Earlier Announcement for Everything

Gah. I am in no mood to translate for some reason, so I might as well push this announcement a day earlier. Although it seems that I have a fairly interesting synopsis for tomorrow (cough “Devil Demon Hunting Diary” cough). 

Anyways, I’m sure many people are curious what my plans are for now. First of all, thank you for the novel suggestions. I will look over them in a certain day in the future. (Who knows when)

Secondly, many people have asked that I don’t translate anymore series and focus on the ones I have now, which are MGA and Xian Ni. Very well, I shall do that. For now.

Although I have plans for more series, that may change depending on MGA and Xian Ni. If things are getting too intense for me to stop typing and translating, then I will put off adding another series and focus on MGA and Xian Ni instead. Now, some answers.

As JMG is removed, that means I have an extra space for either MGA or Xian Ni per day. Thus, my new releasing schedule is 2 chapters of MGA and 1 chapter of Xian Ni everyday, in addition to the extra chapters from donations.

Why MGA and not Xian Ni? Well, because void is translating Xian Ni as well as me, so might as well push MGA faster ahead.

If, if, I catch up to Xian Ni (~65 chapters of difference right now?), then I will alternate between MGA and Xian Ni as it goes and keep them as equal as possible.

I will not start another series until MGA catches up to Xian Ni, so that’s quite a bit of time. During that period of time, I will look over the novel recommendations and if the time comes, also looking at the series, I may/may not add a series.

I have no plans to join another translation group, but I can collaborate (like me and void). I will decide all that at a certain time in the future, and I will remember to ask the opinions of everyone then.

But, for now, MGA and Xian Ni are my focuses, and I won’t bother with other series. As for JMG, I am going to delay the summary for a few days. If, after Tuesday, no new translation group with a new chapter of JMG show up, then I will do the summary. I don’t want to post the summary right now because that may make other translators lose motivation in translating JMG and things like that.

I believe that covers everything. I hope that I can get at least 2 MGA chapters out tomorrow at sometime, but I may not be able depending on the various circumstances.

As usual, thank you for reading, and if you have any more questions, just slap them below and I’ll try my best to answer them if I see it.


35 thoughts on “Earlier Announcement for Everything

  1. Tempered Immortal. It’s basically about a really smart normal guy who doesn’t have smart root (what’s required to become immortal) trying to become an immortal. It’s more about strategies and intelligence than just overpowering the opponents (it still happens sometimes). http://shushu.com.cn/b_nfg.htm

    Cut Immortal is about a guy who was close to being immortal sent back in time (only his memories). He starts over with all of his previous memories and tries to change his past. This is like I Eat Tomatoes novels where the main character is super overpowered. http://shushu.com.cn/b_vfa.htm

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    1. Well i cant edit and i posted by mistake, anyways thxs for you translation you rock man those are some recommendations if you want to take a look, but dont overwork yourself your pace is almost godlike


  2. hmm, if I may ask why drop JMG and not Xian Ni since that one already has a translator(void)??? And why not start it up again when you have time instead of making a summary and taking a 3rd new series??


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