Xian Ni: Chapter 65 – Mourning Sect

Huang Long touched his storage bag and looked at the direction of the Heng Yue Sect with a face of depression. Daoxu stood next to him, sighed, then said, “One day, we will return.”

Huang Long bitterly smiled and said, “The Purple Saint Sword (or Ziyue Xian Sword) was given to me by Ancestor Liu when I became Head of Sect. He said to me, as long as the sword is here the people will be as well, but now…Sigh.”

The red-faced elder called Ma said in a low voice, “The Xuan Dao Sect has a Yuanying stage old monster, so it’s reasonable that we don’t attack him. No need to blame yourself for things like this. In the cultivating world of Zhao, isn’t it always like this? The strong eats the weak, and back then when our Heng Yue Sect was huge, we also did quite a few things like this.”

Huang Long hiddenly sighed and said nothing more.

Wang Lin sat cross-legged on the ground and looked in the direction of the Heng Yue Sect. This huge thing happened too suddenly so he was quite unprepared. In his heart, he was most worried about his parents.

After thinking for while, Wang Lin still was uneasy. He was afraid that the Xuan Dao Sect disciples would find his parents and take revenge on them. Thinking about that, a cold shine flashed into his eyes. Although he was unwilling to kill, if there were anyone that touched his parents then Wang Lin wouldn’t mind taking care of them.

“That’s right. Wang Lin, you should have done that a long time ago. Hehe, isn’t it just killing? So what? I have 10 thousand ways of letting people wish that they were dead.” Situnan said in Wang Lin’s mind.

“Killing people isn’t the method to solving a problem. After killing one there will be the second. Unless I can kill off all the Xuan Dao disciples that were defeated by me.” Wang Lin frowned and said to the Situnan in his heart.

“What’s so hard about it? I’ll teach you a technique called the Puppet Technique. You only need to catch one person, then you can refine them as they are alive and make them into into puppets that follows your orders. With that, you can sleep peacefully.” Situnan instantly incited.

As he said that, the fatty from the flying sword building came over. He sat next to him and bitterly smiled at Wang Lin, “Big senior, I am Huang Dashan. Please take care of me in the future.”

Wang Lin looked at him, and before he even said anything, a black-clothed disciple called Zhang walked over and said, “Huang Dashan. If you have time then train. That would be a lot more reliable than having others take care of you.”

Huang Dashan frowned and had a worried face on. He said, “Our sect is gone, and within these inner court disciples, big senior Wang Lin is the strongest. I wouldn’t be able to catch up to him no matter how much I train, so I might as well be a little bro.”

The disciple called Zhang turned around and looked at Wang Lin. Within his brain, he couldn’t help but remember all those years ago when he brought the 3 young people up the mountain. He sighed and said, “Wang Lin, your rate of improvement is really quite surprising. It is admirable.”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled but said nothing. He always admired Zhang. He was a person that never humiliated him from the start, and also constantly reminded him to train.

At that time, Lusong frowned as he walked towards them three. He said, “Zhang Dekun, long time no see. I see that you’ve also reached the 6th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage… Do you remember the pact 10 years ago?”

Zhang’s gaze flickered as he stared at Lusong and said, “Of course I remember.”

Lusong sighed, sat on the side, patted Wang Lin’s shoulders and said, “Wang Lin. The Heng Yue Sect only exists with its name right now, and I’ll say something ugly. You will have a better future in the Xuan Dao Sect than in here.”

After saying that, he bitterly smiled at Zhang and said, “Zhang Dekun, your ugly temper is the same as before. What pact of 10 years ago? The sect is gone, and we’ve also scattered. Sigh.”

Wang Lin looked at Lusong, moved his shoulders while not leaving any traces as he stayed out of the way then said, “Senior Lusong is also not staying at the Xuan Dao Sect.”

Lusong shook his head and said, “Don’t call me senior. According to the rules, I should be calling you senior. It would be impossible for me to stay at the Xuan Dao Sect. Hehe, if I stayed there, then I would have no future. I’ve offended too many people in the Xuan Dao Sect.”

Zhang Dekun coldly said, “You have offended no less people in the Heng Yue Sect.”

Lusong raised his head, looked at Zhang Dekun and said honestly, “Zhang Dekun, before being a core disciple, I have indeed made many angry, but that was the past. Why mention it again? There was only one space for a core disciple, so I had no choice. I apologize to you right now.”

Zhang Dekun had a cold expression on and did not say anything. Back in the day, in the core disciple competition, he was competing with the opponent’s family relative. But, before the competition, Lusong appeared and easily injured him which resulted in the loss in the competition.

At that time, Lusong said to him that if he did not accept that, he could find him 10 years later.

Lusong said sincerely, “Zhang Dekun, I will find ways to compensate for the past. But, currently, the sect is in a difficult situation so we must combine our hearts together. No need to talk about the other disciples that are under the 5th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage. Between us four, Huang Dashan is in the 5th layer, Zhang Dekun is in the 6th, and I am in the 8th. What about you Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin saw that the gazes of the crowd was looking at him, and after some thought, he said honestly, “14th layer of the Concentrated Qi stage.”

With those words, the 3 people around him all took a deep breath and were speechless. They knew that Wang Lin was strong, but they never would have thought that he was that strong.

Lusong’s mouth went dry and he said bitterly, “Congratulations Wang Lin, you’re almost in the Foundation Building stage, and at that time I would have to call you ‘elder’.”

Zhang Dekun looked deeply at Wang Lin and also sighed. The little fatty Huang Dashan had his eyes wide open.

All the other disciples around them occasionally looked at the 4 people. Some people had sharp ears and when they heard Wang Lin’s words, their face instantly changed. Their gazes towards Wang Lin were even more respectful.

Lusong took a deep breath and said, “Wang Lin, us 4 are the current strongest in the inner court disciples of the sect. In the future, we will view you as the big senior, then I would be next, then Zhang Dekun, then Huang Dashan. We should help each other with each other’s cultivation and become one. What do you think?”

Wang Lin thought for a bit and didn’t say anything. Huang Dashan instantly agreed and said, “Second senior is correct, we should do this.”

Zhang Dekun hesitated for a bit, but also nodded and said, “In the inner court disciples, we do need a leader. That way, we can remove some of the worries for our elders and let them peacefully cultivate.”

Wang Lin didn’t feel that this issue was important as he had other plans in his heart, but seeing that the two of them agreed, he did not refuse and also nodded.

Just at that time, Liu Wuwen and the old lady called Wang opened their eyes.


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