Xian Ni: Chapter 47 – Liufeng

Wang Lin bitterly smiled and said, “Infant Changing stage…To me that is too distant in the future.”

“Nonsense. With an exceptional expert like me of the rank 6 cultivation country helping you, the little Infant Changing stage is nothing. Although I cannot leave, these dozens of years that you’ve been training I have always been using the Yuanying essence to solidify your foundation, or else you wouldn’t have reached the current stage even after 30 years with talent like yours.”

“And you absorbing my Yuanying essence. Unless you meet an expert who’s around the same level as me, no one should be able to see through your ways of cultivation.”

“In addition, with the Heaven Revolting Bead in your hand, what would you be afraid of? I was originally trying to snatch this precious treasure that suddenly appeared in the Cultivation Alliance. After spending tremendous strength, at the end my physical body got destroyed, and my soul was almost shattered. With great effort I hid in this Heaven Revolting bead, and I wanted to seize a new physical body, but this damn pearl. I went in, but I can’t go out.”

“I’ll be honest. At first when I saw you enter here, I wanted to take over your body, but then at the end I found out that it was impossible. This bead is just like a cage, preventing me from leaving.”

“After studying it for a long time, I somewhat understood that this bead would only show some of its use when it recognizes its master. Only then can I go out.

“Back then, when I got this bead, I didn’t have time to study it since I was being chased. This bead needs to gather all 5 elements: Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth in order for it to recognize its master. But to do that, one must be at least in the Infant Changing stage, and only then can I get out. Sigh. Boy, have some kindness and hurry up and train! At that time, find me a good body to take over. I, Situnan, will never forget your grace and kindness. In the future, with my protection, I will guarantee that you will always have good things to eat and drink.”

At the end, the tone of this Situnan wasn’t as arrogant as before, and it was filled with lament.

Wang Lin thought for a while, and just as he was going to say something, Situnan’s voice resonated once again.

“Boy, someone’s coming, I’ll bring you out first!”

Suddenly, the feeling of ripping emerged. Wang Lin’s body trembled once, and he opened his eyes in reality.

He scanned with his soul. Immediately, he discovered two inner court disciples. One boy, and one girl. They sneakily entered, and when they were 30 meters away from Wang Lin, the both of them stopped. They were kissing and saying words of love. Before long, the two of them took off everything, and moaning sounds echoed everywhere.

Wang Lin knew those two people. They trained together once, and Wang Lin looked curiously. Especially on the body of the female disciple. After a while, he was reluctantly left.

Returning back to his residence, Wang Lin thought about the conversation that he had with Situnan just now in the dream world. He did not believe what he said but the cultivation realms and countries really broadened his horizons. He thought that it was impossible for Situnan to lie on that area.

Three days later. The battle between the Heng Yue Sect and Xuan Dao Sect officially started!

This was the old tradition of the two sects, so they didn’t overly complicated the minor details. The location of the battle was set on the sub-peaks of the Heng Yue peaks———The Blue Pine Peaks.

An arch stone bridge was placed in between two peaks. Wang Lin had seen the Blue Pine Peaks before from afar, but everytime, his vision was blocked by the fog and clouds that surrounded the peaks, and he had no way of seeing it clearly.

Blue Pine Peaks. It was one of the important locations for the Heng Yue Sect. The spiritual energy in this area were overflowing, and it was no weaker than the back mountains. It was the area in which two Dan Formation experts spent their time in seclusion in.

On the peak of the Blue Pine Peaks, there was a stone stage that was prepared just for martial exchange. There were 8 vertical white jake rocks all around it, and the glorious history of the Heng Yue Sect 500 years ago were tightly engraved on it.

Coming to this place, a boundless aura was slowly shed from the 8 white jade rocks, and once that aura appeared, it immediately became an overflowing killing intent. The chilly air was bone-piecing, and it was like it was absorbing the souls of people.

“My associate Huang Long. My feelings change everytime when I see these 8 white jades. They are indeed the treasures of the cultivation country of Zhao!” Ouyang sighed. At the same time he flung his long sleeve, and with a serious expression, he dissipated the pouncing killing intent from the white jades.

Behind him, all of the Xuan Dao disciples revealed expressions of surprise. In the instant just now, the boundless energy coming from the white jade made them feel as if they were facing a battlefield, and they almost weren’t able to endure any longer. The feeling only started to disappear when Ouyang dissipated the killing intent.

“This is the treasure that my Heng Yue ancestors found people to create. Within 100 meters of the white jade, if it’s not disciples of Heng Yue then they will be affected by the overwhelming killing intent. You should know this, but I apologize for that.” Huang Long’s face was calm. He put both his hands together and chanted. Instantly a warm light surged out from the 8 white jades. The clouds and fog of the entire Blue Pine Peak were opened up as if there were two huge hands quickly revealing one’s appearance. The overwhelming killing intent was also completely swept away.

The inner court disciples behind him started cracking their knuckles.

“No worries. Then we’ll stick to the old rules. My Xuan Dao Sect will send people first for the first round. Liufeng, you go!” Ouyang said after he turned around and spoke a few words with the 2 elders behind him.

Liufeng was the single water root male from Xuan Dao. He faintly smiled, took a deep breath, lightly pushed with his feet, and his entire body shot out like a lightning. He stood in the middle of the stage and said clearly, “Liufeng from Xuan Dao. Pleased to meet everyone from Heng Yue.”

Wang Lin was standing behind Sun Dazhu. He was carrying the sparkling golden Wealthy flying sword on his back, and he was wearing the red disciple clothes. He looked quite majestic himself.

Sun Dazhu was very pleased with his disciple’s clothing. Ever since Wang Lin reached the 3rd Concentrated Qi layer, he didn’t look at his disciple with so much disgust as before. Although he still didn’t like him that much, but more or less he viewed him as a disciple.

Of course, all this still depended whether Wang Lin’s cultivation remained on the 3rd layer. If another 10 or 8 years pass and he was still at the 3rd layer, then Sun Dazhu would probably go back to hating him.

Wang Lin barely went out these 3 days. Most of the time he was talking to Situnan in the dream world.

After many conversations, he understood Situnan a bit more. He was the strongest person in the rank 6 Zhuque country. His cultivation was deep and unmeasurable, his character was cruel and untamable, he easily killed to seize treasures, and he was also arrogant.

Because Liufeng appeared on the stage, everyone was very silent. The Head of Sect, Huang Long, looked at Liu Feng, and said under his breath, “Zhaolong, you go!”

Zhaolong was a inner court disciple that was usually silent, and it was one of the rare disciples that reached the 6th layer.

Heng Yue sent a disciple who was at the 6th layer of the Concentrated Qi for the first round. In the past exchanges this was very rare.

Ouyang didn’t mind it, and he only smiled and said, “Liufeng, I allow you to use 50% of your power for this round!”

With those words, the faces of Heng Yue instantly changed.


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