Xian Ni: Chapter 59 – Interrogation

Lu Yunjie’s body trembled once. Forcing a smile, he said, “Senior….Wang, what’s the problem? Do you want to have some pills? I have plenty and I can give them to you first.”

“Third senior, I need to ask you about a person. Wang Hao, the medicine boy from your pill room.” Wang Lin glared at Lu Yunjie. Before, he didn’t have much confidence in his cultivation, so he thought that he didn’t have enough strength to deal with Wang Hao’s situation. But after a few battles, Wang Lin understood quite a bit more about his own power.

The colour of Lu Yunjie’s face changed, and he cursed in his heart. His expression on his face was indeterminable, and he suddenly fiercely bit his teeth, then backed away a few steps and said, “Wang Lin, that Wang Hao is my medicine boy, and he is very important in my pill creation. I cannot agree!”

On the side, Huang Long felt rather suspicious. With a frown, he yelled, “Lu Yunjie. What is so important about an insignificant medicine boy?”

Lu Yunjie’s face seemed bitter. He bit his teeth and shook his head, “Head of Sect, I cannot answer your question. This Wang Hao…He…He already…”

Wang Lin face changed. He moved, changed into a rainbow, and rushed towards the Heng Yue peaks with lightning speed.

Huang Long and the elders next to him all started to have suspicions, and they followed. Daoxu grabbed on Lu Yunjie’s, stepped on a magic cloud, and flew towards the Heng Yue peaks.

Very quickly, Wang Lin arrived above the pill room on the Heng Yue peaks. He scanned with his soul, and immediately found out that at the back of the room, Wang Hao still had a weak pulse. With a calm face, he kicked open the door. After walking into the back room, he stared blankly at the scene, and instantly his anger reached the limit.

He saw that there was a huge pill refinement furnace, and Wang Hao had no colour on his face as he sat crossed-legged inside the furnace. His life was slowly disappearing.

Wang Lin didn’t even blink and he pushed with one hand. The Gravity Technique moved as he wished, and grabbed inside the furnace. 5 coloured rays appeared within the furnace, and they formed into a light ray screen, colliding with the hand created from the Gravity Technique.

Wang Lin coldly snorted, and the spiritual power within his body surged out. Instantly, the strength of the Gravity Technique increased greatly, and screen created from light made the sounds of a mirror being shattered. After the screen dissipated, Wang Lin held onto Wang Hao and gently put him on the ground.

He pressed on Wang Hao’s forehead with his right hand, and thought without speaking.

At that time, Huang Long and the other elders arrived as well. One of the elders looked at the pill refinement furnace, then looked at Wang Hao. Suddenly the colour of his face changed, and he cried out, “Furnace Fire Trial!”

Daoxu looked carefully, and threw the Lu Yunjie who he was holding with his hand then said, “Lu Yunjie. You’ve got some nerves! Although this Furnace Fire Trial isn’t a forbidden technique, but it can only be used towards outsiders. It cannot be used towards people from the same sect. Did you forget that?!”

Lu Yunjie’s face was pale, and with a poof he kneeled on the ground while saying in a low voice, “I’ve came here when I was 15 and became a disciple. 25 years has passed since then, but my cultivation level is stuck at the 6th layer of Concentrated Qi. I am not willing to accept that. The pills that gets created by this Furnace Fire Trial not only increases one’s lifespan, there’s also a chance that they could raise their cultivation level. I will try anything. This Wang Hao is the medicine boy that I picked up, and according to the rules we aren’t even in the same sect. He’s my private servant. What’s wrong about using him for refinement?”

At that time, Wang Lin widened both his eyes. Just now, Wang Hao’s life force was very faint, but through the help of his spiritual power, he picked his life back up. He also heard Lu Yunjie’s words, and after a few cold sounds, he said no more.

Huang Long had a tight frown on. On one side, there was the Wang Lin that rose to the sky like the sun, on the other hand there was the Lu Yunjie that had been in the sect for 25 years. It was very hard to determine who to support, but after some thinking, he made a decision and said to Daoxu, “Daoxu. You are the person responsible for punishments. How do you think Lu Yunjie should be handled?”

Listening to those words, Daoxu instantly understood the decision of the Sect’s Head. After some self muttering, he said, “Lu Yunjie will face the wall for 20 years.”

Huang Long nodded, turned around and said to Wang Lin kindly, “Wang Lin, from now on, this Wang Hao will be an inner court disciple as compensation. So, also from now on, don’t search for Lu Yunjie for trouble, after all, you two are from the same sect.”

Wang Lin looked at Lu Yunjie, then said, “Yes sir.”

Huang Long flicked his sleeve and said, “Okay, the situation has been resolved. Daoxu, handle the things here, including the arrangements for Wang Hao’s cultivation. Wang Lin, follow me.” After saying that, he left the pill room in huge strides. His body moved and gently floated straight into the sky.

Daoxu looked at Wang Lin, and said while smiling, “Wang Lin, I’ll take care of Wang Hao. As long as his life force does not break, then I will have ways for him to recover.”

Wang Lin lightly nodded. After looking the Wang Hao who recovered a bit of colour on his face, he walked out of the pill room, and followed Huang Long.

On the road, Wang Lin was thinking. He was very clear on the reason why the Head of Sect called him out by himself. Before long, Huang Long brought Wang Lin inside the main hall. After entering he suddenly spun around and yelled loudly, “Wang Lin, how dare you!”

Wang Lin’s expression was same as always, and he said calmly, “If there something you want to say then say it directly.”

Huang Long snorted and said, “What technique did you use in the competition just now?”

Wang Lin smiled and said, “The Gravity Technique. If you don’t believe me, then you can look closer.” After saying that, he used the Gravity Technique, and controlled all the chairs and tables in the main hall. After raising them and swirling them above he put them back.

Huang Long looked extremely closely for a while, and said nothing. After some thinking, he suddenly asked, “You were obviously in the 3rd layer of the Concentrated Qi just now, and even now you seem to be in the 3rd layer. How can you process such power? What layer did you reach? Wang Lin, you better say the truth.”

Wang Lin revealed a distressed expression and said, “Even I don’t understand it. With training here and there it just became like this. As for what layer I am in right now not even I know.”

Huang Long glared at Wang Lin and said with a heavy voice, “Wang Lin, you’re still not going to say it?”

Wang Lin bitterly smiled and said, “I really don’t know, so what can I say?”

Huang Long hiddenly sighed. He did not want to force Wang Lin too much, since no matter what, he was still the disciple of the Heng Yue Sect, and he achieved quite a huge accomplishment for the sect. In the future, it was likely that he could become a character that everyone focused on. Thinking to that point, his face slowly relaxed and said, “What was included in the small bottle that you gave the Xuan Dao Sect?”

Wang Lin smiled. With a flip of his right hand, he took out two bottles from the storage bag and gave them to Huang Long. He said, “You’re talking about this right? You should be more familiar than me on this. Isn’t this just the river water in the back mountains?”


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