MGA: Chapter 6 – Don’t Tell Me It’s Him?

He followed the sound and looked over. At the entrance of the 3rd floor, an old man who was white in every place was staring at him.

Chufeng knew that he was an elder guard for the martial skill building. Although he may look near 100 years old, the elder’s strength was very strong.

“Thank you for your reminder, but I have my own plans.” After respectfully saluting to the elder, he walked in.

[TN: By saluting it meant the Chinese salute of cupping one hand over the other.]

“Ahh, another arrogant disciple.” The elder who was guarding shook his head with disappointment.

He had seen many disciples just like Chufeng, and most of them ended in failure. The ones that failed lightly fixed their ways, but the ones that failed heavily completely walked on the wrong path and forfeited their good future.

But even so, when the elder saw a new face coming in, he would kindly remind them to avoid any more disciples going on the wrong path.

Chufeng walked around on the 3rd level, and he quickly picked a skill book that he liked and brought it up to the elder to register it.

“Are you sure you want to train in this Illusionary Palm?” The elder looked at Chufeng with doubt.

“Mm.” Chufeng smiled and nodded.

“Did you look over the description of this skill?” The elder continued to ask.

“I have seen it.” Chufeng smiled once again.

“Yet you still choose it? This is the hardest one in the entire martial skill building.” The elder really did not understand.

“This is exactly the one that I want to train in.” Chufeng still hung his smile on his face, but his gaze was abnormally resolute.

“Sigh, the youth these days really don’t know their limits.” The elder sighed, but he still registered for Chufeng, and after giving back the skill book he added, “Remember to know what point to stop.”

Chufeng nodded, representing that he accepted the advice. Although the elder was always doubting Chufeng, but Chufeng had a very good impression of him, and felt that he was a responsible elder.


But just as Chufeng turned around, a familiar body rubbed his shoulder and passed. It was Duan Yu Xuan, and his face was extremely ugly.

Chufeng did not know him well, so he didn’t think any more about it. But just as he prepared to leave, he heard whispers behind him, and he also understood why Duan Yu Xuan was depressed.

“Isn’t that Duan Yu Xuan? I thought he already had a rank 4 skill book, so why is he here choosing another skill book? Or is the rank 4 skill book on Yang Tian Yu?”

“You don’t know? In the feast last night, the inner court elders reminded them that the rank 4 skill book cannot be shared, and only one person could train in it. ”

“After they heard the elder say that, the both of them just looked blank, and finally they confessed to the crowd. As it turned out, they weren’t first in the exam, and there was another person that killed the 40 Fierce Beasts.”

“So something like that happened. But then why did they admit in doing it at the start?”

“Ahh, who knows. Maybe they wanted face, but this time they really lost all of it.”

“True. But who was first? I don’t recall that someone was so strong in the outer court?”

“40 Fierce Beasts…And there was even a rank 4 in one of them. It really is unimaginable on how tough that person would be.”

Listening to that, Chufeng smiled and shook his head, and walked to the next floor. He really wanted to start training.

The 4th floor was the same as the 1st: It was also overcrowded. Because the new disciples were currently choosing the skill books, these were the older disciples.

Looking over, and although it was said to be a floor, but it could be better said to be a martial arts training ground. There were at least a thousand people training with mechanisms, and their yelling penetrated everywhere. It was quite spectacular.

Also, other than the thousands of mechanisms in the main hall, there were countless private rooms which were also for training.

This was a pretty good design. The ones that liked to be lively could join in with the people in the main hall, and they could help each other as they spar.

The ones that enjoyed the silence could choose a private room and train there by themselves. After the stone door closes, they would be isolated from all the disturbances.

Chufeng did not join them, and he went straight to the 6th floor. It was similar to the 3rd floor, but it was a lot more quiet. There were also a lot more places for training.

Chufeng entered a private room. After closing the stone door, he bowed to the mechanism pillar, because he knew that this pillar was going to be ruined by him.

The mechanism pillar was made out of steel and wood, so it was extremely sturdy. If you attack it then it would automatically dodge.

The dodging speed changed according to the opponent’s attacking speed. Unless one perfected in cultivating a martial skill, it was very hard to damage it, thus it was the best equipment for training.

“Illusionary Palm. Using the power of the wind from the palm to control the enemy formlessly.”

Chufeng looked over the cultivating method for the Illusionary Palm, then he went in front of the mechanism pillar.

*Whoosh Whoosh* He suddenly extended his hands, and he only saw that his palm created two traces. They attacked towards two points on the mechanism pillar.

*Swoosh Swoosh* But just as they were going to land, the pillar swayed left and right, and dodged Chufeng’s attack with lightning speed.

At that instant, Chufeng couldn’t help but stare blankly, but then he quickly smiled with relief, “Interesting.”

From that day forth, except for eating and sleeping, Chufeng would always be in the martial skill building training non-stop.

Three Thunder Styles, created from the founder of the Green Dragon School. Although it was extremely mysterious, it was also extremely hard to cultivate in.

As for the Illusionary Palm, there was a reason why it was called by the elder as the hardest skill to train in the entire martial skill building.

But after training for a while, Chufeng slowly understood the nature of the two skills.

Three Thunder Styles. It was extremely tough and fierce. As fast as lightning, as strong as thunder. Every move every style could take the life of the enemy, and it was very mighty.

Illusionary Palm. It was actually the complete opposite. Replacing the reality and attacking when they get caught off guard.

Although it wasn’t as valiant as the Three Thunder Styles, it was still quite the skill, and they were different in their own ways.

After a good 10 days of minimal meals and sleeping, Chufeng finally grasped two types of skills.

Although it couldn’t be said that he perfected the the Illusionary Palm, there wasn’t much difference to it. On the other hand, he only trained the first 2 style of the Three Thunder Styles.

But even so, when Chufeng successfully used the 2nd style, he was shocked by the strong power.

3rd floor in the martial skill building. It was still that elder guarding, and Chufeng was returning the Illusionary Palm.

“What, did you reach a dead end?” The elder looked at Chufeng with a bit of mock in his eyes, and the corner of this mouth showed that he was a bit proud of himself.

Chufeng did not reply, and just smiled. But in the elder’s eyes, Chufeng’s smile meant that he silently confirmed it.

“Go to the 1st floor and start from the rank 1 skills…” Taking back the skill book, the elder reminded with goodwill.

“Thank you elder.” Chufeng saluted and took his leave.

“He knows when to back off, so he still has some understanding.” Looking at the back of Chufeng, the elder nodded.

The martial skill building was not open for the entire day. When the sun setted, the martial skill building would close, and at that time all the elder guards would need to check the skill books and the mechanisms.

“What’s this fuss about that needs me to personally go and see?”

“Elder Ouyang, you have to check this out. I haven’t seen such a strong disciple in such a long time.”

On the staircase, a middle-aged man was leading a white-haired elder, and they were heading towards a private room on the 6th floor.

Within the private room, the indestructible mechanism pillar was full of dents, and it was almost able to be scraped.

Seeing the mechanism pillar, the white-haired elder’s face became extremely heavy, and he looked at it carefully.

“This is…” But as he found out that there were shallow palm marks one after the other on it, he couldn’t help but be astonished.

With his experience he could instantly tell that the pillar was damaged by the Illusionary Palm. But in the inner court, there were very little disciples that could train the Illusionary Palm to this level.

And also those who were able to already left to experience the outside world, and pretty much none of them remained in the martial skill building to train.

After some deep thinking, the eyes of the elder suddenly lit up and he said with shock, “Don’t tell me it’s him?”

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