Xian Ni: Chapter 41 – Centipede

The Xuan Dao Sect disciples were also judging their opponents, and all of them were comparing their opponents to themselves. Especially the black clothed disciples who were in the 6th Concentrated Qi level. They were targets that the Xuan Dao needed to pay attention to. Other than that, Wang Zhou’s out of the ordinary handsome appearance and his 5th Concentrated Qi level also attracted the attention of the Xuan Dao disciples, so they also remembered him.

As to a disciple like Wang Lin who was only at the 3rd Concentrated Qi level, he was just overlooked in their eyes

Other than Lui Mei who paid attention to him, no one really focused on him.

During the time in which the elders from both sects were chatting, they also hiddenly observed their opponents’ disciples. As they observed, the 3 old men from Xuan Dao felt happier and happier, and thought if Heng Yue only had those disciples, then they would certainly win this competition.

But, they’ve known Heng Yue for many years, and knew that they were extremely cunning. The trump card would only be pulled out at the most crucial point. For example, the disciples here. Although there weren’t many who were in the 6th Concentrating Qi level, there were some faces that could not be seen, such as the disciples who were in the competition last time.

Those people were the people that required their attention in this competition!

The Head of Sect, Huang Long, scanned with his gaze and looked at the Xuan Dao disciples, and he especially paid a bit more attention on the single water root male and female. He hiddenly sighed in his heart. In the span of 500 years, the Heng Yue Sect had always been in decline so far, without any suitable successors for his position. They couldn’t even beat a small sect like Xuan Dao that was unheard of 500 years ago, and instead they continuously lost. Originally, he thought that this time they were going to win, but then their opponent suddenly produced the rarely seen single root disciples in the cultivating world. He couldn’t help but worry a bit more.

“Do the core purple clothed disciples really need to appear? But they are currently in a dead end…” Suddenly, Huang Long’s gaze landed on the disciple standing at the very end. His face changed colour, and he was instantly determined.

“Whatever. Since they have a disciple of this rank, then it means our core disciples must appear!”

Thinking to that point, his face returned to normal, and he peacefully said and smiled, “Associate Ouyang. Your disciples has always been on the move, let them first go take a rest. Us old people should gather around. Come, please enter the main hall!” After saying that, he extends one of his hand, and looked at them while smiling.

The 3 old man from Xuan Dao smiled and nodded, then entered the hall.

At that time the Heng Yue elders also went in. The one at the last was Dao Xu. He looked at the disciples from both sects and said, “Wang Zhuo. You are in charge of receiving Xuan Dao’s disciples. If someone goes wrong then as a master I will not forgive you!”

It was obvious that Wang Zhuo had early preparations, and said respectfully, “Don’t worry master. I will put great care in treating our fellow seniors from Xuan Dao.”

Dao Xu smiled to the disciples from Xuan Dao, and said, “Students from Xuan Dao. If you have any requests, go find Wang Zhuo. I’m getting old now, so I won’t join in with youths like you. You all should communicate with each other more, as the future world of cultivation is your world!” After saying that, he smiled and entered the hall.

After the elders left, disciples from both sects relaxed. Heng Yue had a few female disciples that immediately went next to the water root male, and started chatting, with admiration shown in their eyes.

As for the surroundings of the 6th Concentrated Qi level Heng Yue disciples, there were also quite a few of disciples from Xuan Dao that discussed about their experiences.

As for the other disciples, they went up and chatted. There were also quite some people surrounding the unmoving thousand-legged centipede that was laying on the ground, and they exclaimed in surprise.

Wang Lin scanned around with his gaze, and he didn’t want to join in the liveliness. He walked to an edge of a stair, and sat there looking at the blue sky and white clouds, while being exposed in the sun. He was quite carefree.

Within the Heng Yue sect, there were also quite a few people like Wang Lin who didn’t like the liveliness. Zhou Xing was one of them. Seeing Wang Lin so at ease from afar, she walked over.

“Junior Wang, I’ve always wanted to find a chance to congratulate you on reaching the 3rd level of Concentrated Qi. Within the inner disciples, very little are as hard working as you are.” Zhou Xing smiled shallowly, and not caring whether she got dirty or not, she also sat on the stairs.

Wang Lin lightly smiled, shook his head and said, “It probably isn’t as you said. I see that most people concentrate on their training.”

Zhou Xing looked at the white clouds in the sky, sighed and said, “Junior Wang, no need to be so humble. In the 4 years that we training at the back of the mountains, I’ve seen a lot of people go in and out, but I rarely see you. Training is a very dry thing to do, and to be honest, I really admire you on that point. Reaching the 3rd level in 4 years. It really required a lot of perseverance!”

Wang Lin rubbed his nose, smiled and said, “Senior Zhou, didn’t you also reach the 3rd level?”

Zhou Xing lightly sighed, and said with melancholy, “I already reached the 3rd layer three years ago. But now, everyone who wasn’t on the same level as me already surpassed me. Perhaps I can’t cut myself from the mundane world.”

Wang Lin paused for a bit, then said, “This path is ruthless, and if you want to improve, I think you must cut yourself from the mundane world.”

Zhou Xing turned her head, and looked at him with her beautiful large eyes. She said while exposing her bright and charming white teeth, “Junior Wang, I can see that you’ve also reached the peak of the 3rd level, and you could break through anytime. I’m guessing that you’ll surpass me soon.”

Wang Lin looked at the beautiful complexion that could shock souls, shook his head and said bitterfully, “It would be impossible for me to break through in a short amount of time. This mundane world, it’s not like you can cut off from it when you wish. I can’t do it.”

Zhou Xing was stumped, and after hesitating for a bit, she asked, “Junior Wang, sorry if I’m offending you, but you can’t cut away from the mundane world right?”

Wang Lin shook his head, and didn’t reply. His father and mother’s old face couldn’t help but appear in his mind. Out of all the virtues filial was the most important one, yet he could not betray his parents’ expectations and kindness. You could not cut away when you wish, as he could not do it.

Zhou Xing saw that Wang Lin was not willing to respond, so she lightly sighed and said, “The reason why I can’t cut away is because of family affection. This road to a saint is too cruel, and perhaps I’m not suitable.”

Wang Lin was going to say something, but suddenly his expression changed. He turned his head to look, only to see Wang Zhuo’s eyes revealing fierce malice from far away, staring at him and Zhou Xing.

At that time, Wang Zhou’s voice resonated from far away, “My fellow associates from Xuan Dao, I’ve heard that this thousand-legged centipede enjoys eating live beasts. So, since everyone here came to Heng Yue, then please give us the responsibility of feeding the thousand-legged centipede. I have a junior where training is just a waste of time, so the job for catching wild beasts for feeding is just too suitable for him!”

“Senior Wang Zhou, this isn’t too appropriate right? The thousand-legged centipede is still a bit wild and it hasn’t been trained yet, so if a stranger feeds it then there will be danger!” The water root male from Xuan Dao said that after a bit of hesitation.

“Don’t worry Senior Liu. As a person training to be a saint, how could they stop because of danger? You are the guests, and our Heng Yue should naturally be responsible for this.” Wang Zhou said with a gentle expression.


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