MGA: Chapter 17 – Acquaintances

The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was a forbidden land. The entire mountain had layers of seals.

Unless one had flying abilities, they could only enter this Spiritual Medicine Mountain from the entrance.

There were 8 entrances in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain, and all 8 entrances had elders guarding there. Only at the time of the Spiritual Medicine Hunt would it be opened.

At that instant, all 8 entrances opened. The inner court disciples that had a token could enter, and almost 100 thousand disciples came in from all directions.

“This Spiritual Medicine Mountain is quite the mysterious place.”

Chufeng wandered around in the Spiritual Medicine Mountain. His gaze was attracted to the huge, sky covering trees and the dense bushes.

It was the first time that he saw such beautiful plants. Even the fragrances of the flowers were very dense, and the otherworldly scene intoxicated him.

“Ground Spirit Grass?” Suddenly, Chufeng saw a strange plant.

Height of 5 inches, 4 leaves, entirely green, and covered with faint light. It was the low-rank Ground Spirit Grass.

*Puu* But before even getting close, the Ground Spirit Grass contracted and prepared to escape.


Seeing that, Chufeng suddenly leaped, but he was one step too slow. The Ground Spirit Grass already burrowed into the ground when he arrived.

“These things really do have a spiritual nature.” Chufeng dryly laughed, but he was not impatient. He scanned around with his gaze.

He knew that the Ground Spirit Grass could escape underground, but after a certain distance they must return to the surface, and the escaping direction was usually straight.

So, Chufeng felt that as long as he confirmed the escaping tracks of the Ground Spirit Grass, it was not difficult to catch them with his speed.


Just at that time, a glow flashed, and a Ground Spirit Grass came out of the ground. It was obviously the same one that just escaped.

But just as the Ground Spirit Grass revealed itself, it suddenly burrowed back into the ground and continued escaping.

Chufeng rejoiced, and he strided over several steps, then leaped into the air like a sly rabbit. His hands formed into an eagle’s claw, and he grabbed at the empty space in front of him.

*Whoosh* Just as Chufeng predicted, as he landed on the ground, the Ground Spirit Grass came out from the ground again.

But this time, Chufeng was faster than it. He did not give any chance for it to escape. Chufeng’s big hands tightly grabbed onto its branches and pulled it out of the ground.

*ji ji ji*

When as Ground Spirit Grass disconnected from the ground, it started making ear-piercing noises and a wave of strong struggling power kept on coming from it.

But that struggle only lasted for a short while before it got weaker and weaker. At the end, the Ground Spirit Grass’s glow flashed, then it started to decrease in size. At the end, it was almost as big as a finger.

“This thing is really quite strange.”

When the spiritual medicine left the soil it would lose its spiritual nature, and the spiritual medicine that had no spiritual nature would have a very small body.

But those were only rumours. When a Ground Spirit Grass that was 5 inches long changed into not even half an inch long, anyone would feel surprise when they saw that in front of their face.


After taking care of the Ground Spirit Grass, Chufeng layered his hands and did a hand seal. A strong absorbing power surged from his dantian, and within a blink, it completely refined the Ground Spirit Grass that was in his palm.

“Hehe, these things are not even enough for you to fill the crack in your teeth.”

Chufeng bitterly smiled. The Ground Spirit Grass was only a low-rank spiritual medicine, and the spiritual energy inside it was several times worse than the Saint Spirit Grass. He would need quite a terrifying amount if he relied on it to feed the godly lightning.

As it couldn’t be helped, Chufeng continue wandering and went straight into the deep parts of the mountain forest.

The Spiritual Medicine Mountain was divided into the inner circle, middle circle, and outer circle.

The outer-circle had the low quality spiritual medicines, the middle-circle had the medium quality spiritual medicines, and the inner-circle had the high quality spiritual medicines.

Chufeng was more familiar with the high quality spiritual medicine: Saint Spirit Grass. But he also knew that the Saint Spirit Grasses were not kind when they still had their spiritual nature.

Not only did it escape when it saw people, it even had an extremely strong attack power. According to rumours, one Saint Spirit Grass was comparable to a rank 6 Fierce Beast. It also meant that without being in the 6th level of the Spirit realm you would not be its match.

That was why the inner-circle was viewed as a forbidden area and very little people dared to enter it. Chufeng also didn’t plan to hunt those scary guys, so his goal was the middle-circle.

The medium quality spiritual medicine was the Sky Spirit Grass. According to legends, it can stick to and quickly run across the ground. It even had the ability to become invisible, so it was very hard to catch. But, luckily, it didn’t have any killing power.

Although the spiritual energy that it contained was incomparable to the Saint Spirit Grass, it was still far away from the Ground Spirit Grass. So that was why catching it was Chufeng’s best goal for this time.

He kept on going, and all the Ground Spirit Grasses that Chufeng saw along the road were not able to escape his demonic grasp and they were even refined at the scene.

When it was noon, he finally reached the middle-circle and he quickly found one Sky Spirit Grass.

But, the Sky Spirit Grass was very impressive. Not only could it change its route of escape, it really did have the ability to become invisible.

Although the invisibility only lasted for a short while, Chufeng always suffered when it did.

Straight until the sun started setting in the west, Chufeng saw at least a dozen of Sky Spirit Grasses, but he didn’t even catch one.

“I do not believe that I will lose to a medium quality spiritual medicine.”

Although Chufeng was still vigorous even after running for the entire day, he was helpless when his stomach started drumming so he could only stop and fill himself up.

As he ate the rations, he did not forget about his ridicule by the Sky Spirit Grass, and he swore to catch the Sky Spirit Grass and to refine it.

“Like I said, don’t come to the middle-circle. These Sky Spirit Grass aren’t something that we can catch.”

“Miss, no need to rush. I’ve already slowly grasped onto the escaping patterns of the Sky Spirit Grass. Give me one more day, and I’ll guarantee that we can catch it.”

“One day? In one day, how many Ground Spirit Grasses can we catch in the outer-circle? You are simply wasting our time.”

Just at that time, broken words came from the forest and Chufeng could feel at least 10 people were coming close.

“Heh, it looks I’m not the only one who’s suffering.”

Chufeng chuckled, but didn’t even raise his head to look and ate the rations in his hands with huge bites.

“Miss look, that seems to be Chufeng.” But a surprised, yet also full of mock voice sounded, and Chufeng knew that he met a damn acquaintance.

He raised his and looked. 10 silhouettes were staring at him, and all of them were familiar faces.

The young female that was leading was called Chuxue. She was one year younger than Chufeng, and it could be said to be Chufeng’s cousin.

Although this Chuxue was not as sweet and beautiful as Chuyue, she still had a few points of looks. Especially her snow white skin which matched her name.

[TN: “Xue” means snow.]

But she was the same as Chucheng and Chuzhen. She didn’t like Chufeng when they were small and she belonged to the enemy force.

Behind Chuxue were 9 people. Although they had the surname of “Chu”, but strictly saying they weren’t part of the Chu family.

They were the servants of the Chu family, and because their parents had some status in the Chu family, they entered the Green Dragon School at the same time. But the funny thing was even these people looked down at Chufeng.

“Oh! It’s you Chufeng.”

The repulsive voice sounded again, and it turned out that the person who spoke was a tall and skinny youth that stood next to Chuxue.

Chufeng also recognized that person. He was called Chugao, and since he was small he liked to stick next to Chuxue. He was Chuxue’s shadow.

[TN: “Gao” means tall.]

The thing worth mentioning was that although Chugao had the status of a servant, but his talent wasn’t bad and he entered the Green Dragon School at the same time as Chuyue, and he was also level 4 in the Spirit realm as well.

In Chuxue’s group, Chugao’s strength was decent, so it was obvious that he was the main power in this group.

But that guy was not reliable. Seeing as he brought Chuxue and the others into the middle-circle, you could tell that he was a person that bit off more than he could chew.

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