MGA: Chapter 3 – The Start of the Examination

“What would it be?” Someone asked curiously.

“Elder Surou is giving her body?” Some were even shameless and had lewd thoughts.

Although Surou was an elder, she was only 20 years old. Compared to the old antiques, she was a lot more easy-going. Because of that, a lot of people didn’t worry at all when they talked like that.

Towards the guesses of the crowd, Surou only smiled charmingly. She raised 5 slim fingers, then said, “5 Saint Spirit Grasses.”

“What? 5 Saint Spirit Grasses?”

“I didn’t hear wrong did I? It’s Saint Spirit Grass, and it’s 5?” With those words, the main hall fell into a state of confusion, and everyone could not keep calm.

Saint Spirit Grass was extremely precious, and even the Chu family could only give each person one per year.

And to ordinary people, the Saint Spirit Grass was a priceless treasure, and some have not even seen it before.

Seeing that the Green Dragon School could take out 5 of them, it was a huge temptation towards the outer court disciples.

But for most of the people, they could only think about it, because they knew that they had no chance in getting those Saint Spirit Grasses.

But to the disciples that were aiming to be the first, they were all eager to give it a try, and they got even more excited.

Seeing the high-spirits of the disciples, Surou also nodded with satisfaction, then she waved her hand.

Behind her, rumbling noises came. The gate that was dozens of feet tall slowly opened.

“What are you waiting for? Don’t want to pass the exam?” Looking at the disciples that were staring blankly, Surou smiled beautifully.


At that moment, endless cheers resonated, and the tens of thousands outer court disciples were like a wild horse who got rid of its reins, and they all rushed towards the huge gate.

Chufeng went along with the flow of people, and continued forward. Finally, they entered a deep cave.

The cave was very vast, but it was very dark in there. The field of vision was extremely low, and people knew the danger of traps that could be triggered at any moment.

“Go! For the rank 4 skill, for the 5 Saint Spirit Grasses, go~~~”

But of course, there were some people that cared about money and didn’t care about their life. They knew that there was danger but they still went ahead by themselves and didn’t even look back. And there were quite a few of people like that.

*Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh*

But after going ahead for 100 meters, whooshing sounds came in front, and endless amounts of silver needles were shot out from the wall, and it shot towards the crowds as if was rain.



In an instant, all sorts of cries echoed. The disciples that rushed in front were caught off guard, and over half of them fell.

Regardless, the people still continued forward, and did not have any traces of retreating. They madly ran deeper into the cave.

Although the silver needle was strong, it wouldn’t kill, and they knew that. After all, it was only a mechanism, and to the people in the 3rd level of the Spirit realm, as long as they were careful they could dodge it.

As they continued to go in deeper, the amount of silver needles also got denser and denser, and the people they hit were usually caught off guard.

In situations like these, the crowds quickly distanced themselves. The people who were running at the front were no longer people that came hoping they would pass in the confusion. They were experts such as Yang Tian Yu and Duan Yu Xuan.

It had to be mentioned that those people were indeed not ordinary.

As they walked in the storm-like needles, they needed to be extremely careful.

But it was like they were leveling the ground with their shoes, and it didn’t look like they were running through mechanisms at all. They were simply people in a running race.

Chufeng was always behind them in the level 3 Spirit realm army. He did that for 2 reasons.

First, he didn’t want to stand out.

Second, his situation was very special, and he didn’t want to show his true strength too early.

That was why he was waiting for a chance where he could surpass everyone when no one was looking.

“Duan Yu Xuan, you’re already so old yet you can’t even win a child like me in a race. Don’t you think it’s a bit embarrassing?”

“Hmph, little brat, in the journey of martial cultivation, age doesn’t matter. Only strength does. If you want to boast then do that after you win.”

Let’s travel through time a bit. There were only two shadows left in the very front. It was Duan Yu Xuan and Yang Tian Yu.

Both of them were in the 4th level of the Spirit realm. One of them had outstanding talent, the other had plenty of experience. The two of them were fairly even, and the tension became stronger and stronger.

It was because they knew that the largest competition was each other. As long as they win over their opponent then the prize for being first would belong to them.

“Huu~” Suddenly, a breeze of wind came from the front.

Looking closely, the two of them were surprised, and they couldn’t help but slow down the pace of their feet. It was because dense fog appeared in front of them.

The cave was already dark, and with the fog it meant that the vision would be even poorer. With that it also greatly increased the difficulty of dodging the mechanisms. Even if was them, they needed to treat it carefully.

“Good chance.”

Just as everyone was slowing down, Chufeng secretly rejoiced. He went forward in huge strides, and with a whoosh, his entire body was like an arrow leaving a bow, and he flew forward.


At that time, Duan Yu Xuan was concentrating on dodging the silver needles, then suddenly a black shadow flashed past him. Without giving any time for him to react, that person disappeared once again.

“Did I imagine it?”

With that, it made Duan Yu Xuan feel quite a bit of shock. He thought it was Yang Tian Yu at the start, but he noticed that Yang Tian Yu was not far behind him, and he was distracted with his thoughts.

The person who successfully left everyone behind, Chufeng, didn’t care about them that much, and he increased his speed to the max.

After that long running, he didn’t feel any fatigue. The spiritual energy within his body was endless to take, and it continuously surged from his dantian.

Not only that, his speed and strength, hearing and vision power all surpassed the people that were on the same level than him. At least it greatly surpassed Duan Yu Xuan and Yang Tian Yu.

To this chance, Chufeng wasn’t too surprised, because it was something special about him.

He already seen this specialness 5 years ago. And from now on his specialness returned, which gave him incomparable self-confidence, because there was no one that could be call themselves a genius in front of him anymore.

As he ran at a flying speed, Chufeng finally left the mechanism stage, exited the dark cave, and arrived in the middle of a wide hall.

At the end of the hall, there was a tall platform made out of stone. On top of the stone, there were several items. It was the rank 4 martial skill book and the 5 Spirit Saint Grasses.

Seeing those things, Chufeng was a bit emotional. But, he didn’t not rush ahead. Rather, he looked at the stone doors on the side of the hall.

“So behind those are the legendary Fierce Beasts?” Chufeng’s mouth curved up in expectation.

He knew that this exam just only started. The creatures that he was going to face were terrifying, blood-thirsty, ruthless creatures, called Fierce Beasts.

“Elder Surou look, this is too astonishing.”

“I’ve been guarding in here for so many years, but this really is the first time that I’ve seen a disciple that passed through with such a speed.”

A mysterious stone room in the underground palace. An old elder was staring at a disordered stone, and shocked filled his gaze.

That was not a normal stone. Tt was a mechanism within the underground palace. The stone only disordered itself after a mechanism got triggered.

Looking at it, the entire stone was disordered. Which only meant one thing. Someone already passed the mechanism stage.

The fastest person to clear the mechanism stage needed 2 hours from the past examinations. But right now, only 1 hour had passed.

This change grabbed everyone’s attention. The dozen or so elders in the stone room all gathered around, and they were all very startled.

“It seems that there’s an interesting character within the outer court disciples this year.”

Surou also gathered over, and looking at the disordered stone, she nodded with satisfaction, “Since it’s like this, we can’t let him pass so easily. Let me make it more interesting.”

After saying that, she looked above the stone. There were 3 round stones embedded in the wall.

Suddenly, she smiled strangely, and hit the 3 stones with three bangs.

“Don’t touch it.” Seeing that, all of the elders there were alarmed.

But it was too late. At that time all 3 stones were already pressed by Surou.

“What? Did you tell me that these stones would release the Fierce Beasts?” Looking at the elders in panic, Surou also felt that something was wrong.

“Those 3 stones do indeed release the Fierce Beasts, but they cannot be pressed at the same time.”

“If they are pressed at the same time, then it will release all the imprisoned Fierce Beasts at the same time.”

“That would be 30 rank 2s, 9 rank 3s, and 1 rank 4.” After saying that, Elder Li’s face was already pale, and this voice was trembling a bit.

The elders that guarded there understood the Fierce Beasts very clearly.

They were ruthless and terrifying creatures, and they were many times stronger than the people who were at the same level.

Seeing so many Fierce Beasts being released at the same time, a round of slaughter could not be avoided.

To think of the tens of thousands of disciples in the underground palace being slaughtered by the Fierce Beasts was not a pleasant thought.

“Why did you not remind me earlier?”

At that time, Surou’s face also changed greatly. Her body rose and became the wind. When the stone doors opened, she already disappeared.

“Elder Li, what should we do?” Everyone’s gazes landed on this aged elder.

“What else can we do? Hurry and go help!” Elder Li bellowed angrily and rushed out.

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  1. that damm betch, but would be fun to get there and find out that all the beasts were killed by our mc


  2. Interesting, just found this site because of the temporary translations that you are doing for Xian Ni… But then I stumbled upon this story as well. Love it, keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next chapter. ^.^


  3. I came here to read Xian Ni, but I’ll stay for MGA! It’s really interesting so far! Thanks a kajillion for taking the time to do all these novels!


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