Xian Ni: Chapter 62 – Calamity

Outside the building, Huang Long stopped and said to Wang Lin, “This is the Hidden Scripture Building. Go in. The first floor are all sorts of skills for the Concentrated Qi stage, so take a look. The second floor is the skills for the Foundation Building stage. I’ll wait outside for you.”

Wang Lin was a bit nervous. After taking a deep breath, he walked in. This building was divided into 4 floors. The first floor was filled with hundreds of tightly packed jade strips, and the strips all flickered with a milky-white shine.

[TN: Bamboo strips were the things used in ancient times for writing, and these jade strips are just like those except they’re made of jade.]

“No need to look. What kind of toys are these? All of them are low-ranked skills, and I wouldn’t even look at these things back in my day.” Situnan sneered and said.

Wang Lin didn’t rush to the 2nd floor, nor did he listen to Situnan. He wanted to look over all the strips on the first floor, as there were probably all the skills he could think of for the Concentrated Qi stage. Wang Lin slowly immersed himself in it, as he looked, he tried to use it.

“Top-rank – Fire Cloud.” Wang Lin picked up a jade strip and carefully looked at it.

“Dog butt top-rank. This little thing is just some low-rank fire controlling technique. The Soul Fire Technique that I know is the top-rank one!” Situnan immediately said.

Wang Lin stared blankly, put it down, and picked up another.

“Top-rank – Ground Concealment Technique.”

“Garbage. Pure garbage. Back in my place, things like these I could grab a bunch anywhere, and they even called it top-rank. My Five Element Concealment Technique is the top-rank one!”

“Top-rank – Wind Blade.”

“Still trash. I know the Gale Cloud Technique, and it’s 100 times stronger than it.”

“9 Heavens Thunder Technique.”

“What’s that thing? It’s just some low class thunder technique with some terrifying name. Garbage!”

“Saint Calling Technique.”

“Now that’s a bit better, but it’s still garbage. I know the Big Saint Calling Technique, and it’s 100 times stronger than that.”

In that period of time, Situnan criticized every single skill without restraint. The Wang Lin who was listening frowned, and at the end he really couldn’t cultivate any of them so he went on the 2nd floor.

There weren’t as many jade strips on the 2nd floor, and only a couple dozen were floating mid-air.

“All of them are low-rank skills, don’t bother even looking at them.” Situnan lazily said.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled, and thought: “You’re from a rank 6 country, so it’s obvious that you look down on the skills here.”

“Wang Lin, no need to look at these. Hurry up and find an isolated place to train behind doors, and when you reach the Foundation Building stage then leave this small sect.” Situnan urged.

His expectant mood already disappeared like clouds and smoke with Situnan’s words. Wang Lin frowned and walked out of the Hidden Scripture Building.

Seeing that Wang Lin was walking out, Huang Long had a blank look, then asked, “Done already? You better choose one carefully, as there are all sorts of top-rank skills hidden in the cultivation world of Zhao. People usually don’t even have the qualifications to enter, so you can’t be careless.”

Wang Lin’s expression was strange. Situnan’s criticism and the Head of Sect’s praise created a distinct difference, but he nodded and said, “I’ve chosen it.”

Huang Long frowned, and as he was going to ask which ones he choose, suddenly, the entire Blue Pine Peaks shook as if an earthquake was happening, and it roared and trembled.

“I am Punanzi from the Xuan Dao Sect. Hurry up and see me, little people from Heng Yue.”

Huang Long’s face changed, and at that time, 10 or so shadows quickly rushed out from the buildings all around. The two in front were especially provoking. One of them had a white hair and his eyes were bright and full of expression.

Next to him was an old lady. She had a full face of wrinkles, and her expression was heavy. After coldly sweeping over Huang Long and Wang Lin, she raised her head, stared at the sky, and said nothing.

Behind those two, the 10 elders all had bitter expressions on.

“Wang Lin, there are experts from the Yuanying stage out there and this time, the Heng Yue Sect is in trouble. Hurry up and find a chance to escape. With me, I can barely make them to be unable to find you. Hmph, if I had my physical body, then I wouldn’t even be afraid of some person in the Yuanying stage!” Situnan’s tone contained the rarely seen seriousness as he quickly said that.

Wang Lin inhaled a breath of air, and it was indeterminable whether his face was clear or moody.

The white-haired old man yelled loudly, “Punanzi, I wonder what you came to our Heng Yue sect for? Please explain.”

A huge shadow appeared in the sky. His face was wide and he had large ears. He looked quite imposing, and he said deeply, “The Mountain Protector Spell from the Heng Yue Sect. If it was 500 years ago, then I would have some worries, but now, it’s only so so. I’ll talk to you little people after I break through this.”

After saying that, with the wave of his huge hands, a little black hill instantly appeared. The little hill instantly became a huge peak. He clapped his hands together, and muttered some complicated, difficult to understand words.

The huge peak instantly smashed down, and with a boom, a light screen appeared above the Blue Pine Peaks and the Heng Yue Peaks. The light screen was like an upside-down bowl, and it protected the Heng Yue Sect, also blocking the huge peak.

“It is indeed worthy of the huge sect of 500 years ago. This shapeless huge barrier is impressive, and it can even dissipate all the attacks. But without the support of a Yuanying stage person, let’s see how many more attacks it can take!” Punanzi coldly smiled, and with the point of his right hand and some quick muttering, instantly, the huge peak started spinning and smashed down once again.

The white-haired elder’s face changed greatly. He tore open a crack in mid-air, and went inside. All the people behind him also quickly entered.

Huang Long also said, “Wang Lin, follow up!” After saying that, his body was as fast as an arrow and hurriedly went inside the crack.

With a stamp, Wang Lin also tightly followed.

At that time, the huge peak pounded down. The light screen made a heaven and earth shaking noise, and the 7 coloured lights were rapidly flickering, barely holding on.

Wang Lin squeezed along the crack, and when he came out he arrived at the stone stage on the Blue Pine Mountain. At that time, the white-haired elder and that old woman were sitting cross-legged on the 2 of the 8 white jades, and they were rapidly muttering spells.

On the other 6 white jades were also 6 other elders in the Foundation Building stage. All of their faces were distressed and they revealed worried expressions.

“Huang Long, quickly bring all the inner court disciples here. The greatest calamity of our Heng Yue Sect in 500 years is today.” The old woman said gravely. After speaking, she quickly sprayed a breathe of Qi towards the white jade and spoke even faster.

With a shake, Huang Long said nothing and quickly rushed out along the stone bridge towards the Heng Yue Peaks.

“Hmph, it was actually able to endure two of my attacks.  With this third one, break!” The Punanzi in the air coldly snorted. He spit out a wave of Yuanying Qi from his mouth. Instantly, the mountain peak trembled, and the power increased rapidly, over 10 times as powerful as before, and it looked like it was going to cover the sky and moon. Then, it fiercely smashed down.

After a huge boom, one of the 8 white jades exploded, and an elder who was in the Foundation Stage bled in all seven apertures. His body twisted, and fell on the ground.


44 thoughts on “Xian Ni: Chapter 62 – Calamity

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    I have a question though.. I was looking at the raws because I was curious and there appears to be around 2000 chapters of Xian Ni, is this accurate? I feel like I must be misunderstanding the raw site somehow.


    1. That is accurate. Chinese web novels usually span for quite some chapters, some stop at around 1500, some stop at around 2000, some even more, so Xian Ni being over 2000 chapters is actually not surprising if you compared it to other web novels.


  2. Hmm, so there wasn’t a fire skill that was rare or something. How sad for the entire sects knowledge to be useless. Thank you as always!


  3. anybody notice how similar Wang Lin is to Linley except personality wise and talent the have the same kind of setting but flipped talent aka a mentor in an item they don’t understand


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