One month celebration and dropping JMG

Oh, the conflicting emotions, to be happy or to not… But, as the title suggests, flowerbridgetoo has been up for one month (minus one day), as it all started on March 26th~ *Claps Cheers Etc*

But, with this “anniversary”, after posting the chapter today, I’ve decided to drop JMG for the reasons here. It’s a bit of a read, but as a TL;DR, I feel that my translations and the author’s own tone are different, making it sound different as intended, thus I’m dropping it.

If you follow the JMG series, then I’m sorry for dropping it, but if you don’t, then it may (?) be a bit of a good news since I will be focusing a bit more on the MGA/Xian Ni series for a few days. I will most likely be starting another Xianxia/More western Chinese web novel, but it’ll take a few days for me to decided and find one.

Also, because of donations that I’ve got and because of this one month uptime, I’ll be getting a custom domain, so instead of, it’ll be

I believe that the previous links will all link back to the new website, so the reddit posts and whatnot should be fine. Please do tell me if there are any problems that I should know about.

Nothing else is going to be changed except for the JMG drop, and I apologize for that once again, but my mind is set on it so there’s not going to be any changing. I may pick it back up, but it is unlikely.

Anyways, a bit of a happy/sad read, but just a small announcement. I will be releasing some extra chapters of MGA at some random time tomorrow as celebration, but who knows how many and who knows what time. Expect more than 2 chapters tomorrow that don’t subtract from the extra chapters, but no idea how much more than that I can put out. Anyways, that is it, and thank you everyone for sticking with me for however long you have~~


56 thoughts on “One month celebration and dropping JMG

  1. Aww, I use to read JMG and not the other… Oh well, I guess I’ll give the M one a try, maybe it’s better :3.

    Btw,why do you want to find another novel? I’m just curious. Why not just translate faster and whatever novel you’re already doing instead of stacking? Just curious :3


  2. Personally i think it’s better if you don’t pick another project and focus only on MGA (and Xian ni btw..). It’s already amazing that you can release 1 chapter/day from 3 different novels.


  3. Hey i really like MGA and Xian Ni and i think it is a nice idea to focus more on MGA.
    This is my first comment here :P

    But if you really want to translate another novel how about God Of Thunder ?
    There is already a translator but maybe you can work together

    The Story is about a young boy and he lives in a tribe together with his sister and grandfather,
    And he startet training when he was still a child in order to hunt for his family( sister to young and the grandfather to old)
    And one day before he goes to his first hunt his grandfather tells him that his family is different then the normal tribesman and that his family has a hidden power (something like qi) and his grandfather lost this power in a fight and retired to this tribe in order to get revenge and to hope for a strong descendant.


  4. I never read JMG and only discovered your site from Xian ni. I really don’t mind that you will be releasing MGA and Xian ni more :). I”m very content really.


  5. Just focus more on MGA please. MGA is a great novel! Would prefer if you didn’t have to take another one instead of JMG and just focus on it :). Anyway, whatever your decision is, thanks for translating!!!

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  6. huuuu,:( i’m so sad..
    I’m follower of the JMG..
    currious what will happen on the next chapt..
    is he can reach his task his master gave to him..?


  7. if you are going to start a new series a good one is slaughter god it was discontinued at chapter 5 i showed a lot of promise and was a very good read so a far


  8. Please don’t pick up any more novels… I would much prefer if you just focus on the two that you have. Ty for all your hard work.


  9. I read about 70% of whats released of jmg only out of desperation before dropping it while waiting for novels like mga, xian ni, deso world, cd, ect. So i’m more than happy to see this result though certainly feel for anyone that may have been invested in it in ways i wasn’t.


    1. I’m sure its a long shot but if you really wanted to translate another novel maybe consider helping finish another popular one instead of finding one to start at chapter 1. Some novels like Douluo Dalu are soooo addicting but has such a slow update it will be at least 2 years before its finished but I bet with you it can be done much sooner. So if you hadn’t noticed my real long shot was getting you to take up translating some Douluo Dalu since their translator is like a turtle trying to cross the country.


  10. kinda dissapointed because i follow JMG :P
    can you at least continue until anderson arc is over pls? :3
    if not it’s fine.i know i’m only a leecher ^^

    will try reading xian ni and MGA now. hope it’s better than JMG :D


  11. I agree with your decision. To me its better to, do one thing good than two shabby. I would like you to stay with only two novels, since it will cause improvement in quality(and feeling)*and of course more chapters* also im tired of dropped projects/end of translations so keep going even in lower pace. Many thanks from Poland.


  12. New guy here… Please DO NOT start a new novel before completing old one. Xian Ni & MGA are epic & your translation work is very good. Most of the comments here are urging you not to start a new novel & further divide your strength & speed. Once you finish both Xian NI & MGA, you will have more time to translate any new ln of your choice. Thanks.


      1. Since there are so many novels to choose from Im personally hoping you will pick say 5-10 novels and translate only the first 5 chapters of each of them. (casual project) A big charm with these novels are that they are so different compared to western lit. A slight taste of more of this different lit. would be great. I hope you will consider this request ;-)


        1. That’s kindof the idea I’m going with synopsis sunday: Trying to touch a bit of everything so people can see more variety in the Chinese web novels other than the usual xianxia, which are pretty much most of the Chinese web novels. I doubt I will be doing more than one chapter as you suggested because if I left it off at a cliffhanger then it’ll know..painful.


          1. Ah, still havnt looked around synopsis sunday. Its great that you already had that idea. The only thing we differ on is the amount of chapters a series “deserves”? 3 chapters perhaps is enough, but will 1 chapter be enough to get a feel for the novel? Yes I agree with your assessment of cliffs being painful but Im unsure if you mean for the reader or yourself? If its a great cliff Im sure readers will lift the series on other sites to be tl. You are not a tl god with infinite time. Everybody will go “I read that on flowerbridge, its great plz tl!!” :-)


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