Xian Ni will be a bit late today

Hello people. Sorry, but Xian Ni will probably be around 0.5 – 1 hour late today. The chapter is really, really confusing (the lower part) so I’m trying to re-edit it until it’s more understandable. There are a bunch of terms that I need to look over with the previous chapters so I can provide a more clear text. Even if I re edit it, it may still be confusing, but I’ll try to see what I can do.

P.S. Me and void are joining up to translate this novel, so even after void is back from his hiatus I will continue translating. Horrah~


25 thoughts on “Xian Ni will be a bit late today

      1. By that logic, if you have another translator to help, 3 is better than one, therefore 9 series instead of 3? The bridge of flowers is pretty sturdy. pls no wither.


  1. No worries !! Just take your time, you are doing a damn fine job !! Dont let the quality drop because of the release time !! Quality over quantity !!


  2. glad to hear that you will stay on this project. and i must say that your total output is insane comperable to RWX from WuxiaWorld.


  3. don’t worrie and thank you to make that. You are awesome and we are enough happy that you share Xian Ni with us; so take your time if you think you have the need (if there is someone who is not glad, he can go to hell).


  4. first of all: thank you for your awesome work!!!
    second: is it possible that there is something wrong with the 5. chapter of MGA? I get a error note when I try to open the page… :-(


  5. You are amazing thank you so much btw i just started reading JMG i like it yet at the same time i hate the forced prostitution


  6. The teaming up is great!

    I must say – as irking as it is to only see one chapter of each type it is really a massive output so thanks!

    Leechers are never satisfied but the English is really well done, better than some I have read so I am quite pleased with it. I also like that 2/3 of the series (with MGA unread) are darker in nature making it a fresh change from the usual happy series. What can I say I like an evil plot (aah psycho pass, how I want your movie)


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