Xian Ni: Chapter 64 – Scattering of the Sect

The huge dragon roared at Punanzi, and tried to bite him.

Punanzi coldly smiled. He flicked his finger on the sword and yelled, “Beast, return!”

The body of the huge dragon trembled, and it was instantly dispirited. It unwillingly returned back to the sword, and the entire sword instantly darkened in color without any shine.

Liu Wenju and the old lady looked at each other, then they both sighed. The old lady’s expression was gloomy, and she said, “Whatever. Disciples from Heng Yue, follow me and let’s leave.” After saying that, she looked around, sighed once again, then floated into the air.

Punanzi narrowed his eyes, then suddenly said, “The Xuan Dao Sect is now taking in disciples. To those who want to enter our sect can stay here.”

The 10 elders who were in the Foundation Building stage had strange faces on. Except for 2 that rose in the air and stood next to the old lady, the remaining 8 looked at each other and did not follow.

Liu Wenju had a blank look, and the colour of his face slightly changed. It looked like he wanted to say something, but at the end he could not. With a sigh in his heart, he shook his head while rising in the air, and stood with the old lady.

“Everyone has their own ambitions. If you are not willing to follow then don’t force yourself.” The old lady forcefully pressed down the hatred in her heart and said that.

The elders all hesitated for a moment. Ultimately, except for Huang Long, Dao Xu, and Hong Lian, the rest of them did not even shift a bit. Only those three people stood behind the 2 Jiedan stage ancestors.

Within the dozens of inner court disciples, only 10 or so flew up and the rest remained where the were. Wang Zhou hesitated for a long time and he did not meet Dao Xu’s eyes. The raised legs were put down again, and he did not follow.

The girl called Zhou hesitated for a short while but did not follow. As for the girl called Xu, seeing that Wang Zhou didn’t go, the feet that she stepped out also were put back down.

Wang Hao was already able to walk. He bitterly smiled and said to Wang Lin, “Tie Zhu bro. I’m not going anywhere but returning home with my grandfather. Don’t worry about your family, I’ll take care of them.”

Wang Lin hesitated for a bit. He had too many secrets on his body, so if he went to the Xuan Dao Sect, then there would certainly have a lot of unknown dangers. So after thinking for a while, he was going to fly up.

Just at that time, Punanzi’s eyes flickered and he stared at Wang Lin. Suddenly, he said, “Wang Lin, you stay.”

Wang Lin stared at him with a blank face, then respectfully said, “May I ask why you need me to stay?”

Punanzi raised his head and coldly said, “If I say you stay then you stay, no need to say so much rubbish.”

Liu Wenju hesitated, then suddenly said, “This Wang Lin is an important disciple of our Heng Yue Sect, so I really hope that you don’t make things too difficult for us and let him leave.” He had heard quite a few things about Wang Lin these days, and he also observed him before. He really did not want to let a future disciple that was going to be in the Foundation Stage go.

Punanzi snorted and said to Wang Lin, “Only the name remains for the Heng Yue Sect, yet you still want to drift far away? If you join my Xuan Dao Sect, then your future will undoubtedly be more glorious than joining the Heng Yue Sect. But, you can choose however you wish so people won’t say that our Xuan Dao Sect stole the mountains and even stole the disciples.”

Punanzi was certain in his heart. If this Wang Lin was not stupid, then he would not follow the Heng Yue Sect.

Wang Lin thought for a while, and without saying anything he cupped his hands together, rose in the air, and arrived next to Huang Long.

[TN: Cupping hands together means doing a Chinese salute, aka a respectful gesture.]

Punanzi’s gaze flashed and coldly said, “Blind to kindness!”

Liu Wenju and the old lady equally looked deeply at Wang Lin. They waited a bit more, and seeing that the disciples on the ground were all looking down without any thoughts of following, the two of them sighed, then the old lady said, “Whatever. We go!”

After saying that, she flew ahead first. The remaining dozen or so people all followed with bitter expressions.

The crowd, under the lead of the two Jiedan ancestors were like stray dogs, and silently formed into several rainbows then left the Heng Yue Sect Gate.

On the road, no one said anything. Except for anger on their faces, there were blank looks.

They flew for quite a while, straight until the sky started getting dark. Liu Wenju and the old lady discussed a bit, and stopped on an isolated peak. The crowd landed one after the other.

The old lady hiddenly sighed and looked at the crowd. Except for the 2 Foundation Building stage elders, the rest were in the Concentrated Qi stage. There were 4 people from Huang Long’s generation, and only 12 from Wang Lin’s generation. She bitterly smiled, but firmly said, “Although today our Heng Yue Sect is met with such a calamity, do not despair. Change always happens in the world of cultivation. Today, their Xuan Dao Sect forcefully took our sect location from us. But, when me and Liu Wenju successfully reach the Yuanying stage, we will certainly take it back.”

Within the remaining 2 Foundation Building stage elders, one of them was Shanguan who was in the main hall observing Wang Lin. He lightly coughed and said, “Ancestor Wang is correct. We should have an upright and brave fighting spirit, and we must carve this humiliation in our hearts. In the future, when we have success, we must take back our mountain!”

The other Foundation Building stage elder had a wide face and fat body. At that time, he had a face of worry on, and looking at the remaining disciples, he said, “Everyone abandons everyone when the catastrophe arrives. Who would have thought that only you guys remain to follow the great Heng Yue Sect… Sigh…”

Within the inner court disciples that followed, Wang Lin only knew the names of two other disciples. The one called Zhang and the other called Lusong. He did not know the name of the rest of the disciples, but more or less he knew their faces.

Within them, there was the small fatty whom he met outside of the flying sword building.

Liu Wenju took a deep breath, and with a serious expression, he said, “Don’t mention the past. The most important thing right now is to find another monastery. Many years ago, there was one several thousand miles from here on the Elephant Snake Mountain. For now, let’s leave for there.”

The old lady thought for a while, then nodded and said, “That’s fine. After arriving there, us two need to immediately train behind doors and succeed within our lifetime of 100 years.”

Liu Wenju’s gaze turned, and he said to the 2 elders in the Foundation Building stage, “Shanguan, Songyu, you two guard the surroundings. I will recover some spiritual power with ancestor Wang, and after recovering the energy lost from the Mountain Protector, the both of us can fly all of you. That way the speed would be faster as well.”

Shanguan and Songyu quickly agreed.

Liu Wenju took out several jade strips and threw them in the air. Green light came from it, and both his hands easily formed into some hand gestures for a spell. The jade strips instantly bursted, formed into a layer of screen of light, and it covered a circumference of 20 meters.

After doing that, he sat cross-legged, held a spiritual stone, and closed his eyes. The old lady called Wang also sat cross-legged, and also started to recover her spiritual power.


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