MGA: Chapter 11 – Self Ridicule

“Rank 1 skill, the Hundred-Armed Fist was actually mastered!”

Cries of surprise sounded in the hall, and everyone could see that Chuzhen could fully use that skill.

Although the Hundred-Armed Fist was only a rank 1 skill, if it was mastered, it would be very strong as well.

If they were in the same level, if there wasn’t the appropriate skill to counter it, then he would have no chance. That was why everyone knew that Chufeng, without a doubt, would lose.

Chuyue frowned, and secretly walked 2 steps forward, wanting to stop Chuzhen’s evil schemes.

“Chuyue, observers cannot help. You should know this rule right?”

Just at that time, she heard a sound next to her ear. Turning around, she saw that Chucheng was smiling and staring at Chuyue.

Chuyue knew that the situation was not good. She never thought that Chucheng would have his eyes on her.

But because of that, it meant that those two brothers would not easily let Chufeng go, and that made her even more worried.

*Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh*

The afterimages of the fist filled the air and almost completely blocked Chufeng’s line of sight. With the sound of breaking through the air, he suddenly attacked.

Chufeng could feel that Chuzhen’s fist was not ordinary, and he did not restrain himself in any way. It showed that he was very ruthless.

But Chufeng was not afraid at all, and he stood still. He did not dodge nor escape, and silently waited for the attack.

“Is this Chufeng stupid? Why isn’t he dodging?”

“He wants to dodge, but could he? With his power, he probably can’t react in time.”

“That’s true. He is, after all, the trash that stayed in the outer court for 5 years.”

Seeing that Chufeng did not dodge, they even thought that Chufeng was scared stiff by Chuzhen’s might, and their faces revealed the smiles of seeing others in trouble.


But just as Chuzhen got near, Chufeng suddenly waved his sleeve, and an extremely huge aura exploded from inside his body.

And when that aura pounced at Chuzhen, he suddenly stared blankly, because within that aura, he felt the killing intent.


Just as Chuzhen was staring blankly, Chufeng suddenly stuck his palm out. The speed was extremely fast, and before anyone reacted to it, it already blasted onto Chuzhen’s chest.

*Boom* With the strike of the palm, Chuzhen instantly felt that his Qi and blood were raging, and a wave of pain came from his chest.

*Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh* But before he even had time to think, Chufeng already sent a few more palms and they all stuck Chuzhen.

“Ahh!” Chuzhen cried out loud. Both his legs went numb, and he directly kneeled in front of Chufeng, then fell on the ground without power.


The scene widened everyone’s mouth. They would have never thought that Chufeng would have such an explosive power!

But they didn’t even know that it was the result of Chufeng restraining himself. Or else, with only one palm, he could have killed Chuzhen.

“You are in the level 4 Spirit realm?” At that time, Chuwei opened his mouth. Both his eyes tightly stared at Chufeng, and it was filled with astonishment.

“What? Level 4 Spirit realm?”

With those words, everyone started to have reactions. To beat a level 3 Spirit realm without using martial skills, they would require the power of the level 4 Spirit realm.

But, trying to connect “level 4 Spirit realm” with Chufeng, the crowd felt that it was unimaginable and it was hard to accept.

Not only them, even Chuyue had her eyes wide open. Her small mouth slowly opened, and her face was full of surprise.

Chufeng didn’t care about the crowd. He directly walked in front of the table, took the 3 Saint Spirit Grasses, and walked towards the door.

“Stop right there. This is an exchange between family members, yet you attacked so heavily. Where is your heart?” Just at that time, someone suddenly yelled out.

Looking over, Chucheng was holding Chuzhen by the arm and lifting him up. But, Chucheng’s face was full of anger. It was not endurable when his younger brother got beaten up by someone to this extent.

“What? When did you see me as part of the your family? I don’t recall you saying that before?” Chufeng lightly smiled then said, “And even you said it. Fists and kicks don’t have eyes, so you cannot complain about any injuries. What are you doing right now? You can’t take the loss?”

“I can’t take the loss? It’s obvious that you intentionally heavily attacked.” Chuzhen bit his teeth to endure the pain, and loudly lashed out.

As the victim, he was very clear that Chufeng’s first palm already defeated him. But, Chufeng continuously bombarded him with more attacks, so it was obvious that it was intentional and he wanted him to feel even more embarrassed.

Listening to that, Chufeng smiled again, “I just entered the 4th level of the Spirit realm, so I don’t understand my strength that much.”

“And before, your skill seemed so strong, so naturally I didn’t dare to underestimate it and I used my full strength to answer your attack.”

“But who would have thought that you were just a paper tiger, so weak that you couldn’t even take one hit. I overestimated you a bit.”

“You…” Listening to Chufeng’s words, Chuzhen’s face was pale. He was so angry that every breath he was taking made huge sounds, and he almost spit out his own liver out from all the puffing.

Not only was he defeated by the “garbage”, he was even humiliated in front of the crowd, and it was really hard for him to accept that.

But, even if he wasn’t willing to, he could say nothing about it because the rules just now were made by him and his brother.

“Chufeng, don’t be too arrogant. If you have the guts then let’s go right now.” Just at that time, another person from the Chu family stood up.

“Oh? You want to duel me as well? That’s fine, then bet a Saint Spirit Grass. Do you dare?” Chufeng stretched his hand towards that person.


That person was the same as Chuzhen, as he also entered the Green Dragon School at the same time as Chufeng, but his strength was not strong as Chuzhen.

He did dare to duel Chufeng, but he did not dare if he had to bet the Saint Spirit Grass.

“What’s wrong? If there’s anyone else who wants to go, then you can come right now as long as you don’t mind parting with your Saint Spirit Grass.”

Chufeng scanned his gaze at the crowd, but not one of them dared to look at him in the eyes. They were not afraid of Chufeng, they just didn’t dare to take the Saint Spirit Grass as a wager because those were their lifeline.

“Chufeng, don’t be excessive.” Finally, Chuwei talked.

“What’s this? Chuwei, you also want to go? If I’m not mistaken, you should be 5 years older than me right?”

“If you don’t mind people saying that you are bullying the small, then I don’t mind. After all, if I lose, I won’t lose face, and if I win I’ll earn big, right?”

Listening to that, Chuwei clenched his fists, but he said nothing more.

It was because Chufeng was correct. Chuwei was not like Chucheng or Chuzhen since there was not much of an age difference between them and Chufeng.

But Chuwei couldn’t, because he was not a youth anymore. With his age, even if he won over Chufeng, he would be ridiculed by others, so that was why he could not attack.

Seeing that most of the people in the hall lowered their heads, Chufeng suddenly laughed. He laughed very happily, but before turning around and leaving, he said,

“I’ll give everyone here a 2 phrases before I leave. The first is “thinking that you are infallible”, the second is “self ridicule”. As for the meaning behind them, you all can understand them by yourselves.” After saying that, Chufeng forced a door open, and left elegantly.

In that instant, the atmosphere in the residence became very awkward. Originally, the Chu family wanted Chufeng to be humiliated, but now, they got humiliated by Chufeng in front of several outsiders. That really made them feel that they had no more face.

But the most unacceptable thing was Chufeng’s strength. Originally, they thought that Chufeng was the garbage of the Chu family. But now, Chufeng was in the 4th level of the Spirit realm, surpassing many people. That made them feel a lot of shame.

Chufeng walked out of the residence, and was refreshed in his heart. Pretty much from young until now, he was bullied by those people, and finally, today, he bullied them back.

Actually, this wasn’t bullying. Chufeng was only forced by them. But no matter what, Chufeng was extremely refreshed.

“Chufeng.” Before Chufeng even walked far, a sweet call came from behind him, and it was Chuyue.

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  1. If she turns into a bitch like “y u so excessive” please consider, for just a moment, dropping this :O

    Other than that, I wonder how the Chu family will be considering their trash Alliance was proven to be trashier.


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  6. Seeing that most of the people in the mall lowered their heads, Chufeng suddenly laughed. He laughed very happily, but before turning around and leaving, he said,
    Seeing that most of the people in the hall lowered their heads, Chufeng suddenly laughed. He laughed very happily, but before turning around and leaving, he said,


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