Xian Ni: Chapter 46 – Strange Old Guy

Wang Lin took the Thunder Tombs, looked at Li Shan and said, “My fellow disciple Li Shan. I won’t continue disturbing you selling things. I take my leave!”

Li Shan quickly nodded, exposed a gentle expression, and said, “When you use this Thunder Bomb, you need to be careful. Like I said just now, there’s a technique in throwing it, so I can’t guarantee that it’ll work every time. Don’t say I tricked you when you aren’t successful!”

After that, he continued yelling at other people.

“Fellow disciples, I still have another treasure here. It’s a trust item from the Ge Huan Sect. Whoever has this, they could go to the Ge Huan Sect to find the perfect beauty, and quite a lot was spent on this thing. I’ll endure the pain and part with this treasure, so people from Heng Yue, you need to grab onto this chance!”

Wang Lin smiled, and walked towards the medicine garden. Before long, he returned, and after sweeping the area with his soul, he found that Sun Dazhu was not there. So, he sat cross-legged inside his room, took out the 3 Thunder Bombs, and observed them in detail.

After a while, Wang Lin revealed an expression that showed he was interested. Under his soul, the Thunder Bomb was as if it was transparent without any secrets to tell.

Actually, to speak frankly, there was a small part of Li Shan’s soul that was left inside there. He could use that to control when it would explode.

Wang Lin never knew you could use the soul like that. After some careful imitation, he easily put his own soul into the Thunder Bomb.

He did not remove Li Shan’s soul. Rather, he surrounded it with his own, and if he wished, he could remove it anytime.

The use of soul in this Thunder Bomb gave Wang Lin a huge revelation. After some thinking, he took out the mysterious bead.

“If the soul can be used like that, then can it condense in this bead?” Wang Lin’s gaze flashed, and he instantly tried to do that in the mysterious bead.

But after some time, Wang Lin frowned. The bead had no change, and when he used his soul to scan it it was the same as usual: Plain and normal without any oddities.

After thinking for a bit, Wang Lin’s expression slightly changed. Taking the bead, he quickly left the medicine garden, and used the fastest speed to arrive at the mountains. He found a hidden place, and after confirming its safety, he entered the dream world.

Wang Lin knew that he was low on time at the instant he entered, so he immediately spread out his soul.

1 minute. 3 minutes. 10 minutes. 30 minutes.

There was no change all around him. Wang Lin touched his chin distressedly and muttered to himself, “Can one really not leave their soul in the bead?”

But just at that time, near Wang Lin, a strip-like object shined. Suddenly, the light rays started flickering, and slowly dimmed down.

Wang Lin stared blankly. After that, like a chain reaction, the objects shined then dimmed down one after the other. Finally, in the entire dream world, all the objects that shined dimmed down. Before long, darkness surrounded him, and there was not a single light.

Wang Lin was completely astonished. He cautiously observed for a while, but he couldn’t see anything that was out of the ordinary.

“Don’t observe any more. With your realm of the Spiritual Movement stage, you would under a delusion if you want to see the unusualness of this bead!” Suddenly, an old voice appeared, and it was filled with great change.

Wang Lin was startled, and his pupil firmly shrinked. He had been in the dream world for dozens of years, but it was the first time that he heard a second person talk and a monstrous astonishment was in his heart.

“I am Wang Lin, and you are?” Wang Lin said respectfully while cupping one hand under the other. He breathed deeply, and kept his surprise under his control.

Wang Lin was a smart person. He knew in his heart that the person would not have suddenly appeared, and it was clear that the person was always in this stone bead. He had most likely had been under surveillance in the past 30 years or so.

“A little person like you who’s only in a rank 3 cultivation country is not qualified to know my name. Not only did you use near 30 years of time, you had my hidden help, and you also had this bead’s help. But, you only cultivated to the realm of the Spiritual Movement stage. This is really too disappointing. Especially your perception. You only just thought of using your soul to observe the bead! Ha!”

Wang Lin remained quiet and said nothing. He did use his soul to search the stone bead before, but he just didn’t observe as long as this time.

“Your way of doing things annoys me the most. The people that cultivate are already doing unreasonable things. I’ve always been watching you when you entered this dog butt sect, and you should kill whoever angers you. If I were you, hmph, this sect would have already been completely annihilated by me. I would shatter the souls of anyone that humiliates me! Especially that Wang Zhuo. With my temper, I would throw his soul into a purgatory for cycling, then I would go to his family and complete wipe out everyone. Ha, I quite like the Zhang Hu from your sect, he’s vicious enough. And I like that Liu guy even more, he suits my tastes.

Wang Lin had a strange expression on, and smiled bitterly, “Senior, I…”

“Don’t interrupt me, I’m not done yet. Hmph. Your little sect has quite a few ladies that look nice. You really don’t know how to enjoy this. If it was me, I would have caught them and put them in a furnace, then absorbed their Yuan Yin as they were alive. Hehe, that taste really causes me to reminisce about it. I haven’t had that taste in over 30 years…”

Wang Lin stared blankly, and couldn’t say anything.

“Boy, help me a bit will you? Hurry up and cultivate to reach the Yingbian stage, and at that time I can get out as well. Sigh.”

Wang Lin hesitated for a bit, and he was a bit confused after he listened, so he asked, “Senior, what is the Yingbian stage? And you said I was in the Spiritual Movement stage. What did that mean?”

“You can’t think for yourself? Whatever. To a doll like you who’s in a rank 3 cultivation country, you wouldn’t be able to find the answer even if your brain breaks! Hmph, listen up boy. I’m talking about the realm of the rank 5 cultivation country. Which means, in a rank 3 cultivation country like yours, there are only 4 realms. Concentrated Qi, Foundation Building, Jiedan, and Yuan Yin. As for the Spirit Forming stage, it your eyes, it would be the realm in the legends.”

“If a person who’s in the Spirit Forming stage appears in a rank 3 cultivation country, then your country’s level would rise and reach the rank 4 cultivation country. Appropriately, the Cultivation Alliance would send out some subsidy, and you would also receive the qualifications of fighting to be a cultivation star outside of the country. At the same time, you would also need to undertake the responsibility of protecting the Cultivation Alliance.”

“Similarly, for a rank 4 cultivation country, if a person who reached the Yingbian stage appears, then it would raise the country to rank 5, etc. As for the Spiritual Movement stage, it’s a realm that is commonly called that towards basic cultivators by cultivation countries that are over rank 4. It is similar to Concentrated Qi, but the scope is a bit broader.”

[TN: Yes, I know. The lower half of the chapter is confusing, but the next chapter should clear it a bit up. Raws for the interested
EDIT: Void has made quite a nice explanation for the bottom part: Here


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