JMG: Chapter 33 – Car-Breaking Mantis

Fast! Fierce!

Nothing was just for show.

Chengang’s punch immediately showed the airs of an expert black boxer. Also, that punch was timed extremely well, so Chengang was 80% confident that he would hit the mark with that.


Chengang’s fierce fist should have hit Qin Lang’s face, but just as his fist reached Qin Lang’s face, Qin Lang’s palm suddenly extended and stopped Chengang’s thunder-like punch.

Chengang was slightly surprised, but his inner heart’s battle desires were even more strong. Without any hesitation, he changed his fist into a claw, and grasped Qin Lang’s hand. His knee ferociously rushed towards Qin Lang’s stomach area. That was not Chinese martial arts. It was the kneeing arts of Muay Thai. Muay Thai paid attention to iron elbows and steel knees, so the power of this knee strike was extremely frightening.


Qin Lang’s other hand received that attack, and it sealed Chengang’s knee attack.

Qin Lang was on the defense from those two continuous attacks!

Chengang’s knee attacked failed, so he suddenly spun his body, and sent his left elbow towards Qin Lang’s face.

Those series of movements couldn’t count as a real martial style, but they were unusually smooth, showing Chengang’s plentiful real battle experience, and it gave Qin Lang a certain amount of pressure.

The martial arts from martial schools all paid attention to countering moves, while the mixed martial arts didn’t talk about styles, but they rather chose and trained in techniques that used strong power. That was why he didn’t use any fancy attacks and had terrifying strength.

The martial artist that trained in martial styles unexpectedly met the fierce boxer that trained in mixed martial arts. If the “pillaring” gets broken through, then it was very likely that Qin Lang would pay a high price.

Although Qin Lang didn’t have many martial art styles, but his “pillaring” was incomparably sturdy. While he diverted, dodged, and defended, he made noises when his foot landed on the ground. It was as loud as a drum beat, and although he was on the defending side, his footwork was not in disorder at all!

“Such strong footwork!”

Chengang couldn’t help but praise Qin Lang in his heart. He exchanged blows with quite a few young disciples from different martial art schools, but pretty much no one could use their footwork as Qin Lang did. It was really as sturdy as a boulder, and it was really hard to move him even slightly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Their fists and feet collided, and they made clear and sharp sounds. The prisoners sitting in the cells couldn’t help but be astonished. If the sound of the collision of their fists and feet were so loud, then wouldn’t the strength of their fists and feet be shockingly strong?

After a short moment, the two of them already exchanged 30 or so blows.

And also that this time, the difference in cultivation of those two also slowly appeared.

With the strong and violent attacks, Chengang’s entire body was full of sweat. His sleeveless garment already started to drip with sweat, and it was obvious that a portion of his body strength was consumed. On the other hand, Qin Lang’s situation was a lot better. The clothes he had were only a bit wet from his sweat.

The advantage of the Hidden Dragon Pillar already started to appear.

Qin Lang also knew that, so he started to counterattack.

But at that time, Chengang suddenly leaped back, as if he was preparing to retreat.

Just as Qin Lang was surprised, Chengang took out capsules, and swallowed them. As if seeing Qin Lang’s suspicions, Chengang snorted, “This is the stimulant capsules for boxers! You should be proud for forcing me to use these things!”

“Screw the proud!” Qin Lang was angry. This guy used stimulants, and he was obviously cheating. Leaving the cheating out, he was even acting so arrogantly, saying something about proudness.

“Angry? Good! This will be more interesting!” Chengang mockingly laughed, and waved his fists again.


Chengang’s punch actually made sounds from the wind. The him that used stimulants was quite a bit stronger than before!

But Qin Lang was angry. At the start, Qin Lang thought that Chengang was an admirable character, so Qin Lang had a few points of admiration towards him. But now, Qin Lang only had anger towards the despicable guy!

For many people, when they got angry, they would clench their fists. But when Qin Lang was really angry, he actually loosened his fist. Because doing so, his fist became a hand-blade——

Mantis Blade!

There was a martial master that created the well-known Mantis Fist from the preying movements of mantis, but what Qin Lang learnt from the blood mantis was the swift, fierce, illusionary “Mantis Blade”. Qin Lang released the blood mantis from the Thousand Poison Bag many times. One reason was to feed it, the other reason was to understand the “Mantis Blade” from the blood mantis, and to blend it into his own hand blade.

When Qin Lang battled with Manu, it was the first time that he understood the style of the mantis hand blade, but at that time the Mantis Blade was only in the early stages. These few days, Qin Lang took “an insect as the teacher”, and he observed the movements of the blood mantis. In the wonderful instant of the mantis preying, Qin Lang’s understanding of the mantis hand blade got even deeper.

If a blade needed to be sharp, then you required a whetstone.

Right now, Chengang was the “whetstone” that Qin Lang was waiting for!

Seeing that Qin Lang didn’t use fists, and rather both his hands changed into a blade, Chengang coldly chuckled. In his eyes, fists were the best method of attacking. Hand blade, fingers, all those were merely flashy things!


Seeing Chengang’s fist flying over, the scene in which the blood mantis killed the snake bubbled into Qin Lang’s brain. His entire body trembled once, and he concentrated all his power into one section, putting it all into his hand blade, then he stuck Chengang’s fist with lightning speed!


The fist and the blade contacted, and a heavy sound echoed. Chengang felt a wave of pain coming from his fist, and he really felt that his fist wasn’t striking the flesh of the hand, but rather striking on an iron hammer!

But under the use of the stimulant, Chengang’s endurance to pain also increased significantly, and his ferocious nature within his body was triggered. He completely ignored the pain, and struck with his fist again.

Qin Lang did the same thing, and chopped with his hand blade again!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Qin Lang’s Mantis Blade continuously went out. Not only was the power frightening, the angle of attack was tricky. He completely merged the angle, speed, accuracy from the preying of the mantis into his own “hand blade”. Every “blade” had the grandeur of a rainbow, 30 thousand catties worth of thunder, and had the power to split boulders and monuments!

Originally, Chengang looked down upon the Chinese martial styles, and thought that the Chinese martial arts were only flashy and had no real power. But with Qin Lang’s fast and fierce hand blade that was hard to block, he knew that his thoughts could not be any more wrong.

With Chengang as a whetstone, Qin Lang was getting more and more proficient in his Mantis Blade. Although Chengang used the stimulants, he was completely overpowered by Qin Lang.

But Chengang was a black boxer, and black boxers were not only cruel and bloody, they also didn’t care what methods they used to gain victory. Chengang saw that he was at a disadvantage, so he suddenly turned over a steel bed, and sent it towards Qin Lang. Qin Lang quickly dodged, and Chengang took the chance and leaped, then used a wrestling position to tightly lock onto Qin Lang’s neck. He put strength into his hands, and he wanted to suffocate Qin Lang!


Qin Lang yelled, stamped his feet on the ground, sent out strength through his entire body, and used his hands to separate Chengang’s arms. After that, he did a shoulder throw and threw Chengang over. He harshly hit the cell door, and the cell door rumbled as he was smashed at it.

Chengang got beaten up all over the place, but he was already a very fierce and tough person, in addition he also used the stimulants. So, he immediately bounced back up from the ground, and pounced towards Qin Lang once again.

Qin Lang’s Mantis Blade was already sharply “grinded”. The scene in which the blood mantis attacked the snake’s lethal point floated into his mind, and he was suddenly enlightened. Naturally, he suddenly understood a real ultimate move——

“Car-Breaking Mantis!”

With that yell from Qin Lang, and with the power from the Hidden Dragon Pillar, he put his entire body’s strength onto the “tip of the blade”. His right arm suddenly flung up, then it came rushing down in front of Chengang’s chest! It was just like Guan Yu’s swinging his crescent blade and also using the momentum of the war-horse to chop with flying speed.

[TN: Guan Yu’s crescent blade]

“Not good!”

The instant before the hand blade struck Chengang’s chest, Qin Lang suddenly realised that the power of the attack was too strong, and he immediately took half of his power back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three sharp and clear sounds resonated from Chengang’s chest, and as a black boxer, he clearly knew that it was the sound of ribs cracking!

Under the strike of Qin Lang’s hand blade, a foot long wound was carved into Chengang’s chest. But as it was only a hand blade, the wound was not deep. With the 3 ribs broken, it was enough for Chengang to lose his battle power. Even if with his consumed stimulants he could not endure it!

Luckily Qin Lang took back half his power, or else Chengang could have been chopped to death.

But even so, it brought troubles for Qin Lang.

From the actions of Chengang, it showed that he was a person that did not care what methods he used as long as it brought him victory. Now that he broke a few ribs from Qin Lang’s “ultimate move”, then he would certainly say to the jailers that Qin Lang intentionally harmed him, and it would bring even more accusations towards Qin Lang.

Just at that time, the Chengang who was sitting on the ground said to Qin Lang, “You win…I’ll tell you something about Master An…Come.”

Qin Lang walked over, and as he got near, Chengang suddenly pulled out an extremely short knife behind him, and stuck it in Qin Lang’s leg. That little knife was short and small, even smaller than a primary student’s pencil sharpener. Although the jailers were bribed by Sankun, they did not dare let Chengang bring weapons in to kill. But it was clear that Chengang wanted to kill Qin Lang, so he hid a small knife on him. On the knife, there was even snake poison, and it was fatal!


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    1. Qin Lang is badly poisoned
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      Qin Lang recovered by Poison Heal
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