxue and the others not know what to do. Why did he return without even fighting? Wasn’t that a bit too embarrassing?

If they knew that Chugao was scared by Chufeng’s eye expression alone, then they would feel that they lost even more face.

“Chugao, what happened to you?” Chuxue lashed out angrily.

“Miss, I…” Chugao didn’t know how to respond.

“Useless trash.”

Looking at Chugao’s weak look, Chuxue angrily bit her teeth, but she didn’t know what to do. At the end, she could only fiercely say to Chufeng,

“Chufeng, you’ve really grown up. Did you forget that you got beaten up by Hongfei when you were young?”

“Let me warn you. You better never return back to the Chu family, or else I’ll have Hongfei beat you up even more.”

Hearing Chuxue’s words, Chufeng suddenly clenched both his hands, and the rations in his hands were completely crushed into powder. A gale with him as the core started swirling, and it blew Chuxue and others continuously back. Even Chugao had difficulty resisting.

Chu Hongfei. A person that heavily humiliated Chufeng before. Chufeng would never forget, the him that was only 8 years old was beaten by the 10 year old Chu Hongfei until he couldn’t stand up. Chufeng had stay in bed for an entire half a month.

The important thing was later on when Chuguyu went and found Chu Honfei, even Chuguyu was beaten badly. That thing became a thorn in Chufeng’s heart. A thorn that would always be painful if it was not pulled out.

Chufeng slowly raised his head, and a dense, cold aura spread from his pair of eyes. He said with an extremely cold tone to Chuxue,

“Chuxue, tell Chu Honfei that I will return in this year’s gathering. Make sure that he does the preparations for kneeling and begging.”

“And now, you all better immediately disappear from my sight, or else I will make you regret it.”

If it were under normal circumstances, Chuxue would certainly talk back to Chufeng. But now she did not have that courage to do that. At that moment, the aura that Chufeng was emitting was enough to make her legs weak and body tremble. She knew that this feeling was called fear.

At the end, Chuxue did not say anything back and turned around then went further into the mountains and forest. As for Chugao and the others, they also quickly followed, because they were the same as Chuxue being unable to resist against Chufeng’s aura.

After Chuxue and the others left, Chufeng packed up simply and continued.

He knew that Chu Hongfei was not a oil-saving lamp. Not only was he best at fighting within the Chu family back in the days, even today he is barely behind Chuguyu.

Chu Hongfei was from the Chu family, and other than Chuguyu, he was the only other person that was able to get into a first-rate school and to be able to get accepted by a first-rate school already showed his talent in martial cultivation.

Every since Chu Hongfei entered the school, he hadn’t returned back in the Chu family so no one knew what kind of strength he had.

But, Chufeng felt that this year, Chu Hongfei would likely return back. After all, his own father was one of the candidates.

As for Chu Hongfei’s talent, even if he didn’t reach the 6th level of the Spirit realm, he would be at least the 5th level. So, Chufeng must quickly raise his strength and at least reach the 5th level of the Spirit realm.

“Ah! Don’t touch me~~~~”

But before Chufeng walked far, a sharp scream came from the forest. That voice belonged to Chuxue.

At that instant, Chufeng frowned, and after some hesitation, he ran towards the direction of the sound.

At the same time, in an empty area in the mountains, an unbearable scene was happening.

Chugao and the other 9 people were shivering while standing on the side with faces full of fear. In the empty space in the middle, Chuxue was being toyed around by 3 men.

Those 3 people were aged 20 or so, and their faces were extremely vulgar. But behind their body, an iron sword was on their back. They were members of the Sword Alliance.

“Junior, no need to be afraid. We have no ill intentions and we just want to chat a bit with you.”

One of the males that had a full face of pockmarks was pulling on Chuxue’s purple clothes. One sleeve was already torn by him and it revealed her snow-white skin.

“Hehe, this is quite white, I like tender girls like this.”

The other two were also touching Chuxue’s body. Their eyes shined and they were already drooling from their mouth.

“We are from the same school, so aren’t you afraid that the elders will punish you if you treat me like this?” Chuxue’s face was already full of tears, and she struggled without strength.

“Junior, we are protecting you. The elders don’t even have enough time for praising, so why would they even punish us?”

“That’s right, following useless people like them will only land you in more danger. It’s still better to follow us, and when the hunt ends, we will give you some rewards. Hehe…”

It was already night and the three of them were extremely lonely. Just at that time, they found a little sheep like Chuxue. How could they let that chance go?

“Seniors, please let our family’s miss go.” Chugao begged while trembling.


Before even finishing his sentence, one of the Sword Alliance members pulled out his iron sword, waved it at Chugao, and a strong wind flew in front Chugao’s body.


After that strong wind, on top of Chugao’s legs, a bloody wound appeared and with a poof he kneeled on the ground.

“Level 5, Spirit realm”

Seeing that, the Chu family crowd backed away from fear. To be able to use the wind as a blade and to defeat Chugao in one strike was, without a doubt, the cultivation power of the 5th level in the Spirit realm.

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  1. Even tho that girl attitude is bad I hope Chufeng will save her…since those 3 rotten guys seem like that are really about to gang raped the girl.

    Thank for the chapter


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